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Five Favorites: Summer Activities with Kids at Lake Tahoe

Revolution of Love - Favorite summer activities with kids at Lake Tahoe (tahoe_logo)

Growing up, I always pictured Lake Tahoe as a winter destination. Being a native Californian, I had no desire to spend any length of time in Tahoe’s snow. However, after Brian and I got married his parents bought a time share at Lake Tahoe and invited us to join them for a summer trip.

Revolution of Love - Enjoying Lake Tahoe with kids (fam_tahoe_2002W)We were newly married and Bella had just turned a year old and we  had a lot of fun! My in-laws can no longer make the trips so they passed on the time share to Brian.

Revolution of Love - tahoe_driveThirteen  years and four kids later, it has become a much anticipated yearly trip, minus the couple of years we were busy giving birth to babies and such. Since we aren’t winter sports people, we have found activities to do with the kids during the summer months. Here are our five favorite things to do at Lake Tahoe with kids.


 ~ 1 ~

Taylor Creek Visitor Center

© Revolution of Love Blog - Lake Tahoe 69x2We first found the Taylor Creek Visitor Center when we were looking for an easy trail where grandparents, toddlers and strollers were welcome. Since then, it has been an annual excursion. It is located in South Lake Tahoe off Hwy 89. They have a visitor center and four trails but we always go on the Rainbow Trail.

revolution of love - tahoe_walkThe kids enjoy reading the signs and seeing the different areas…

Revolution of Love - Lake Tahoe ff_tahoe_2Such as meadows and marshes.

© Revolution of Love Blog - Taylor Creek (tahoe_creek)Some years the water was flowing.

revolution of love - tahoe_walk3The stream had a lot less water this year but it was still pretty.

revolution of love - tahoe_walk2Mount Tallac

Revolution of Love - Lake Tahoe (tahoe_taylor_2)At the half way point of the trail, there is the Stream Profile Center, a small museum like room where glass walls give you a look at the creek below the surface.

Revolution of Love - Taylor Creek, Tahoe (tahoe_taylor_1)In summer the trout are juvenile but in the fall you can see the salmon run.

~ 2 ~

Tallac Historic Site and Kiva Picnic Area

 revolution of - tahoe_picnic_1

After we finish walking the Rainbow Trail, we drive to the next door Tallac Historic Site and Kiva Picnic area. We enjoy our picnic lunch at the picnic area.

revolution of love - tahoe_conesWe haven’t gone on the official tour but we enjoy the scenery…

© Revolution of Love Blog - South Lake Tahoe, bw_tree_3…and walking the trail.

© revolution of - Lake Tahoe with Kids (tahoe_water_3W)There is also access to Lake Tahoe, if you prefer to picnic and swim there.

~ 3 ~

Magic Carpet Mini-Golf

We don’t have any traditional mini-golf courses here in Monterey so when the kids saw Magic Carpet Golf in Lake Tahoe, they were eager to go there.

Revolution of Love - tahoe_golf_2WThere are three courses.

Revolution of Love (tahoe_golf_3W)Last year we tried the Dinosaur one, which the boys loved!

© revolution of - tahoe_golf_1EWThis year we tried the Storybook course and it was fun.

© revolution of - tahoe_golf_1WNext year we will try the Castle course.

~ 4 ~

Tahoe Paradise Park

Last year we were looking for a park that had a playground for the kids to play and we found Tahoe Paradise Park.

revolution of love - tahoe_park_swingIt is tucked away in a residential area and feels secluded, which is nice since it’s never been overcrowded.

revolution of love - tahoe_ajm_jpn_15aAt first I wondered if it was in a “safe” area but there were a number of other moms and dads with little kids there so we were put at ease.

revolution of love - tahoe_park1WOnce you go through the gates, if you pass the lake and tennis courts and head to the back parking lot to the right, you will find the playground, picnic areas and fields.

revolution of love - tahoe_park2WThis year we packed a lunch and grilled BBQ sliders.

tahoe_park_1WThis was the view from the picnic tables. The only negative thing was that there was only a port-a-potty. Needless to say, we held it until we got home. 😉 © revolution of - tahoe_park4WIf you go beyond the trees you will find the banks of the Upper Truckee River. The kids weren’t interested in going through the brush to find it but I was able to get this shot. Again, the water was lower this year but still pretty.

