Revolution of Love

Revolution of Love

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Weekend Recap & Answer Me This (vol 1)

I’m making a quick post today with a weekend round-up and a link up with Kendra for Answer Me This.

1. What time do you prefer to go to Mass?
That’s a tough one, depending on what we have scheduled for Sunday, we’ll either go to the Saturday vigil at 5:00 or Sunday morning at 8:00. We never go to the later morning or afternoon masses.

2. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
Too cold. I hate extreme heat. (Granted I think extreme heat is anything over 80.) ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Although if you meant cold as in snow, I’ll take the heat. Even the thought of dealing with snow scares me.

3. How many brothers and/or sisters do you have?
I have eight – three sisters and five brothers. Being the oldest I am old enough to be my little brother’s mom since there is 20 years difference in our ages. LOL. I’d post a photo of all of us but the majority of them like their privacy. I have one brother that is an instagramming king and my sis Elena blogs too but the rest aren’t as public. I’ll be seeing all of them (except for Elena, boo!) in two weeks when we meet in So Cal for a graduation party for my brother Rob and a going-away party for my bro-in-law Mick who is being deployed to Afghanistan. (You’ll be seeing some Disneyland pics soon too!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. If you were faced with a boggart, what would it turn into?
Okay, I had to google “define boggart” because my first thought was Humphrey. Hmm..I don’t know if it is possible but my boggart would turn into either a confined space and smother me, a tunnel that collapses on me while I’m driving during an earthquake, thousands of bugs hiding in my bedroom while I sleep or a crazed psycho that will harm my children and force me to watch.

5. Barbie: thumbs up or thumbs down?
Down but not in principle but circumstance. I have a house of boys so we live in a sea of Star Wars figures, super heroes and Legos. Even when Bella was little she preferred Disney cars and Thomas the Train over Barbies. (I, on the other hand, still have fond childhood memories of the one Christmas where I got a Barbie dream house AND the Barbie corvette.)

6. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?
You’ll be happier in life if you are loving, grateful and able to laugh at yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Weekend Round- Round Up

The Week’s Posts

CAY’s {My Questions for You} Link-up

Pinterest Party & Link-Up (Vol 22): Emergency Car Bins & Operation Clean and Organized

(Note: The link-up is open for another week.) ๐Ÿ™‚

Sat – Restore Workshop: Lessons Learned (Vol 3): Self Care & Prayer and A Day in the Life

* * *

Kid Conversation of the week:


Matthew: “Mama, I got a booger.”

Me: “Did you put it in a tissue?”

Matthew: “No.”

Me: “Did you wipe it on the wall again?”

Matthew: “No.”

Me: “Where did you put it?”

Matthew: “I ate it.”

Me: (Thinking) Ga-ross. I guess Kristoff was right. Guys do pick their noses and eat it.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


Photo of the Week

Yesterday Matthew celebrated his 3rd birthday. Happy birthday, my sweet super hero! ๐Ÿ™‚

Question of the Week

Help a blogger out. I need to update my profile pic on the blog and social media. Which one do you think looks best? I’ll let you and my instagramming buddies decide. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks! xoxo.




Enjoy the rest of you Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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CAY’s {My Questions for You} Link-up

NOTE – If you are looking for today’s Pinterest Party post, I am a day late on everything so it’ll be up by late tonight or tomorrow morning. ๐Ÿ˜‰

* * *

Kendra at Catholic All Year always has fun link-ups. You know I am a sucker for link-ups and I could use a few minutes of blogging fun so I’m here to play along. These “about me” posts may seem a bit narcissistic but I personally love reading other bloggers’ answers because it gives me more insight into people I consider long distance friends. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, for those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile, you can just skip this post since you’ve probably heard it all before. I don’t want this to happen…

(Yeah, even the meme is a repeat.) Well, for the newbies here who want to waste ten minutes or their lives that they’ll never get back, carry on. ๐Ÿ˜‰


1. Where do you live? And why do you live there?

I’m a native Californian and grew up in So Cal. In my late 20’s I met Brian online and we long distance dated with 400 miles between us. In fact, the anniversary of our first in-person date is next week on 4/16. ๐Ÿ™‚ After we got married I moved to the Monterey Peninsulaย  in Central California and I’ve been happily living here for 14 1/2 years.

