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My Favorite Stationary, Pens, Stickers and Planner and Hand Lettering Supplies

Yesterday I shared with you how I set up my Blessed Is She planner. This is part two with my favorite planning supplies. πŸ™‚

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Whenever I write a post about planners, journals, snail mail, or lettering, etc, I always get messages and emails asking me about the supplies I use and where I bought them. To make it easier for you, I compiled a list of my favorite stationary supplies. Hopefully it will help you find a new favorite. πŸ™‚

(NOTE: Revolution of Love is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I purchased these items on my own and am sharing my honest opinion about them.)

Erasable Pens for My Planner

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When I write in my planner, I MUST be able to erase. I used to use pencil until I found these awesome erasable pens. I have three sizes:.

The thicker Pilot Frixion Colors Erasable Markers.

The thinner Pilot FriXion Pencil, 0.7mm Ballpoint Pen, 12 Colors Set. (Also available in the 24 pen set.)

The even thinner Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen, 0.5mm, 10 Colors Set.

(One note: It has been said that the ink of these pens disappear in extreme heat but the ink will reappear if book is placed in the freezer. I have never had an issue but I also don’t live in extreme heat.)

Colored Pens

These are my favorite regular thin pens.Staedtler Color Pen Set, Set of 36 Assorted Colors

If you don’t need as many as 26, this 20 pack of Staedtler pens is nice and it comes with a cool plastic case that can stand.

Handlettering/Brush Lettering Pens

My favorite black drawing pens are Micron. I use this when I am practicing hand lettering.

These are my favorite for hand lettering with a brush pen in black ink. I use Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen 2 Pens Set. It comes with a hard and soft tip.

For colored ink, I use the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

Handlettering Introductory Books

I’ve been wanting to improve (and learn more about) brush lettering so I’ve been using these books to practice.

Written by Hand: Techniques and Tips to Make Your Everyday Handwriting More Beautiful by Erica Tighe (Erica is the one that does all the beautiful hand lettering for Blessed Is She.

Creative Lettering and Beyond: Inspiring tips, techniques, and ideas for hand lettering your way to beautiful works of art (Creative…and Beyond)

Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Notepad: Beginner Practice Workbook & Introduction to Lettering & Calligraphy (Practice Makes Perfect Series)

If you don’t want to spend money on a book there are plenty of practice sheets to be found on Pinterest. I have also used these at Tombow.

Colored Pencils

Here are the colored pencils I use – Prisma Scholar Colored Pencils. Costco had this art set available. I haven’t seen them there anymore but found it on Amazon.

If you don’t need all the extras, you can buy just the pencils.

Pen/Pencil Cases

I’m (almost) embarrassed to tell you how many pencil pouches and cases I have! πŸ˜‰ Here are a few of my favorites.

Weapons of Mass Creation Pouch – Love this. It’s available in three sizes. πŸ™‚

Star Wars Tattoo Flash Nylon Pencil Case 8 x 4in – When I wrote my last planner post, this pencil pouch was sold out. I am adding the link anyway in case they get more or you find another Star Wars style you may like. (They were also sold out of the matching Star Wars backpack I bought but have since got those back in.)Β 

YOUSHARES 120 Slots Pencil Case – I use the above Star Wars pouch for one set of erasable pens that stays with me and my planner in my purse. The other pens and pencils I keep in this larger case that stays at home. I bring it out when I have time to decorate my bullet journal or planner.

I use this smaller Designed for Arrangement pencil case as a little traveling pen/pencil holder when I need a variety of pens to take out of the house.

Magnetic Bookmarks/ Bookclips


London Magnetic Bookmarks – These little book magnets are cute ways to mark my pages. πŸ™‚

Forest Friends Magnetic Bookmarks – I’m a sucker for cute forest friends.


Photo credit: Jane’s Tiny Things

I also love all things Jane Austen so these Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy magnetic clips from Jane’s Tiny Things were a must! ( Note: I just ordered the Anne and Captain Wentworth version to go with them.) πŸ™‚






I LOVE these Star Wars book markers. I change them around my planner to suit my mood. (Darth Vader hangs out by the Mondays. Han by the Fridays. πŸ˜‰ ) You can find them at HappyHelloCo at Etsy.

