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TV Talk: Downton Abbey, Season 6: Episode 4 Recap

logo_downton_season_6W2_This post is later than I anticipated but there has been little time for blogging these days! Here is a recap of Downton Abbey’s Season 6, Episode 4.

As usual  – SPOILER ALERT!

All photos courtesy of PBS Masterpiece.

Episode 4 Recap

downton_season_6_ep4ANow that Tom is back at Downton, he must decide what he will do to occupy his time. He didn’t want to take the agent job from Mary but she was willing to be co-agents with him. He expressed some interest in cars after talking with Henry Talbot and that made some sense since his background was dealing with cars before he married Sybil. Mary said she would stand by him and support him no matter what he decided, although she did request, “No more Miss Bunting, if you have any pity.” Indeed!


downton_season_6_ep4BAs you may recall, Baxter had a checkered past having been accused of stealing jewels from her former employer. It seems she was not the only one who found themselves in such a predicament. The rogue Peter Coyle has made it his mission to prey on female servants, gain their trust (and who knows what else) and then talk them into stealing jewels from their respective ladies. Yet, he always managed to leave the scene of the crime unscathed even though he profited from them. Sergent Willis met with Baxter and told her that Coyle was on bail for theft and he wanted Baxter to be a character witness in the trial. She was adamantly opposed, not wanting to expose her past crimes or see Coyle again. The memories and emotional scars were too painful.

Moseley, knowing her background, tried to talk her into doing it even going as far as talking to Cora about it. He used Edmund Burke’s quote, “All that’s needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” Baxter was getting frustrated with him, knowing that it was much easier to say such words than to put into practice. However, Willis pleaded with her to think of the other women that had already fallen into ruin (two were now prostitutes and another dead) and the future women that would fall into Coyle’s traps if she did nothing.

In the end Baxter reluctantly agreed and was now waiting for word on a trial date. She lamented that Coyle ruined her but Moseley tried to comfort her saying that she was not ruined and the fact that she was standing right there proved it.  She responded, “Maybe. But he changed me.” (I am curious to see if we will get a look at this “devil of a man.”)


downton_season_6_ep4FLady Shackleton came to visit Downton and brought her nephew who was none other than the eye-catching Henry Talbot with his ability to make Mary exclaim, “Golly!” There was much innuendo and flirtation between them, which gave Granny some pause as she believed “Mary needs rather more than a handsome smile and a hand on the gear stick.” To which Robert commented, “I am surprised you know what a gear stick is.” “I know more than you think!” corrected Granny.

Whatever the outcome between the dashing car man, Mary was devilishly enjoying the flirtations. She went out to dinner with Henry and she confessed she did not share his passion for cars. He asked if her passion was for horses and she replied that it was her work that made her happy. She explained that she was the agent for Downton and shared her hopes for it’s future and as well as her son’s future. She anticipated Henry being shocked but instead he was extremely impressed. She smiled playfully and said, “I hope this means you’re boiling up to make a pass before we’re done.” Slightly taken aback, Henry cleared his throat and admitted, “Probably. But will you accept?” She replied, “No. But I shall enjoy the process enormously.”

Cheeky girl! She knows the pleasure of the chase. Whether or not she allows herself to get caught is yet to be seen.


downton_season_6_ep4JThe arguments about the hospital continued and it had all become rather tedious but it made for some of the episode’s best dialogue (as listed below.) Granny was near hysterics during the dinner conversation over the hospital but later she  explained why she was opposed to losing control of the hospital. It was not a power struggle but a true concern for the future rights of the villagers. She explained, “For years, I’ve watched governments take over lives and their arguments are always the same – fewer costs and greater efficiency. But the result is the same too. Less control by the people, more control by the state until the individual’s wishes count for nothing.” The others still may not agree but at least they understood her reasoning.


downton_season_6_ep4GThomas was playing the role of butler while Mr. Carson was away. He managed to get under everyone’s skin and later Baxter spent a few quiet moments with him. He admitted that he envied the fact that she had friends and a man that cared about her (even though she denied Moseley cared for her more than as a friend.) She in turn wished she could be more like Thomas and not care what people think about her instead of “trembling at the mere idea of public ridicule.” Thomas kindly replied, “You are stronger than you think. And you are wrong about me. I mind what people think.” Unfortunately, he does not leave on that high note and instead gets himself in trouble later.


downton_season_6_ep4HLady Rosamond invited Mr and Mrs. Harding to Downton to talk to them about Hillcroft, a school for women of modest backgrounds. John Harding was the treasurer, Rosamond was a trustee and she hoped Edith would also be a trustee. Unbeknownst to them, however, Mr. Harding’s wife was Gwen, their former housemaid that left to become a secretary. Gwen just found out that morning that she was going to Downton and didn’t want to intentionally lie to them but found it awkward to bring up their past association. Anna recognized Gwen immediately and gave her a warm greeting. Thomas, however, was seething that he was a faithful servant ready to be kicked out on the streets while this former housemaid was now eating upstairs with the family. He decided to out Edith during the luncheon to the shock of everyone there.

Although it was awkward at first, the situation took a turn for the better when Gwen shared with them everything that Sybil had done to help Gwen change her circumstances. There were smiles and tears as they reminisced and recalled Sybil’s kindness. A kindness that changed Gwen’s life. In the end, to Thomas’ disappointment, they were grateful to learn the truth but Thomas received a scolding from Robert for his pettiness and lack of generosity. He later reminded him that the reason people were loyal to Carson was because he was a kind man. In a round about way he told Thomas that he would do well to learn that lesson for his next situation once he left Downton. Ouch.


downton_season_6_ep4CRecalling Gwen’s words about Sybil, Mary later confided in Anna that she felt ashamed of her own pettiness and how she thought Sybil was a better person. Whatever Mary’s faults, she makes up for it in her care of Anna and her unborn child. Anna had been having pains and she feared that she was miscarrying the baby once again. Mary wasted no time and made arrangements to go to see the doctor in London. Anna feared it would be too late but Mary reassured her she would go to Rosamond’s Belgrave Square and get the doctor to come to see them whatever the time. Tom agreed to drive them and they are able to make the last train in York to London. Thankfully, the doctor saw Anna in time, performed the needed procedure on her and was cautiously optimistic that she wouldn’t lose her baby.