~ 5~

Pope Beach

Saving the best for last, our favorite Tahoe activity is, of course, playing in the gorgeous blue water of Lake Tahoe!revolution of love - tahoe_beach_2There are numerous spots were you can gain access to the lake but our hands down favorite is Pope Beach off of Hwy 89 in South Lake Tahoe. Most years, it has not been very crowded, although this year it was really busy with the heat wave, but not to the point where it lessened out fun.

revolution of - tahoe_beach_1We usually get there early and find a picnic area with a grill so we can make hotdogs and smores.

© revolution of - tahoe_beach_6We set up our tables them park our beach chairs farther down, closer to the water. There the kids can splash or build sand castles with Brian.

© revolution of - tahoe_beach_5Unlike the ocean, that freaks me out with it’s strong waves and drop offs, the shore of the lake is shallow and calm.

© revolution of - tahoe_beach_3The kids loved it, except for my one sand-phobic boy (cough…JP) who takes after his dad. 😉

© revolution of - tahoe_sunset_6We had so many fond memories at Lake Tahoe and it is fun to look at the photos and watch our family grow over the years. Recently we started inviting my parents to join us so the kids still have a set of grandparents (and sometimes an aunt and uncle) join us. I look forward to many more years to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe as a family. 🙂

Where do you like to vacation during summer?

A big thanks to Jenna for hosting Five Favorites. 🙂

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5 Favorite Natural Health & Beauty Products - Five Favorite Natural Health & Beauty Products (ff_natural_beauty_logo2)Ever since Brian first got cancer, we’ve been moving away from our usual mainstream health products and trying more natural brands. Here are my current Five Favorite Natural Health and Beauty Products. I’m linking up with Efficient for 5 Favorites.

~ 1 ~

California Baby Calendula Cream

My bambinos are well out of the diaper stage but California Baby Calendula Cream is still a favorite. John-Paul tends to get little patches of eczema on his cheek and this lotion has worked well to sooth and heal it. It also smells nice, which helps since he can’t stand “the stinky stuff.”

~ 2 ~

Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum, Multi-Purpose Jelly, 3.5 Ounce

At the beginning of the school year, Andrew was having trouble with bloody noses. He always had a tendency to get one but it was getting bad. He was getting one every day for over a week. We took him to the doctor worried that it was something serious. The doctor asks us numerous questions but before running tests to rule out serious causes, he wanted us to try a simpler solution. He suspected that Andrew had sensitive nasal passages and suggested that each evening we place a little petroleum-type jelly on a cotton swab and swipe his nostrils with it before going to bed.

We bought Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Jelly and did just as he suggested. The first night, no bloody nose. The second night, the third night, the same. For the whole month we only forgot to use the jelly twice and both of those days he got a bloody nose. Since then we swab his nose each night and he hasn’t had a bloody nose in many months. (I’ve tried it myself when I visit my family in the heat of So Cal and it works for my sensitive nose too.)

~ 3 ~

Everyone 3-in-1 Soap, Citrus plus Mint, 32 Ounce

It took a little effort to find a natural soap that was strong enough to clean up my three smelly Jedi yet not too flowery smelling to make them complain. I finally found a winner with the Everyone Soap in citrus and mint that both the males and females in the family enjoy. It has a fresh citrus smell and comes in a large 32 oz dispenser so it lasts awhile.

~ 4 ~

Desert Essence Hand and Body Lotion, Tropical Coconut, 8 Fluid Ounce

I am constantly fighting dry skin and get excited when I find a lotion that works well, is not too greasy and smells nice. One of my favorites is Desert Essence Hand and Body Lotion. I especially like the smell of Tropical Coconut. It is pleasant without being so strong that it triggers my allergies.