Planner Accessories









Tiny Saints CharmWe have lots of these cute saint charms on backpacks and adding my patron saint (also patron of mothers) to my planner seemed appropriate. πŸ™‚


Photo credit: LuckyDuckDesigns. – For my bullet journal, I purchased this pen holder from this great etsy shop. I love her holders and have a few designs but she often sells out so you’ll have to keep checking back. I also recently found this shop that sells journal pen holders. They are made of a thicker material that doesn’t lay as flat, but she has some cute designs.

Sticky Notes

These are the sticky notes I used for my planner dashboard.

Write It Down Shaped Sticky Notes: 175 Decorated Stickies

Monthly Sticker Subscriptions














I re-live my childhood by continuing my sticker collection. I use them to decorate my planner, bullet journal, snail mail and more. These are two monthly sticker subscriptions that I love.

Pipsticks – There are two different subscription packs: Kids and Adults Pro Club. The Classic Pro Club pack includes 15 sheets of stickers, 1 postcard and 1 quote card. Cost is $14.95. The Pro Club Petite pack includes 7 sheets of stickers and 1 mini quote card. Cost is $9.95.

Stickii Club
– There are three different subscription packs for you to choose from: Cute/ Retro/ Pop. Each pack includes 5 or more sticker sheets, 1 bag of sticker flakes, and sometimes an extra stationery item. Cost is $10 a month.

Washi Tape












Washi tape can be found at most stores that carry stationary, including Target. I usually wait until Michaels puts them on sale or clearance or use one of their weekly coupons. You can also order cute washi on Amazon.

Other favorites pictured in my planner photos.









Offer It Up mug by Rose Harrington Shop









This Choose to be Grateful mug from FawnlyPrints is my current fave.









I love my Blessed Is She rosary.

* * * * *

Well, that was a look at many of my favorites! I have been collecting these over the years and many have been gifted to me by family and friends who know I love stationary items.

Stationary Birthday Box

Since my birthday is in a few of weeks, I want to share the birthday love and gift something to you! I have a Stationary Birthday Box that I will mail out to one of my blog readers/online friends.The box will include:

  • A beautiful canvas pencil pouch
  • A dotted notebook
  • Tiny Saints Blessed Mother charm
  • 2 Tombow brush pens
  • 1 black Staedtler pen
  • 1 aqua Pilot FriXion erasable pen
  • 3 rolls of washit tape
  • Package of decorated pencils
  • Binder clips
  • Sticky notepad
  • A sample of Disney Pixar mini sticky notes
  • 2 magnetic book clips
  • Stickers

To enter, just leave a comment below and tell me what is your favorite stationary or planner accessory that you currently use or something new you want to try. I’ll choose a winner in two weeks (Aug 11) and mail the package in time for my b-day (18th.) Have fun and good luck!

UPDATE: The contest is over. Congrats to our winner Mary M. πŸ™‚

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Enter the RoL Advent Gift Package Giveaway!


It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week and that Advent starts the Sunday following! My goal for the last few months has been to spend more quiet time in prayer with God. That is not always easy to do with a house full of rambunctious kids but with some effort, I am able to find pocket of quiet to turn my mind to God.

As I mentioned before, being a part of the Blessed Is She ministry has really helped with my desire to spend more time reading scripture and listening to God. Now that Advent is almost here, I have mixed feelings about my goal. On the one hand, it is even more vital that I prepare my heart for the coming of the Christ Child. On the other hand, I know how crazy the Christmas season can be and it take a concerted effort to not get sucked into the chaos.

That is why I am excited about the tools I will be using to help me make a truly holy Advent. What’s more, I want to share these items with a lucky reader who wins the RoL Advent Gift Package! Here is what you can win.

~ 1 ~

Blessed Is She Advent Journal

The first item is my Blessed Is She Advent Journal. Anyone that knows me also knows that I am a sucker for all things paper, especially journals. There is just something both soothing yet invigorating about putting pen to paper.

Revolution of Love Blog - bis_post_8I just received mine in the mail and I can’t wait to put it to use!