ย * * *

2. What are you currently watching and/or reading?


The Everyday Catholic’s Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours

Insurgent (Divergent Series)


We are re-watching Season 1 of Bletchley Circle (which is on Netflix) to ready ourselves for the start of Season 2 on Sunday (4/13/14) on PBS. (Disclaimer – The main characters are trying to solve murders by a serial killer that also violates his victims. It is not graphic but the aftermath of the crime is present.)

We are watching this video of Spiderman and his baby mini me over and over and over again. Matthew is obsessed with it. I don’t know what is funnier, the actual video or Matthew dancing along in his Spiderman costume (and Incredible Hulk physique.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

.* * *

3. What kind of Catholic are you: cradle, or convert? (Or considering?)

I was born Catholic and went to Catholic school although my family didn’t start practicing the faith until I was a tween. I was close to God then but fell away in my early 20’s. When I was at my lowestย  I had a reversion back to the faith, contemplated a religious vocation, then realized I was called to be a wife and mother. My conversion continues slowly each day.

* * *

4. Can you point to one moment or experience that made you a practicing Catholic? (Or want to be?)

See #3.

ย * * *

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Let’s seeโ€ฆI have 1 walking shoes, 1 converse, 2 dressier shoes, and about 6 flats in various colors so I’d say 10. I don’t wear them as much as I used to but I still love my converse and buy them for the kids too. ๐Ÿ™‚

* * *

6. Are you a good dancer?

Only when no one is looking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

* * *

7. Who usually drives, you or your husband?

90% of the time the hubs drives. On road trips, he’ll drive the first half while I sit with the kids, unless I have to keep turning around to help them. In that case we need to switch ASAPย  because I get car sick if I move around too much. Otherwise, I’ll wait and drive the second half, especially when we are going to So Cal since he hates driving in LA and I’m used to it.

* * *

8. What’s your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?

Thanksgiving because it is the beginning of the holiday season. It’s a tradition to spend the week of Thanksgiving with my family. We spend a couple days at Disneyland with all the Christmas decor then we head to my parents for a few days to celebrate the holidays and enjoy each others company. I think I love this time even more than Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

* * *

9. Which is correct? Left or right?

Definitely the left. I remember as a kid, every time I went to my great-grandma’s house I’d switch her toilet paper roll around because she always had it in wrong. ๐Ÿ˜‰

* * *

10. Do you have any scars?

Well, I have a crooked finger with a broken nail. When I was in pre-school a kid and I were looking at a bike that was upside down with the wheels turned up. The kid spun the wheel around while my hand was on it and my finger got caught and bent on a spoke. It’s been messed up ever since. It’s also the reason I never where nail polish, because of the one wonky nail. Go figure.

* * *

11. What’s the most famous thing you’ve ever done?

(L to R) a.) poem in my journal, b.) “evasion” on the song list in back of CD, c.) page from “handmaid” newsletter/zine, d.) album cover

Hmmm, nothing really. Well, unless you count the time years and years ago after my reversion, I got into the local alternative Christian music scene. I put together a zine about faith and music and poetry. I interviewed one of my favorite hardcore/punkish bands at the time and they asked if they could use one of my poems as lyrics to a song. I was ecstatic. Although I pictured my words being sung by a female singer strumming a guitar, having four awesome hardcore guys yelling into the mic while I took photos onstage was just as cool to me. Sigh, that was a long, long time ago. These days I feel hardcore when I blast the music in my mini van on the way to Target. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you didn’t get enough you can read my other Leibster/Questionnaire posts –

Make sure to visit Kendra on Sunday where this will be a regular fun activity. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Five Favorites & Five Things & Liebster Award

NOTE: This is my second post today. If you are looking for a substitute for your Google Reader check out this post – The Pros and Cons of Feedly and Bloglovin’.


