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Register for the Catholic Conference for 4Moms & A Coupon Code for Purchases!

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As I mentioned last week, I am excited to participate in the upcoming Catholic Conference 4Moms. There are so many great speakers and various topics, there is certain to be something to touch your heart!.

Here is how it works:

Every day during the conference, Friday, March 6- Monday,March 9, you will have access to 5-6 talks, just as if you were at a live conference. This link will come via email. What’s different is that you can choose which talks you want to watch or listen to and when you you want to do it.  Early morning? Wonderful.  Nap time?  Great.  Before bed?  Super.  Car line?  Fine, as long as you don’t try to watch while driving!

I love that! I have tried to do webinars in the past but it is difficult to commit to be at a certain place at a certain time with my busy schedule. This is different since I can listen anytime of the day.

I also LOVE that the conference is FREE! However, you do have the opportunity to dig deeper and to hear all the other talks you missed.

After the conference is over, it will all be available for purchase for one low price of  $39.99  This will include online access to all the videos, as well as a download of every video presentation.  And besides all of this, there will also be bonus downloads, PDFs, discussion questions, ebooks, and other goodies.

The hope is that with this package you not only can enjoy the conference again at your own convenience, but you can also share the conference with other moms, perhaps in a support group setting or just over tea. Each presentation in the conference package will include discussion questions.

Since Revolution of Love Blog is an affiliate of the conference, once the conference is over and available for purchase, I will have a coupon code for you to use to get $10 off the Conference Package price. Yay! (Update: The code is “Revolution.”)

This is the last day to sign up!! And it is free! Register here.

The conference will start tomorrow. I’ll “see” you there! 🙂


UPDATE: You can now purchase the Catholic Conference 4 Moms Package! The price is $39.99 but if you use the code “REVOLUTION” you get $10 off! For more details or to order click here –

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Loving Until It Hurts

Revolution of Love Blog - paradox_love

It’s been a long and stressful week. My father-in-law is recovering from his stoke, although he is having heart issuesw which has not allowed him to leave the ICU. We are pleased he is getting the best care at Stanford but it makes spending time with him difficult since we are 90 miles away. My mother-in-law is unable to board up there so Brian drives and stays with her at Stanford on the weekends and we’ve been trying to round up enough of her friends to help drive during the week so Brian does not have to miss too much work. I feel bad for my in-laws and I am doing what I can to make this situation easier on them.

However, that also means doubling my current busy workload. That would be fine if I was a saintly woman who loved to suffer. It is not so great for a selfish sinner who hates to be put out. By Monday evening I was drained. Brian came home and we had a conversation like this.

Brian: You won’t believe what I just saw outside. There are four wild turkeys in front of our driveway.

Bobbi: Are you sure those aren’t just our kids?

Brian: No! There are huge turkeys walking up the street.

Bobbi: What the heck are turkeys doing in the neighborhood? That’s weird. So is that a good omen or a bad omen?

Brian: Well, it could be that we are in a time of Thanksgiving.

Bobbi: Or it could mean we are about to be shot, beheaded, plucked and cooked.

Brian: (Sighs)

Yeah, I was not in the mood to be looking on the bright side. Later that evening, after apologizing to Brian for being so grouchy, I started thinking about a Hallmark movie I recently saw. (Don’t hate on Hallmark. I love those sappy love stories.) 😉 In the movie, A Novel Romance, two characters were having a discussion. The young woman Sophie was talking to an older friend Harris. They were recalling his wife who had died. The conversation went like this:

Harris: I don’t pretend to know much about relationships. I only loved one woman in my life.

Sophie: You found your one true love.

Harris: I know that now, but when Lola and I were together it wasn’t always so clear. Loving someone is the hardest work there is. Oh, I messed up plenty. So did she. We disappointed each other sometimes. We said things we regretted later, but we never let it keep us apart no matter how bad things seemed at the time. It wasn’t true love because it was easy. It was because we worked at it. We fought for it.

I love that.

It wasn’t true love because it was easy. It was because we worked at it. We fought for it.

That little piece of dialogue pretty much sums up our life lesson as wives and mothers. I have found my true love but it isn’t always kisses and love notes. There are also disagreements and annoying habits and the monotonous day to day chores. I have four sweet babies but it isn’t always hugs and kisses and drawings for mama. There are also messes, laundry, tantrums, sleepless nights and an endless stream of toys on the floor.  There are seasons of joy and celebration and there are seasons of heavy crosses – illness, job loss, miscarriage, infertility, (or no break between pregnancies,)  a death of a loved one. These big and little crosses stretch us and test us to the core. We find out if our love is only pretty words or the real thing through thick and thin.

