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Weigh-in-Wednesday & Five Favorite Exercise Tips

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I haven’t had much time for posting lately but I’m ready to get back into it with a Weigh in Wednesday AND I’m linking up with Jenna for Five Favorites.

I mentioned in my last WIW post that I hit a wall after the holidays and was having a hard time getting back into the routine of eating better and exercising. I got a great comment and question from Laurel and I thought I’d answer it here.

It is so great when we can make continued habits a routine. I really want to get back on track with exercising myself. I know if I just put in 15 minutes a day — and actually DO IT — it will get me going in the right direction to where I am wanting to do it regularly. I find it is very hard when once you’ve been in shape, to fall out of it, and then have a LONG way to go to get back. It’s really discouraging me and making me stay away. I’ll have to find something good for motivation. Any tips?

I really thought about this and I have found that these five tips have helped me stay on track so far.

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~ 1 ~

Find Something You Love

Let’s face it, you are never going to exercise if you are doing something you hate. So find something you love… or at least can tolerate into you get more into it. It can be running, biking, swimming, dancing, yoga, working out a the gym, etc. Me? I love to walk. There are so many beautiful spots to walk here on the Monterey Peninsula, it is an easy choice. Now that my youngest is in pre school part time, I have a few mornings to myself when I can walk alone. But when the kids were younger I would just bundle them up and stick them in the stroller and take them with me. It is not as easy as going yourself but at least you get out in the fresh air and are moving!

~ 2 ~

Set Mini Goals

I have found that I work best when I have little goals to achieve. Something more than a grand and all encompassing  – “Get healthy.” Since I have a large amount of weight to lose, getting rid of five pounds seems like a drop in the bucket. So instead of looking at the whole number, I break it down into smaller chunks. My first goal date was my brother’s wedding in January. (I was 3 pounds short of that goal but I was still really happy.) At the end of February I realized that there were ten weeks until I attend the CWBN (Catholic Women’s Bogging Network) Conference in SoCal. So I thought ten pounds in ten weeks would be a great mini goal. I am 2 1/2 weeks into my mini-goal and so far so good. 🙂

If you don’t have to lose weight then you can make a mini goal something else – to exercise x amount of minutes a day for a whole week. Or run/walk a mile in x minutes.  Or to get in eight glasses of water a day for a week/ month. Whatever it is you need to work on. Then once you’ve hit your goal – give yourself a little reward. Buy that cute purse you’ve been wanting or download that book you’ve been wanting to read or grab a frozen yogurt with your hubby. Something that is a treat for you.

~ 3 ~

Find A Buddy

If you are a social person, find a friend who will walk with you or go to the gym with you. Locally, there are walking/exercise groups for moms with babies. Another mom just told me about a Saturday morning group where women hit the local trails running or walking. See what is available in your area or call up a friend or neighbor who can join you.

Personally, I like walking alone in the morning. I love putting on my headphones and listening to music or a podcast and not having to worry about carrying a conversation while I am trying not to have a heart attack keeping up with my faster friend. So my “buddy” comes in the form of my Fitbit. I already talked about it here, but I still LOVE my Fitbit. I have fun keeping track of how many steps I put in each day. I also like that I have Fitbit friends on my phone app who challenge me. (I love your constant “cheers,” Maria!) 🙂 Seeing them hit their daily walking goals encourages me to get in a few more steps before the day is done.

Your buddy may also be someone who doesn’t join you but helps you get out of the house! Maybe a friend, neighbor, babysitter, or a grandma from church can watch your kids for 30 minutes or an hour. Or talk to your hubby and see if you can arrange 1/2 an hour away in the morning or the evening. Explain how much you need this time to unwind and take care of yourself. Most hubbies will try to accommodate, especially when they see how much happier you are when you have some alone time.

revoluiton of love blog - sunset_3_15It was raining this morn so I couldn’t walk. However, it cleared up in the afternoon so I was able to slip out of the house for a sunset walk.


~ 4 ~

Bribe Yourself

Let’s face it, sometimes I just don’t feel like exercising especially when there are so many other things that have to be done or when my schedule is just jam packed. If I am honest with myself, I can always at least carve out 15 minutes for a quick walk. It is not hard to be motivated when I get to take my beach walk but when I am at home and it is late and dark outside and I just want to cuddle on the couch, the last thing I want to do it walk. Those are the times I force myself to go walk up and down our long deck. (I worked out the math. 60 laps up and down is a mile.) Then when I am done I can treat myself to a small piece of dark chocolate and a favorite TV show.