Everyone has been playing the “5 Things about Me Game” and Jessica tagged me next.ย  Fun! Then Rebekah (with the cool new blog banner) nominated me for a Liebster Award. (โ€Liebsterโ€ is a German word meaning โ€œsweetheart, beloved person, darling.โ€ The award is passed on from blogger to blogger to smaller blogs with less than 200 followers.) Yay! I’d love to make 3 separate posts with 5 Faves, 5 Things & Liebster but mama ain’t got no time for dat so you are getting the combo deal.

Here are 5 Favorites that I haven’t already shared on my about me page.

~~ 1 ~~

My Favorite Flowers

I’m not a soft pink and delicate flowers girl. I love red gerber daisies and other bold red and yellow flowers that make you smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

~~ 2 ~~

Favorite Icons in My Home (We have quite a few.)

It’s a tie between this icon of Our Lady that has been with me during all the birth of my children…

Or this Divine Mercy icon Brian and I bought on our honeymoon.

~~ 3 ~~

Favorite Retro TV Show


Hands down I Love Lucy. It reminds me of home since we watched it all the time growing up. Whenever I am missing my mom I just pop in the DVD and feel like she’d here laughing with me. (We still quote lines to each other when we talk on the phone.) ๐Ÿ™‚

~~ 4 ~~

My Favorite Book

ย As much as I love Jane Austen, my all time favorite novel is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. When I was younger I was intrigued by the drama and mystery. However, I was more touched that Jane endured a broken heart and forsake the only man that ever loved her because she would not break God’s commandment. It made a deep impression on me.

~~ 5 ~~

My Favorite Childhood Memory to Relive with My Kids

Source: My sis JC

If you don’t count going on nature walks or going for a drive then going to Disneyland!

If you are short on time or prone to boredom, stop here.

So you’re still with me? All right,ย  chica! Poor yourself another coffee/juice/wine and enjoy.

Next is theย Liebster Awards. Now the official rules are –

  • Thank/link the person that nominated you (Thanks, Rebekah!)
  • Tell 11 things about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked of you
  • Make 11 questions for your own 11 nominees.
  • Link to those 11 nominees, and tell them about it at their blogs.

11 Things about Me

(I actually did a meme like this last year but I’ll only repeat 1 or 2.)

  1. “Bobbi” is not a nickname but my actual name. I love my name and I’m happy that the first born child was going to be named after my dad, boy or girl. (Thanks for not naming me Roberta, mom and dad.)
  2. I’ve never had a professional manicure or pedicure. (But considering that I had my first professional haircut just two years ago,ย  there may still be hope.)
  3. I am impatient, nosey, messy (close to hoarder territory) and I’m always late. (Although I admit that I’m working on those faults.)
  4. On the other hand, I am caring, ย a good listener and I love doing little things to brighten a person’s day.
  5. I’m not a pet person. If it can’t wear a diaper or go in the toilet, I don’t want it in the house. (Although I finally let the kids get two fish. But again, I am stuck cleaning the poop.)
  6. My mom often told me I was a drama queen. (Sooo exaggerated.)
  7. I’m a sucker for guys in jeans, white tees, high hair andย  horn rimmed glasses. (Sweetie, guess what you are wearing for Easter? ;-))
  8. I have two weird driving fears. One is when I’m under a tunnel I fear we will have a big earthquake and I’ll be crushed to death. The second is when I’m driving behind a truck with long objects in the bed of the truck (like planks of wood) I’m afraid the driver will get into an accident, the long objects will come loose, crash through my windshield and decapitate me. (Aren’t you glad you don’t live in my head? And now that I think about it, maybe #6 wasn’t so wrong.)
  9. I sometimes watch Disney shows like “Good Luck, Charlie” and “Austin & Ally” even when the kids aren’t home. (omg, did I just admit that out loud?)
  10. If I could eat any convenience store junk food without worry I’d have chili cheese fritos and an orange crush. (I’m so hungry right now.)
  11. I can easily be moved to tears – both happy and sad.