I admit there are times when I can’t take it and just want to scream. Why am I so stressed? Maybe because I spent too much time goofing off on the computer and then I had to rush around in a tizzy to get dinner on the table. Or maybe I am tired and cranky because the night before I binge watched too many episode of my favorite show. Times like that, I have no one to blame but myself. I know I am capable of doing what I need to do but I am just being very self-centered and not wanting to love the way God is asking me. My priorities are askew and I need to make corrections pronto.

Revolution of Lov Blog - planner_quoteW

Monday was one of those days. I made matters worse by not doing first things first – ie. prayer and daily duties. The following day I made sure to put prayer first. I opened up my daily meditation and began to pray.

Sometimes God is every so gentle with me and sometimes He just gives me the swift kick in the arse that I need. This was a swift kick day. The line that jumped out at me was

‘Taking up our cross’ might have a little more to do with love of neighbor and a little less like playing the martyr.

Ouch. This kept echoing in my head – “Pick up your cross without playing the martyr.”

But I am so good at playing the martyr, Lord! Huffing and puffing and rolling my eyes because nothing is working out the way I want it. At those times I can almost hear Jesus say, “Really? After all that I’ve done for you, this is how you are going to act? Like a spoiled child? Is your love really that fickle?” Sigh. Our Lord knows me too well.

However, there are those days, when I am seriously giving 110% of myself and it is still not enough. I am overwhelmed by the weight of whatever cross I am caring. That is when Jesus is most gentle with me. He comforts me and gives me the grace to love even when it hurts. That is when He reminds me to slow down long enough to look at the blessings around me, despite the difficulties.Revolution of Love Blog - love_bearsTo love someone, whether a spouse, child, parent or friend, means to be there in the good and the bad. To lift them up and carry them when they are weak. As I type this, I’m getting a mental picture of Samwise Gamgee as he carries Frodo up the slopes of Mount Doom. That is love. Right now God is calling me to be Samwise to my family. I need to stop whining and get to work.

I’ve been in this position before and I know what I must do to survive it.

1. Drop to my knees.

  • My day goes so much better when I pray in the morning, whether it is long of brief.
  • Talk to God throughout the day. I need to ask for God’s grace and for the strength and courage to follow his will in my life right now.
  • When the complaining starts to enter my mind, I need to give it to God and ask for his grace to see the good around me.

2. Take care of my physical needs.

  • Eat. (No skipping breakfast then binging at lunch because I’m starving.)
  • Take my vitamins and drink. (Water, that is.) 😉
  • Exercise. Sure my beach walks are awesome but those are getting more difficult these days. Even a 10 minute walk up and down the driveway is better than nothing.
  • Sleep. I am a night owl and I have to force myself to not stay up until the wee hours of the morning.

3. Know my limit and not be afraid to ask for help.

  • I can do a lot (when I am in the right frame of mind) but when I reach the point of losing it, I have to do whatever I can to step away or take a break. If Brian cannot watch the kids for a little bit then I need to find someone who can give me a hand.
  • Sometimes even a call from my mom and just hearing her voice is enough to settle my spirit and give me strength.
  • There have been many times people have offered to help but I always tell them, “oh, that’s okay” because I feel like I need to do it myself. People want to help. I need to humble myself and let them.

These are a few steps I take to help me love and live my vocation as a wife and mother. What about you? What things help you when you are loving until it hurts?

UPDATE: After posting this, my father-in-law was moved out of ICU. He is still having issues but it is a step in the right direction. The next hurdle is to get him out of Stanford and back to Monterey to heal. Thanks for your continues prayers! 🙂

* * * * *

restoremyheartSMPhoto Credit –

I know I mentioned this before but if you are in a difficult season of life or you feel like you are struggling to find joy and peace in your current chaos, I strongly recommend Elizabeth Foss’ online Lenten Retreat – Restore. I joined last year when I was struggling with Brian’s cancer and caring for the household and it did wonders for me. The daily meditations, the essays and the podcasts were a balm to my soul. A year later, I still go through my notes and remind myself of the lessons God was teaching me.