Β The BIS journal is perfect for daily prayer and scripture reading.

advent_journal_3Included are reflections for all four weeks of Advent as well as guided reflection questions for every day of the Advent season.

You can order your own copy of the Blessed Is She Advent Journal here. (All proceeds will help fund the running of Blessed Is She, such as the email list and website hosting. All writers and editors are lovingly volunteering time, prayer and hours to the making of Blessed Is She.) πŸ˜‰

~ 2 ~

Icons & Candles

Anyone who knows me (and who has been to my house) also knows that Brian and I love icons! You’ll find them all over our house. I’ll admit that often when I pray in the morning it’ll be in front of the computer monitor, especially if I am reading my daily meditation online, but sometimes I need to just shut every thing else out and quiet myself without any distractions. So either early in the morning before the kids are up or late in the evening when they are in bed, I will take out an icon to put myself into a prayerful state of mind.

Β© Revolution of Love Blog - bis_post_6

I love the icons from Not of This World, especially this mini icon (sized 2 1/2 x 3) of the Kazan Mother of God. Add to that my lavender scented tea light candle from PartyLite and my spirit is already feeling calm.

~ 3 ~

This Little Light Rosary

Next in my Advent arsenal is my rosary. I always find Advent a perfect time to reflect on Mary’s humility, docility and openness to saying “Yes” to God without complaint. (All the things I struggle with!)

Although I have a number of fancy and sentimental rosaries, the ones I like to keep in my pocket and stash in my purse are the knotted rosaries.


I especially like the ones made by Jenna at This Little Light Blog’s etsy shop. I first purchased a finger decade rosary from her and I love it. As you may recall from last Wednesday, when I was having a bad day, a decade of the rosary (or even just a Hail Mary) always helps me to calm down and regroup. Even when I can’t stop to pray sometimes just feeling it in my pocket is enough to get me to think before I explode at the boys’ antics.

bis_post_1I ordered this pretty blue one as my Advent rosary. I always try to support other Catholic moms who are running crafty businesses from their homes. Jenna is a sweetheart and I asked her a couple questions so you could get to know her better.


Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m 26 year old mom, wife, and school social worker living in Brandon, FL! I’m a cradle Catholic and an FSU alum, Go Noles! They have an awesome Catholic Student Union, that I was very involved in and met my husband through! I love chocolate and dancing around the bedroom with my 2 year old cutie of a son. My husband and I know more about Disney World than most people, fun facts and stuff, and can be seen there almost every other weekend! I like to have fun and meet new friends!

How did I get involved with rosary making? I learned to make them at summer camp when I was in middle school. I’ve always been crafty and it just came easy. In college, I worked for Catholic Prayer Cards (an online prayer card website) and made rosaries there too. Now that I’m a mom, I love making them to make a few extra bucks here and there.

What Is Your Favorite Advent Devotion? Not really sure what my favorite advent devotion is but I love journeying with Mary through pregnancy. I can’t imagine being 40 weeks pregnant riding so long on a donkey. And then to get to Bethlehem and no inns are available. I like to reflect on the journey that her and Joseph fought so hard to bring our perfect savior into this broken world.

Thanks, Jenna. πŸ™‚ Visit her etsy shop at and check out the other rosaries she has available. (Like the basketball one for boys! I’m thinking it would make a nice St. Nick feast day gift.)

* * *

There you have it! These four items – the Blessed Is She Advent Journal, the mini Mother of God icon, 4 lavender tea candlesΒ  and a beautiful knotted rosary (that Jenna generously donated for the give away) can be yours! The contest will run until Tuesday, November 25th, midnight. I will announce the winner on Wednesday the 26th.

Note: If you want to be assured you get a BIS Advent Journal by Advent, order one today! If you do happen to win the contest, just keep the other items and share the journal with your sister, mom or friend!

So join the fun and good luck!!

To enter the contest, click here –> A Rafflecopter Giveaway

(If you don’t like using Rafflecopter then leave a comment with “add me to the contest” and I’ll add your name to Rafflecopter as a +2 entry for leaving a comment. πŸ™‚ )

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