Questions from Rebekah

1. What is your very first memory, even one people deny you can actually remember? My most vivid early memories are riding in the back seat of my dad’s Chevelle and scooting to the edge of my seat and leaning my head on his head rest and feeling the wind blow on my face. This was before the days of mandatory seat belts!

2. What is a talent of yours you feel others underestimate? I don’t know if I’d call it a talent but people don’t know I can beย  funny until they get to know me. I remember when I switched departments at work before I got pregnant, my new boss told me that she always thought I was quiet and reserved but after she got to know me she realized what a funny cheek I could be. I am still reserved with new people to this day. I feel better expressing myself writing. (Is that a blogging prerequisite?)

3. What fictional character would you like to spend an afternoon with? Mary Poppins. I’d love her to clean my house and tame my kids. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Kirk or Picard? Han Solo, baby.

5. What song can you not stop listening to right now?

Hmmm…if the kids are in the room I’d say TobyMac’s Eye on It. when I am cooking dinner I usually turn on the radio and the boys (Andrew is particular) love to come and “break dance” while I sing along. This is their current fave.

But if I’m alone and in a mellow mood I am still in love with this song from The Lumineers.

6. What day in your past would you like to relive?ย  My wedding day. It was hands down the best day of my life and I’d love to relive all those memories again.

7. When you were little, what did you enjoy telling people that you wanted to be when you grew up? I planned to be a mother, a teacher and an author. In school I wanted to be a psychologist but worried that I wouldn’t be able to stay emotionally detached from someone’s pain.

8. What advice would you give yourself as a first time mother? Take a deep breath and stop worrying. You are more capable than you think. Trust your gut. And when you can’t take one more day of sleepless nights, crying fits (the baby’s, not yours) and not showering for days, just keep repeating to yourself, “And this too shall pass.”

9. What is your most looked forward to moment of the day? When I kiss the kids goodnight and I receive their hugs and “I love yous” and then I get to snuggle on the couch with Brian and watch a movie (provided Matthew is asleep and didn’t take a late nap.)

10. Who would play you in a movie about your life? many short, plus-sized comedic actresses are there? I don’t know! But since I did mention “Austin and Ally” above , if you take the actress that plays Trish and cut her hair into a dried out frizzy bush, then heck, you’ve got me as a kid!

Now I’m supposed to tag 5 bloggers for Five Things about Me and 11 bloggers for the Liebster but I’m just tagging 5 people. You can do The 5 Thingy or The Liebster or Both. (Or none, if you poop out at parties.) Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, and if you’ve already been tagged. Sorry. You can skip it too.

I would like to tag Hallie but being in the pregnant state that she is in, I will leave that to her discretion. In the meantime, I tag my sis EML, Andrea, Missy, Colleen, and Kelly.

Here are the questions:

1. Where were you on 3/13/13 when you saw the white smoke or heard that we have a pope?

2. If you had a whole day to yourself (without your kids or hubby) what would you do?

3. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

4. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

5. What is your favorite prayer or devotion?

6. What is your favorite “go to” outfit to wear?

7. What is something that not many people know about you?

8. Are you a Downton Abbey fan or a “what’s all the fuss about” girl?

9. How did you meet your hubby?

10. What was your favorite song/album/band/artist growing up?

11. What is a lesson you’ve learned that you want to pass on to your children.

That was fun! I hope you enjoyed it too. ๐Ÿ™‚

7 Quick Takes (3/9/12): Random but True Facts Edition

Hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary.

– 1 –

As I mentioned yesterday, it has been a busy week. On Wednesday, I eagerly went to the dentist for my teeth cleaning because it meant 20 uninterrupted minutes of sitting back in a chair and resting. The hygienist couldn’t stop laughing when I told her this was the closest I would get to a spa day.