I also bribe myself with favorite playlists. I use Spotify  and I made myself playlists of favorite songs that I only listen to when I walk. It gives me something to look forward to. (Note: If you check out my playlists on Spotify some playlists are “Christian” and some are songs you’d hear on a normal alt rock station. Choose accordingly.)

I also have recently gotten into podcasts. I’ll save my favorite ones and I’m only allowed to hear them when I walk. It gives me something to look forward to, especially when a favorite guest is featured. (Next week I’ll share my five favorite podcasts with you.) 🙂 In the meantime, if you have a favorite you think I should check out, let me know.

 UPDATE: New post – 5 Favorites: Podcasts

~ 5 ~

Realize the Benefits

Sometimes, just knowing the benefits of exercise (and the ramifications of not exercising) can motivate you to keep going. I am the perfect example of that. The last couple of months I have been worried about my blood pressure because it was getting on the high side. I also have to be careful about my blood sugar and my cholesterol because they were getting close to the above normal range. I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure regularly and noticed that it is much better on the days when I walk. Today I had to go for my follow up physical and when they checked my blood pressure and reviewed over my BP log, the doc said it looked great. He told me the only prescription he is giving me is to keep waking everyday. That’s the only meds I need. (Well, besides all the vitamins and supplements I am on!) So although I am not shedding off pounds “Biggest Loser” style, I am going slow steady and that is more than I have done in years…and years. Plus, hopefully this way, the change in lifestyle sticks.

So those are the tips that help me. What about you? What keeps you motivated? Share them with us!

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Weigh-in-Wednesday: February 2015 Update

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It’s been another crazy, stressful day. The kind of day when I leave the house in the early morning and don’t step back here until late afternoon. At least now the kids have been fed dinner and I’m waiting for Brian to come home from visiting his dad. I have about a half hour to myself before I have to start the bedtime rituals so time to de-stress with a post. 😉

Since it’s Wednesday and I haven’t done a Weigh-in-Wednesday, I think I am due. I started my health journey in Fall and my goal was to lost 20 pounds for my brother’s wedding in January. I almost made my goal and lost 17 pounds. To celebrate I actually went out and bought a dress for the occasion (one size smaller.) Anyone who knows me, know that is a huge deal because I only wears skirts twice a year – on Easter and Christmas. I haven’t worn a dress since my wedding day. My wedding day 15 years ago. revolution of love blog - ba_1_9_14

I found a simple black dress at Macy’s that was originally $70 but it was marked down and I had savings coupons. The final price $13! I was so proud. I couldn’t wait to tell my frugal sisters! I took a quick snap in the mirror, although I feel stupid posting it. I’ll keep it small so you’ll at least get an idea. 🙂

The thing is that I feel like I’ve hit a wall. I haven’t lost any weight in the last month. I haven’t gained either, which is actually amazing considering all the stress I’ve been under lately. So maybe that is actually a win even if the numbers haven’t changed.

I think another aspect I can count as a small win is the fact that this morning when I reviewed over my day and all the places I had to go, I thought there is no way I can fit in my morning walk. Normally, that’s no big deal but today my heart ached thinking I could not get outside and feel the cool air on my face, and feel the pavement beneath my feet and breath in the fresh ocean air. I calculated that it would take me just over 16 minutes to walk a quick mile before I had to be at my first destination. I would have tried to run but I’m afraid of getting a heart attack. 😉

© revolution of love blog - ocean_1_10_15My view today. No filter.

As I was walking I thanked God for the desire to want to go walking. For someone who’d rather be curled up on the couch watching a movie and eating a snack (hence, my mom giving me the nickname pooh bear) wanting to move is a big deal.