Currently, I am not experiencing the burnout I had last year but I signed up for the retreat anyway because I know the Holy Spirit will use it again to continue to guide me and draw me closer. I understand that the cost of $65 is more than some people can afford. If that is the case, but you feel like you need to go, then lay it before the feet of Jesus. Tell him that if you are meant to go, then to please provide the means. He just may surprise you.restore_ef_logo_1bPhoto Credit:

I hope you’ll join me so we can make this journey together. Have a blessed weekend!

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Goals for 2015 & Mini-Goals for January & February

Revolution of Love Blog - 1jan_goalsAND

Revolution of Love Blog - 2_feb_goals

Last year (in Fall) I sat down and thought about the goals I wanted to set for the next six months. August and September and October saw real progress as I slowly worked on key areas of my life but once the holiday season started, everything went on the back burner. Finally, in mid-January, I am just about recovered from holidays and traveling for a wedding/family reunion. I have chosen my word and saint of 2015 and now it is time for me to revisit my main goals for 2015.

I was reading over my sister’s Goal List and although I divided my goals into categories as she did, I love the way she labeled them – I am a child of God, woman, wife, mother, homemaker. I am hijacking the idea and adding it to my list. (Thanks, sis. 😉 )

Here are my main goals for the year and my mini-goals for January and February.

* * *

I Am A Daughter of God

Main Goal #1: To always have God at the center of my life and to deepen my love for Him. I want his will to be my will and motivation.

© revolution of love blog - goal_jan_15_a

January & February Mini-Goals

Prayer is something I always struggle with. I seem to take two steps forward and three steps back unless I am diligent about not getting lax in my relationship with God. I can see how important it is that I connect with Brian and talk with him and be with him if I want our relationship to grow. I need to remind myself that it is the same thing with God. If I want our relationship to thrive, I have to work on it and not take it for granted. My min-goals:

  • Set clock 20 minutes early to pray after my shower but before I wake up kids.
  • Turn my mind to God through the day, even if only for a brief moment.
  • Turn off the TV and do a little spiritual reading.
  • Monthly confession.

 * * *

 I Am A Wife

Main Goal #2: To be a loving and holy wife to Brian and to work at keeping our marriage strong. To do what  can to hep him relax and feel like his home is a haven from the world.

© revolution of love blog - goal_jan_15_e

January & February Mini- Goals

  • Plan weekly date nights with one date a month being out of the house alone.
  • Don’t monopolize the conversation. Ask Brian questions and let him talk without interrupting.
  • When Brian comes home don’t bombard him with the stresses of my day. Greet him with a smile and a kiss and let him relax a little before dinner.
  • Work on the kids’ homework after school so Brian is not left doing it all after dinner.

 * * *

 I Am A Mom

Main Goal #3: To be a good mother that loves her kids and spends time with them and is not always “too busy.” I want to teach them about their faith and how to love and serve God in their young lives.

© revolution of love blog - goal_jan_15_b

January & February Mini- Goals

  • Plan bi-weekly outings as a family. The off weeks can be spent playing with them in the backyard searching fossils or blowing bubbles or having a picnic on the deck.
  • Update the kids’ chore chart to give them more responsibility around the house. Go back to the sticker reward charts since they seem to work well.
  • Incorporate 1-2 church feast days into family life.

 * * *

I Am A Homemaker

Main Goal #4:  To bring order into our home so I am not stressed out by the mess and chaos. When things are organized our family life runs smoother and there is more peace.

© revolution of love blog - goal_jan_15_f

January & February Mini- Goals

  • Participate in A Bowl Full of Lemon’s Home Organization 101: 14 Week Challenge. I missed Week 1 & 2 so I am jumping in at Week 3 and will make up the other 2 weeks at the end.
  • Make a weekly cleaning schedule for maintenance. For example, the laundry gets insane if I don’t do at least one load every day or so. Fridays are my I’m-not-leaving-the-house days so I’ll plan bigger jobs then.
  • Look through my saved recipes and pull out a few to try each month since the current meal rotation is getting stale.


UPDATE: I’m actually switching my cleaning challenge. I’ll complete the more intense ABFOL challenge later in spring but for now I am doing the 31 Day to Clean: Having A Martha House the Mary Way hosted by Christian blogger and author Sarah Mae.  God has been putting Mary and Martha into my life left and right! I’ve already started and I must say, it is just what I needed! I’ll blog more about it soon. 🙂

 * * *

I Am A Woman

Main Goal #5 – To take care of myself physically, spiritually and mentally so I can be a happy and healthy wife, mother and friend.