– 2 –

For yesterday’s {pretty, happy, funny, real} I should have posted a photo of the pile of mail on the table. I haven’t looked at a single item all week and the pile is about to topple. Even worse, I have two packages I haven’t opened yet. One is my Pampered Chef order and the other is from Amazon and I believe it is Hailey’s new book. As soon and I finish this I’ll open them up and check it out. Yay!

3 –

When I get time to read over some blogs I always check my sister’s blog first. I’m in CA and she is in VA and I hate that we are so far apart. Reading about her daily life helps me feel closer to her and her family. This morning she had me laughing so hard I was crying, which I actually feel bad about since she was describing her uber fear of mice. I was not laughing at her so much but the mental picture was hilarious. (I’m praying you catch that little pest, EL!) Go read it for yourself.

– 4 –

There has been a meme going around many blogs about posting 10 true facts about yourself. I remember doing something like that on facebook a year or two back but we had to do 25 things about ourselves. So for Quick Take 5 – 7 I’ll repost that list for those who aren’t on my facebook page because I know you just don’t have enough useless information in your head right now.

– 5, 6 & 7 –


25 Useless but True Facts about Me

1. “Bobbi” is not a nickname but my actual name. I love my name and I’m happy I was named after my dad. (Thanks for not naming me Roberta, mom and dad.)
2. When I was in preschool my finger got caught in wheel spokes and as a result I have a crooked right pinky with a broken nail.
3. As a kid, I loved desk items and school supplies and always wanted to be a writer. (Office supply stores still make me giddy.)
4. As a kid, I loved playing school, bank, store and carnival with my brothers and sisters. (Now I avoid going to schools & banks and live in a carnival-like house of four kids. Unfortunately for my pocketbook, I never outgrow the love of shopping.)
5. I am the oldest of nine kids. (So having four kids is really only a medium sized family.)

blue_skatesjpgPhoto Source

6. I used to have a pair of cool blue tennis shoes-roller skates.
7. My mom often told me I was a drama queen. (Sooo exaggerated.)
8. In school I was always the peacemaker who tried to bring arguing friends together. (I believe in the Rodney King mantra, “Can’t we all just get along.”)
9. I have no affection for cats whatsoever. (I just heard a unison of gasps. Sorry.)
10. I once dated a guy who turned into a stalker-crazy boyfriend.

converse_Photo Source

11. I loved my converse and doc martin shoes. (I traded in my docs for flats but I still have some brown converse.)
12. For a time, I was a sucker for guys with bald heads, tattoos and eyebrow rings yet I fell in love with a guy as clean cut as they come.
13. When I am stressed out I play a game of spider solitaire and listen to New Order.
14. I am incredibly nosey and always have to know what’s going on.

15. When I was younger I thought it was pathetic when people in their 30’s & 40’s went to concerts of bands from their youth. I have officially become pathetic because if there was a reunion tour in my town of the cure, the smiths, new order, depeche mode or psychedelic furs, I’d be running out the door I’d consider going.
16. I can’t sew a stitch. When I was younger, I once hemmed my pants with duct tape. (And I vaguely remember “sewing” a dress for my doll with a stapler.)
17. I was seriously discerning a religious vocation two years before meeting my spouse.
18. My husband discerned he wasn’t called to the priesthood. The day he left the seminary he started a novena to find a wife. On the last day of the novena he “met” me online. (Funny that Brian’s prayers were answered immediately while I had to wait years.)ba_bv_wed_2W
19. I feel absolutely and completely blessed to be married to the best man I have ever known. He has a certain look that can still make my heart skip a beat. (Swoon.)
20. My greatest treasures are my four kids – Bella, Andrew, John-Paul & Matthew. (Sometimes I just need a break in order to appreciate that fact!)
21. I have made a lot of incredibly stupid mistakes in my life but God has used them all to teach me a lesson and make me stronger and more understanding of other people’s weaknesses.
22. I can easily be moved to tears – both happy and sad. Hankie_2

Phot0 source (Isn’t that pretty!)