~ 5 ~

Burt’s Bees – Deep Pore Scrub Peach & Willowbark

I picked this up about a month ago and I fell in love with it. The Burt’s Bees – Deep Pore Scrub leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, especially after a grimy day.

 (Bonus Product)

~ 6 ~

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Superfruit Blister, 4 Count

Bella and I both love Burt’s Bees products but especially their lip care. You will find lip balms in my pocket, in my car, in my purse (and most likely in the boys’ toy box.) I especially love the Grapefruit flavor!

What about you? What natural products do you like? I am always looking for recommendations so do share. 🙂

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Five Favorites: Podcasts

revolution of love blog - ff_podcasts

Awhile back I wrote about how I get myself motivated to get outside and exercise with walking. One of my tips was to listen to favorite podcasts while I walk. I promised to share my faves so I am linking up with Jenna for today’s Five Favorites: Podcasts.

~ 1 ~

logo_jen_f_showJennifer Fulwiler Show

I love Jennifer’s show. It is informative, edifying and fun. Her guests have always challenged me to dig a little deeper or try a little harder at living my Catholic faith and Jennifer manages to be both intelligent and hilarious.

~ 2 ~

logo_fountain_carrotsFountains of Carrots

Haley and Christy are two of the sweetest bloggers out there and when they started doing a podcast together, I knew it was going to be fun. They have had some great speakers and topics but I also love the shows when they just interact with each other. It seriously feels like they are sitting at my kitchen table chatting while I am washing dishes. The weird thing is that I’ll sometimes catch myself answering their questions out loud, as if they could really hear me. 😉

~ 3 ~


Good Things Radio

Good Things Radio is fairly new to me, although I have known about Jennifer Willits for years. (I remember interviewing her and her husband Greg over a decade ago when they had The Rosary Army.) I heard a few of Greg and Jennifer’s shows from their podcast The Catholics Next Door, which I also enjoy, but my mama’s heart was excited to see that Jennifer was teaming up with Brooke Taylor for a podcast geared towards moms. Like, Haley and Christy from Fountains of Carrots, it is like having these two lovely ladies over for coffee. What I specifically like is that they have older kids. My “baby” is almost 4 and I  am officially out of the diaper zone (can I get a big Amen!) and my oldest is now a teenager. So it’s nice to get another perspective of motherhood from parents with similar aged children and interests. Brooke and Jennifer and funny and engaging. I love this show.

~ 4 ~


This Inspired Life

Krsistin and This Inspired Life just makes me smile. I love the variety of topics and how informative her guests are but it never feels boring. The discussions are personal and inviting. I really love listing to this show!


~ 5~

UPDATE: Like a musical Top 40 countdown, The Catholic Guy was knocked out of the Top 5. TCG moves down one notch to #6. Coming in at #5 is The Break with Fr. Roderick.


The Break

When I asked for podcast suggestions, my OLF Jen recommend that I check out SQPN. I had heard about it before but never took the time to look around. I finally did and I especially enjoyed Fr. Roderick’s show The Break. I love how he talked about movies, TV shows, and geeky topics in the light of our faith. I have had fun listening to his opinions but the real moment I fell in love with him was when I watched him last month preview the newest Star Wars trailer.  As a movie lover, Star Wars fan and mom of three Jedi, I thought it was awesome. 😉

~ 6 ~

catholic_guyThe Catholic Guy

The Catholic Guy was actually the first podcast I ever heard. My first thought – who the heck is this guy? He is crazy, a little irreverent, says weird things like “the facebook” and can utter a sentence that speaks truthfully about the Catholic faith and bodily functions at the same time. I don’t know why, but I love the guy. Granted, you have to have a taste or Lino’s sense of humor but if you do, I guarantee he’ll have you laughing and appreciating your faith a bit more.