Then as I was walking, I got to thinking how much the physical life is like the spiritual life. I remember a priest once telling me that at first when we pray, we do it because we should. However, as we pray more and come closer to Christ, it stops being something we should do and it becomes something we want to do. I haven’t hit that point completely. There are too many days when I let prayer take back seat and too few days when my heart just looongs to be quiet before Our Lord. But like my walking, I am working on it and taking baby steps. And they may be small, but I am seeing improvements just the same. So for those small accomplishments, I’m celebrating with a small piece of dark chocolate rather than a huge piece of cake. Baby steps. 😉

What about you? What is a big or small accomplishment you made this week?

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Weigh-in Wednesday: Sharing Health Goals (vol 1) – A Review of Fitbit Flex

The 31 Days of Writing Challenge continues. It’s Day 28 & 29 of my 31 Days of Gratitude.

* * *


One of my goals for September and October was to better my health by walking 30 minutes a day. I got a Fitbit Flex to help me with my goal and a few people have asked me about it so I thought I’d start a new series – Weigh-in Wednesday: Sharing Health Goals.

Now, to my friends reading this who run marathons and look great in your skinny little yoga pants, you can skip this post.

I want to talk to the women who spends more time in front of the computer looking for health tips than actually exercising and the mom who only runs to chase her naked toddler down the hallway and to the fellow husky mama who doesn’t want to get OUT of a size 18 but INTO a size 18. Yeah, this is for you, baby.

ba_age_5Those chubby cheeks have long been acquaintances of mine.

Okay, some background first. I have always been overweight. Like forever. I wore Sears’ Pretty Plus until I graduated to Lane Bryant. I hated it then but I got to a point in my life after I married and has a few kids where I made peace with it. This is just who I am – a plus size mama. That’s good…and bad. Good that I am comfortable in my own skin but bad in that I know I am not as healthy as I should be.

When Brian got sick with cancer, we made healthy changes in our lives but to be honest, although I was feeding him better, I would still stress snacking and eating foods and sweets that were no bueno. In September, I wasn’t feeling well myself. I was sluggish, was getting light headed and feeling slight numbness in my legs. Scary. In general, I was not feeling good. I decided it was time for a full physical and for me to get serious about my health. Besides doing it for myself, I’ve got four young kids and a husband that needs me to stick around for awhile!

After all the tests, I found that in almost every aspect – blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol – I was on the fence, border-lining between normal and too high. Some of my hormones (like progesterone) were off but that has always been the case and I was deficient in some vitamins, particularly iron and D3. So the doc has me on multiple supplements, I am walking at least 30 minutes a day and I’ve cut out white flour (and for the most part) processed sugar and sweets and eating a lot more veggies.


For this post, I am focusing on the walking.

It is recommended that every person take 10,000 steps a day for optimal health. I knew I probably wasn’t at that level but assumed I was not too far off.  I would take random walks here and there and I felt like I was always running around but I wanted to know for certain how much I was moving each day.  I read a lot of positive reviews of the Fitbit Flex so I decided to give it a try. I liked that fact that I could wear it all day, every day without giving it much thought. (Technically you can also wear it in the shower, but I take it off.)

The first day I wore the Fitbit, it was a leisurely Sunday and as the sun set I checked my numbers and was surprised to see I had only logged in 3,500 steps. I figured that was a fluke because it was Sunday. Surely during a busy week I’d be logging in closer to 10,000. Well, I was barely getting over 4,000. Ouch. That was eye opening. So for the next two weeks my goal was to add an extra 1,000. I worked on it and got up to a 5,500 average. The next two weeks I upped it another 1,000. Then another 1,000. Right now I am averaging between 8,500 – 9,000.

Revolution of Love Blog - fitbit_4W

Some days I kick it and log over my 10,000 goal.

Revolution of Love Blog - fitbit_3WOther days I don’t quite get there.

My problem is consistency. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays when all the kids are in school, I have time alone where I can walk 2 miles on my favorite trails like this one.

Revolution of Love Blog -day_23_beach1The Monterey Bay Rec Trail

 walk_1WCan you say, “Gorgeous!”

But the other days of the week I am usually running around or taking care of kids or the household and the day speeds by without me strapping on my walking shoes. On those evenings, I walk for 30 minutes doing laps up and down my driveway after the kids go to sleep.

walk_2W  Sometimes it is soothing to put on my earphones and walk away the stress of the day as the stars come out.