23. When I laugh my eyes water and I always bring a handkerchief to the movies when I see a funny movie…or sad one. (A real handkerchief. It is very Downton Abbey of me.)
24. I hate being mad at someone and I am eager to make up.
25. The three things I am most grateful for are my life, my family, and God’s love & mercy.
That’s it for today. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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7 Quick Takes (3/2/12): Random Correspondences Edition

Hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary.

– 1 –

Dear Blog Reader,
I have been absent for the majority of this week. I have numerous posts in my head but just could not get myself to sit down and type them out. I feel like I should be sharing spiritual insights and Lenten suggestions that will bring you closer to Christ, but frankly, my mind is blank. Instead, you will get the usual slightly humorous banter of a woman who is ignoring piles of dirty laundry and a sink full of dirty dishes. I’m sorry.

– 2 –

My Dear Sweet Hubby,
What kind of morning were you having? I woke up to find your phone, your scapular and your uneaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I am assuming was your breakfast? Were you called into work early at the last minute? Were you actually raptured while I was left here on earth? (I really do need to up my prayer life.) No, I guess you were just running out the door too fast. No worries, my love. I will drive over and bring you your things. It is the least I can do when you do so much for me.
Blessed to be,
Your Wife

– 3 –

Dear Driver from Texas,
Please excuse me for smiling at you on the road yesterday. I was not flirting with you. I was smiling at the fact that your Texas longhorn logo on the back of your truck always makes me think of a priest’s clerical collar.

I know it is weird and most likely I need glasses but I can’t help it.
Call me,

– 4 –

Dear Tourist of the Mission,

Welcome to my parish. I am so pleased to have you join us at Mass. I do not mind you sitting behind me. I will be patient with you and your children because I know how difficult it can be to keep them quiet. I am also sympathetic that sometimes little ones need bribes of cheerios and fishy crackers to sit still. However, once your kids are over toddlerhood (and in grammar school) it is best to not let them eat in Church. And it is particularly discouraged to have them eating Jack-in-the-box tacos and fries in the pew, minutes before Mass is going to start. The least you could have done is brought extra tacos for those of us sitting around you. That taco smell is very seductive, making one crave the greasy goodness of tortillas fried around mystery meat.

The Parishioner with the Growling Stomach

– 5 –

Dear American Idol,

After three or four years of watching your show, I have finally decided to give you up. You take up too much of my time and I rarely listen to the winners you’ve produced. However, I caught a few minutes of your show last night and already found myself rooting for some girl I heard singing. Blast you. Now I may have to watch next week just to see what the top 13 contestants sound like, even though I am now dating The Voice. This is what happens when you take away my Downton Abbey. I get so depressed I listen to Steven Tyler’s cryptic nonsense. (And why didn’t Ryan Seacrest shave? He’s too baby faced to look good scruffy.)

A Former AI Voter

– 6 –

Dear Daylight Savings Time,

I have heard many people marveling at your wonder. They rejoice in their extra sunlight. I hate to disappoint them by admitting that I loathe you. I live in California. I do not need extra sunlight. I have four children. I need sleep. They need sleep. Thanks to you, next week we will be tired, cranky and hunting for hidden chocolate. I’m too mad to even continue speaking to you right now.

No Fan

– 7 –

My Dear 2 Year Old,

I love you very much but this continuous taking my iphone has got to stop. No matter where I put it, you seem to find it. I don’t mind you watching Blue’s Clues or playing your Thomas the Train puzzles but it can only be when I allow you to do so. Not to mention that when you are done playing, you hide my phone. I know you are going through your hiding stage now – shoes in the toy box, car keys in the laundry basket, candy in your underwear drawer but you have got to Stop. Hiding. My. Phone. I don’t ever want to call my cell number and have to listen for the ring only to find that my phone was buried in your sand box. You are incredibly lucky that it is still working. From now on I am keeping my phone here in my pocket where you can’t get it without me knowing…wait, where did my phone go? Egads. I better check the toilets.

Wondering Why,
I Haven’t Had a Heart Attack Yet


Have a wonderful weekend and may your phone always be in your pocket.