© revolution of love blog - goal_jan_15_cI have a bad habit of starting a new book before the previous one is read. I started all these last year but have yet to finish one of them completely! I want to remedy that this year.

January & February Mini- Goals

  • Daily hydrate, take vitamins and walk for 20-30 min. Use my Fitbit to keep track.
  • Lately, God has been opening doors for me to meet (in real life) other local Catholic moms. I will not make excuses and about having to stay home and realize that I also need female companionship. I will work out my schedule to meet up with these moms and make some new friendships.
  • Make sure I have time for a little creativity – whether pulling out the big girl camera or working on a family photo book or spending time writing in my journal.
  • Participate in the Goodreads’ 2015 Reading Challenge. I pledged a book a month, so 12. (Are we friends on Goodreads? If not, find me here.)

It may seem a bit lofty but working on these smaller steps will keep me headed in the right direction.

What about you? What is the one thing that you really want to work on this year?

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Week in My Life 2014: Thursday through Sunday Recap

This is the final link-up day for Kathryn’s Week in My Life 2014. I’ll wrap up the last few days here and just touch on a couple highlights.

revolution of love blog - wiml_thur_2014b


As per usual on a school day, the morning is a flurry of waking kids up, getting them fed, dressed and with lunches in their hands by 7:40 am. I then have 45 minutes to get myself and Matthew ready for preschool.

I give Matthew 15 minutes to play with his toys while I sit down to pray my morning meditation from Blessed Is She. It was weird this day, however, because the devotion I wrote was scheduled that day.  I couldn’t help but wonder it anyone else got what I am trying to get across. Here’s a snippet:

Gospel: Luke 17:26-37

As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of man. They ate, they drank, they married, they were given in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise as it was in the days of Lot — they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built, but on the day when Lot went out from Sodom fire and sulphur rained from heaven and destroyed them all — so will it be on the day when the Son of man is revealed. On that day, let him who is on the housetop, with his goods in the house, not come down to take them away; and likewise let him who is in the field not turn back. Remember Lot’s wife. Whoever seeks to gain his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it. I tell you, in that night there will be two in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. There will be two women grinding together; one will be taken and the other left.” And they said to him, “Where, Lord?” He said to them, “Where the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together.”

* * * * *

Keep Your Eyes on God

Today’s Gospel Reading is not the easiest one out there but sometimes a dose of reality is needed to help us keep proper perspective in our lives.

It reminds me of when we turn on the news or hear of someone we know that has died at an early age. We are shocked. It forces us to look at our own life and think—what if that were me? Suddenly, the things we were complaining about yesterday now seem insignificant in the face of death.

Jesus did not mince words when He warned the apostles, and us, that we need to be prepared for the end. There is a lot of talk these days about the rapture and being “left behind” but concentrating on the exact how’s and why’s of Jesus’ second coming can distract us from reality. Our end can come at any time. We need to be watchful and never neglect the most important thing in life—our eternal salvation. That’s scary stuff! But God in not calling us to live in an attitude of doom and gloom because we may die at any moment. Rather, He wants us to be wise and cautious with our eyes always on Him.

* * * * *

Read the rest at Blessed Is 🙂

© revolution of love blog - wiml_thur_2014a

It was also another day of light rain that we desperately needed. The kids were ecstatic and wore their boots and rain coats for the drizzle. (California kids.) I didn’t wear a rain coat but the cooler weather got me out of shorts and bare feet and into yoga pants and wait for it… socks. I know!

© revolution of love blog - bw_oceanWI wanted to be able to post a gorgeous shot of the ocean blue but even on a cold grey day, there is beauty.

This week ends the last of the school fundraisers I’ve been working on so it is nice to have a little less pressure on my To Do list. There is still a lot of driving with picking up kids to and from activities.

Revolution of Love Blog - 31_days_day_15This pic was from last month but you get the idea.