Other days, I am draaaaaagging. There’s no pretty ocean to motivate me, just the asphalt and shadows amongst the trees and the chilly wind nipping at my face. There were plenty of days I was ready to say, “Forget it!” but looking at my Fitbit steps in black and white motivated me to get outside and bring that number a just a little higher.

Revolution of Love Blog - fitbit_5W

Another great features of the Fitbit is the calorie log. The same way I would over estimate my steps I would also under estimate how much food I was eating. Once I started tapping in my meals into my Fitbit app, I could see that all those little nibbles here and there added up quickly. On the plus side, on the days I did extra walking I was allowed extra calories in.

 The Fitbit also has a sleeping mode which will tell you how many times you wake up in the night or are restless. I don’t use this all the time but it is interesting to monitor now that the kids pretty much sleep the night through. (Heavenly.)

I also recently started adding friends to my profile. We are able to set a daily challenge and “compete” or offer support to one another. And I can use all the support I can get!

I will add, however, that the one negative I have heard about the Fitbit is that it does not do well tracking your steps when you are pushing a stroller. Apparently, it likes when you move your arm back and forth as you walk/run. It’s not really an issue for me since I walk alone now, but it may be something to look into if it’s a concern. That aside, I love my Fitbit and I know it has helped me stay motivated.

My goal now is to be more consistent with my 10,000 steps a day. Perhaps, going out early in the morning on the weekends when Brian is home with the kids or bringing Matthew with me on a walk on Mondays and Fridays. (I hesitate with that one because I feel like one of those people who walk with their dogs and they have to stop every five minutes so their pooch can sniff around and do their business. Picture the pre schooler version of that.) 😉

So what are the results from the last two month of walking and eating better? All the crazy symptoms are gone. My blood sugar and blood pressure are normal and I’ve lost ten pounds. That’s just a small portion of what I need to lose but it is a heck of a lot better than two months ago. I don’t think I’ll ever be “thin” but I certainly don’t mind being a healthier version of myself. 😉 And for that , I am truly thankful!!

What about you? Are you working on health goals? Or do you have exercising advice (like how to keep at it!) or healthier eating advice (like how to not fall off the wagon??) Spill, por favor!

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* * *

For more 31 Days of Gratitude, visit the home page here.

Weigh-in Wednesday: Vol 14 – Walking & Weight Updates & Virtual 5K


**Sharing the triumphs and missteps on my journey towards a healthier physical, emotional and spiritual life.**

Physical Update


My summer walking program of 100 Miles in 100 Days had been temporarily put on hold. I made it to 50 days but in August (and early September) a number of factors pushed it to the back burner and I wasn’t walking consistently. However, now that the kids are back in school and we are settling into our new routine, I am able to get out and walk again. So I hope to finish the second half of my 100. 😉


This Monday was the final weigh-in for Running with Jess’ Lose a Half-Marathon. My goal was to lost 13.1 pounds. I didn’t quite make it but I did reach 10 pounds. It’s going to take me a couple more weeks to hit the original goal. I carry on…


Lastly, I was thinking about Cari’s Catholic Exchange Virtual 5K. Is that still taking place? Are you doing it? Let me know.
Okay, that’s it for today. (I still want to make a quick Downton Abbey post. 😉
Have a healthy week!


Weigh-in Wednesday: Vol 13 – Walking Update & A Link-Up


**Sharing the triumphs and missteps on my journey towards a healthier physical, emotional and spiritual life.**

I’m pressed for time so I am going to keep this short.

Walking Update


My walking program of 100 Miles in 100 Days has hit a bump in the road. I am almost at my half way point but this week has been crazy and I missed walking five out of 7 days. Ugh. Last night we had an early dinner so Brian told me to go ahead and go to the beach to walk because I don’t want to break the good habit I started.
So I put my walking shoes on and got back out there. It’s funny that just that little break in my routine made me feel kind of sluggish and a bit out of step. It took me longer to get into the rhythm of walking. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’ve regrouped and wlil try to stay on track. I’ll just walk a little longer than the 100 days to make up for my lost time.
In the meantime, here is a photo I shot last night.


What have you been working on this week? Share your goals, your progress or your missteps. You can share in the comment box or link your own blog post. I look forward to hearing from you! (Note: For some reason WordPress users haven’t been able to comment so you may need to sign in using google or yahoo, etc instead.)
Have a healthy week!