* * * * *

Okay, guys, those were my five favorites! Now please share with me some of yours! I am looking for podcasts that give entertainment news (as in movies, TV shows and books, not star gossip) from a Catholic perspective. I’d also like a weekly show that talks about the week’s world news from a Catholic perspective. Any suggestions? TIA!

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Five Favorites (Vol 16): Skirts, Handbags & New Tunes

I am linking up with Hallie for my Five Favorites this week.

~ 1 ~

Tranquility by Colorado Clothing Ladies’ Skirt – Black Mini Stripe

I am not really into skirts but sometimes I find one so cute it makes me want to wear it. I found this cute knit black and grey striped Tranquility skirt by Colorado Clothing. I picked it up at Costco for only $12. I look nothing like the girl in the photo so luckily it comes in size Small to XXLarge. 😉  I like it so much that I may go back and get the aqua one too.


~ 2 ~

Red Handbags

I love red handbags and the one I had was falling apart. For Christmas my mother-in-law said she’d buy me a new one. I found this Marc Fisher Kensington Satchel at Macy’s on sale and with my coupon I got it for less than half the price. It’s three months later and I still love it!


~ 3 ~

The Art of Flor Larios

I’ve posted about Flor before but I love these new pieces that she has. So sweet.

Saint Bernadette Shepherdess

Saint Bernadette Nun

~ 4 ~

Late July Organic Snacks

When Costco started carrying Late July chips I gave them a try and they are so good. My favorite is definitely the lime flavored chips. To quote the website:

Late July is proud to be an independent, family owned company dedicated to making delicious organic, NON-GMO snacks! It’s our mission to ensure that future generations of families always have access to delicious food free from GMOs, toxic persistent pesticides and antibiotics.


~ 5 ~
The Walker by Fitz and the Tantrums

I was looking for some new songs to add to my walking/exercise playlist and came across this song and I’m addicted to it. It really gets me moving.

Okay, times up and I need to get to bed. Have a great Wed! 🙂

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Five Favorites (Vol 15): Songs, Bakeware & Planners

Today started off as one of those terrible days when you just need to go back to bed and have a good cry. I never got to have my cry because there was too much to do. However, the day did get better and for making it through in one piece I now get to spend some quiet time blogging while everyone else sleeps. 😉 Right now it is time to link up with sweet Hallie for Five Favorites.


~ 1 ~

Maria Miller – “You’re Not Alone”

When I went to the hospital to go pick up Brian, I heard this song playing on the radio and I fell in love with it. The lyrics were just what I wanted to say to Brian. Although we may have a rough road ahead with his recovery from surgery and then chemo, he isn’t alone. I will be by his side fighting for him.


~ 2 ~

This Guy

Speaking of my Sweetie, I love seeing him home! And walking outside enjoying the sunshine! I also like this photo because it reminds me of a holy card where the person has saintly rays coming out of them. Lord knows he has the patience of a saint living with me. 😉


~ 3 ~

Cute Bakeware

Trying to switch over to “whole food” cooking means no more running to the market to get some baked goods for a family treat. Now I have to bake things from scratch with healthy ingredients. Well, that can get old fast. So to make it a little easier, I saved up all the free gift cards I’ve gotten at Target (you know, the “buy 3 and get a free $5 or $10 gift card” promos) and I had enough to pay for these CUTE bakeware items from Target. (They are the Cake Boss line.) Now I am just trying to get one or two more gift cards so I can get the matching measuring cups too. 😉 Meanwhile I’ll post the recipe for these carrot & apple cinnamon muffins next week. 🙂


~ 4 ~

Seafoam Green

I think that is what you would call the color of this sweater but I am currently in love with it.


~ 5 ~


I am a sucker…a sucker for a cute planner! I love to see posts about other people’s planners and how they organize and decorate it. I get giddy in the Martha Stewart section at Staples. Nerd. So I finally shared about my planner here. 🙂

Have a great day! 🙂

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