After getting the two older boys at their school we went to pick up Matthew at pre school. I have to admit I was trying to hurry them along but Matthew insisted that they stop by the church to see Jesus and their daddy. Brian stops by the adoration chapel on his lunch break, which was at the same time. They love to see their dad and then go talk to Jesus just like he does. I remind myself that it is not only sweet but even more important that I stop and rest before the Lord, even if only for a few moments. It calls to mind Mother Teresa’s words, “”If you’re too busy to pray…you’re too busy.” In other words, make time for what matters most! Well, lesson learned but onto the next pick up…

© revolution of love blog - wiml_thur_2014cBella is in the school play of Alice in Wonderland so there has been after school practice every day this week. It’s hard for me to believe that this sweet young lady was once small enough to fit into the palm of my hands. (She was just under 4 lbs when she was born.) I’ve been thinking about her early years a lot lately since I have been spending countless hours cleaning out closets and going through all the plastic containers of the kids’ outgrown clothes.

© revolution of love blog - wiml_dressesWGoing through Bella’s old clothes was the hardest because I really wanted to have another girl to wear all her cute dresses and outfits. However, I don’t think that is God’s plan for us. I kept a few favorites and decided to give away the rest. Some will go to my nieces, some to my friends’ kids and the rest will go to charity. When I wanted to hold onto an outfit I pictured a Hispanic mom (because I’m Hispanic) trying to make ends meet and doing her clothes shopping at the Salvation Army thrift store. She finds an adorable Baby Gap dress for her little daughter Anita with cute chubby cheeks. She  buys it, happy to have a new dress to give her daughter for Christmas. See, if you want me to do something is difficult for me, just tug at my heart strings. I gladly gave up the dress along with the matching shoes, stocking and hat. 😉 And if I knew the mom’s size, I would have bought her an outfit too.

© revolution of love blog - wiml_fri_2014bThis was only a quarter of the bags I filled up.

Well, the closet was cleaned out but now I had to get it all washed and sorted. (Some stuff had that gross dusty smell and my allergies were going crazy!)  Last year I read how a friend on Facebook had a Green Recycle Party. Everyone brought a box of the items they no longer used or wore and they all had the chance to go through the boxes of clothes and home items and find what they could use. I thought the idea was genius! Since I had the most stuff to give away I offered to host the party. It was a great idea until I realized the party was set for Saturday and I still had to finish  everything!


I had my schedule for Friday all planned out. I was going to do the bulk of the work in the morning since I had three Parent – Teacher conferences scheduled for that afternoon. Well, nothing went as planned and as I sat down and waited at school in between conferences I posted this to my Instagram.

Revolution of Love Blog - wiml_fri_2014a

A friend responded, ” LOL, you probably figured you will stress some about the party and then have to go to confession.”  (You know me too well, Teresa. ;-)) Needless to say the rest of the day and evening I was running around like crazy (I had 10,000 steps on my Fitbit to prove it!) but that is the story of my life so it wasn’t a big surprise. However, I promised Brian that at 9 PM I’d stop and devote the evening to him. We got cozy on the couch and watched two of his favorite creepy shows – Grimm and Constantine. (Add Sleepy Hollow and we have a hat trick!) It was nice to relax with a spooky story. 😉


© revolution of love blog - wiml_sat_2014aSaturday morning came and I was pleased to say that I was able to get everything washed, sorted and organized by gender and size. (If my way-more-organized-than-me sisters were here, they’d be so proud.) Now it was time to focus on the enchilada lunch. (I promise I’ll post the recipe soon!)

I didn’t take any more photos this day but the get together with my friends was lovely. I loved chatting and sharing and opening up to them about a number of things. More and more I am realizing just how much I NEED to connect with other Catholic females for fellowship and friendship, whether to cry on their shoulder or laugh until our sides ache.

Later that evening I got an email from one of my friends and she expressed how much she was touched by the words we spoke and that it was just what she needed to hear at that moment. She said, “You reminded me that we share the greatest vocation, and that one of the most beautiful aspects of our jobs as mothers is one another. Great colleagues are such a perk at any job!” That is so true! Even with these Week in the Life posts, it not only serves to record the little blessings and trials of our days but it also gives other moms a glimpse to see that we are all in this together. Some days we rock and some days we are barely dragging our butts across the finish line. ( Yeah, I’m looking at you, Wednesday.) But in the end we are all a sisterhood of women who love God and are trying to serve Him through loving our husband and children and those around us.


