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Revolution of Love

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The Old “Revolution of Love” Website

Ā© Revolution of Love Blog - conversion_handmaid_edThe Handmaid ‘zine

Before Brian and I met each other, we both liked to write and put together little self-produced mini-magazine (‘zines.) His was about Catholic faith and spirituality. Mine was called Handmaid and it was about the local Christian alternative music scene, the faith, poetry and journal type articles.

revolution of love blog - The Rol Family in 2002fam_4_02The Rol family in 2002

After Brain and I met and married, we combined our efforts and made our own ‘zine about the faith and family life. However, the trips to Kinkos were pricey and we wanted to reach a larger audience so we started the website Revolution of

revolution of love - old_rol

We loved writing there but the articles were mostly faith related and instructional and I wanted a place where I could just write about mommy happenings and what I was reading or watching on TV so I started the blog in 2004. Eventually, we stopped posting to the main website and my blogging was sporadic, sometimes taking a whole year off.

In 2012, I redesigned the blog and started posting regularly. It has been my happy online home ever since.

Now in May 2015, I am moving my blog over to old Revolution of address. The old website is gone but I will be including links to the articles that had the most hits over the past decade.

(I will include them here soon! Is there an article you are looking for? Let me know and I’ll post it for you.)

UPDATE: The posts relating to single life, chastity and dating have been moved to here.

The old church history posts will be posted soon.

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