© revolution of love blog - wiml_sun_2014aWell, the week was coming to an end and although I looked at next week’s calendar and saw that it was packed with school activities, that I’d have little time to pack for our road trip next weekend and that I should really start packing now, I just couldn’t bear it. My allergies had been really bad through out all the closet cleaning (MAJOR DUST) and my head was congested and I woke up with a hoarse voice. God knew what He was doing when He said we needed a day of rest!  No packing today. After Mass, Brian cooked his traditional Sunday morning breakfast and I did a little cleaning up while he relaxed to football.

rise_guard_In the afternoon the weather turned chilly and the couch and warm blankets were beckoning us so we all got cozy and watched one of my favorite family movies – Rise of the Guardians. A little family relaxing was just what we all needed. After dinner and baths and getting everyone to sleep in their own beds, Brian and I were able to have an at home date night. It was nice to just turn off the TV and spend time together. It was the perfect ending to a busy week.

I’m grateful I was able to capture and record a few moments of this week before it turned into one big blur. Thanks for the inspiration, Kathryn! 🙂

* * * * *

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A Week in My Life 2014 – Tues & Wed: Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

Revolution of Love Blog - wiml_tues_201bI think this is pretty but if only bath time was as calm and sweet as this photo implied.

* * *

Today I am linking up with…

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* * *


Revolution of Love Blog - wiml_tues_201adNo school + Target run = One happy boy.

Okay, I have to admit that Tuesday was uneventful. I am seriously sitting here thinking what in the world did I do that day? Well, there was only one moment that stands out in my mind. On Monday the three older kids had the day off to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Matthew’s pre school has done the same for years. Well, I did not check the pre school calendar to see that THIS year they get Tuesday off instead of Monday. So it was the usual morning routine of getting the older kids off to their school then getting Matthew off to pre school. However, when I arrived there were no cars and all the lights were off. A quick check to the online pre school calendar showed my mistake. Sigh. So much for my pre-planning. Oh well, that just meant that Matthew had to come with me on my morning shopping challenge where I hit four stores within two hours – Costco, Target, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. He loved it.

The rest of the day was a blur so let’s move on to…WITL4Revolution of Love Blog - wiml_wed_2014bYeah, it’s funny now but it wasn’t then! And the drawer was open just enough for the sauce to drip in and dirty the dish towels.

Okay, mama said there would be days like this. At first, it seemed like an ordinary day with me going about my business when some time in the late morning, there was a shift and everything started going wrong. Now, nothing major, mind you, but you know those crazy little things – spilled food, unrolled toilet paper, kid with a marker and a wall, broken dish, toys everywhere, brothers fighting, kids screaming, boys that can’t aim in the toilet, dirty behinds to wipe, and laundry and dishes that you swear your neighbors sneak into your house because there’s no way one family could make that much mess!

Maybe it was the fact that the kids had only a 1/2 day of school. Maybe because it was raining and they couldn’t go outside. Maybe because I have so little patience and I groan and rant when things are not going right. Whatever, it was no buneo. I somehow managed to get dinner on the table early, even though I had no time to eat myself because I had to get Bella to her youth group on time that night.

Revolution of Love Blog - wiml_wed_2014d

After dropping Bella off, I pulled out my little finger rosary to say say a decade, asking God to help me calm down. I started thinking about Mary and told her, “You know, Blessed Mother, sometimes it drives me nuts that I am supposed to be all calm and humble like you. I’m not like you. I am not ‘let it be done unto me…’ I’m more, ‘What the @#$% is going on?!’ How am I supposed to relate to you when I am the opposite of you?”

Then I thought about my own kids and all the naughty moments they have throughout the day. Do I love them any less because they misbehave? No. Do I have the desire to jump off the bunk bed and land on my little brother? No, but just because I am not tempted to do that doesn’t mean I love my kiddo any less or that I’m incapable of helping him correct his behavior. The same thing with our heavenly Mother. She doesn’t have to experience the same temptations in order to love us and and help us.

Mary is my Mother and she is constantly lifting my head and looking at me in the eye and saying, “Why are you being so disobedient to your Father? Does he not love you unconditionally? Do you not want to return that love to him?” Sigh. Of course, I do.

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Like a loving and good mother that lets you lean on her, Mary hugs me and points me right back to where I should be – at the feet of Jesus. So I turned my heart back to God and asked for his forgiveness for being so self-centered and bratty. I asked for his mercy and shed a few tears of thanks for bringing peace to my heart once again.  God is good. All the time.

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