In the meantime Bates was suspicious of Anna, especially after their last minute trip. Despite Anna’s claim that he’ll think she was getting larger because she ate all the pies, he assumed that Anna was afraid to tell him that she was pregnant but lost the baby. When he finally confronted her she admitted that she had been hiding something but it was something good… something really, really happy. He realized what she meant and exclaimed, “Oh God! Are you sure?” With a nod of her head they smiled through tears and has a brief moment of bliss before they were interrupted. I can’t wait for her to start knitting little booties. 🙂


downton_season_6_ep4DI am reluctant to recap Daisy’s story line because all I want to say is “Daisy acts like a spoiled brat and pouts and throws tantrums. The end.” Thankfully, she calmed herself down enough to speak rationally to Tom about their obligation to Mr. Mason. She should have left well enough alone but instead she later went on a downstairs rampage against Cora accusing her of cheating and breaking her word. She stomped upstairs to have it out with Cora despite everyone’s protests and reasonings. Baxter decided s to accompany her in hopes of stopping her from doing irreparable damage.

Meanwhile, Cora was in the drawing room speaking to the family about Mr. Mason and how she hoped they would let him farm Yew Tree. She asked them what would Sybil do and they all agreed that while it wasn’t as financially beneficial, it was the right thing to do. Mary was not present but Tom said he would handle telling her of their decision.

Cora left the room in smiles only to be accosted by Daisy. Luckily, Robert joined them moment later and told Daisy the good news that they were letting Mr. Mason move in. Daisy was speechless (for once) and Baxter thanked them and hurried Daisy back downstairs. Cora remarked that she felt like she just dodged something. Keen observance. Robert got more stomach pains but made nothing of it.


downton_season_6_ep4IFinally, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes returned from their honeymoon where they learned all about the “mysteries of life.” They were given a welcome home party in the servant hall and even the upstairs folks joined them. Although Granny remarked that she hadn’t been in the kitchens for over 20 years, to which Isobel asked, “Did you bring your passport?”

Edith shared about her desire to find a female editor that she could work with as a co-editor. Granny was a little exasperated wondering if they’d next have women field marshals and a women Pope. In a rare moment, Mary defended Edith’s decision. But before we could start to think that Mary was taking her Sybil lesson to heart, she returned to her usual coldness with a rude remark about Edith saying, “A monkey will type out the Bible is you leave it long enough.” Sigh.

Finally, they all made a toast to the happy couple and were ridiculously relieved that they didn’t have to use the name “Mrs. Carson” but could continue to say “Mrs. Hughes.” Mr. Carson excused himself and in the closing scene he looked over his old room and removed the card with his name on the door. It was a bittersweet moment. His old life, as were ways of the past, was ending and a new life was ahead of him.

Random Thoughts

  • Robert continued to get his stomach pains. I can’t help but wonder if a darker story line is ahead, especially with this little piece of dialogue between Robert and his sister.  Rosamond: “I’m afraid she won’t give up about the hospital.” Robert: “I shan’t think that at her funeral.” Rosamond: “Who says she won’t be at yours?”
  • Edith looked so jaunty driving her car and chatting with Rosamond about Hillcrest, which was actually a real school.
  • We don’t see much of Andy, expect when he is putting Thomas aside. However, tonight he revealed that he’s not a city boy. Instead he was jealous of Mr. Mason’s farm life since that is where his heart wanted to be. Before leaving the room he gave Daisy a longing look. Perhaps that is not all his heart wants.


downton_season_6_ep4EOther Favorite Quotes

Robert: “Mama is an old intriguer. She will use tears or terror with equal facility.”


Violet: “Really, Robert. You paint me as such a schemer.”

Robert: “No one has a sharper eyes than a loving son.”

Violet: “You read that somewhere.”

Robert: “Why do you never think I can make anything up?”


Violet ( to Lady Shackleton): “Are you here to help or irritate?”


Lady Shackleton: “How can I present myself as an expert when I don’t know all the facts?”

Violet: “It has never stopped me.”


Edith: “I suppose cousin Isobel is entitled to put up an argument.”

Violet: “Of course she is. She’s just not entitled to win it!”


Gwen: “I never had any higher education.”

Mary: “Who did? All we were taught was French, prejudice and dance steps.”


Mrs. Patmore (to Daisy in response to her complaining): “I wonder if Karl Marx might finish the liver pate.”


Robert: “You missed a jolly good dinner.”

Tom: “I bought some sandwiches at the station and ate them in the car.”

Robert: “You are a braver man than I am, Gunga Din.”

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene?

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TV Talk: Downton Abbey Recap: Season 6, Episodes 2 & 3

logo_downton_season_6W2_Last week I was busy with sick kiddos and family stuff so by the time I finally got a chance to sit down and recap Episode 2 I figured I should just wait and make a combo post with Episode 3 instead. (Scroll down if you want to skip straight to Ep 3.)

As usual  – SPOILER ALERT!

All photos courtesy of PBS Masterpiece.

Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 was relatively uneventful so it can be summed up like this:

  • Letters from Rose and Tom were read.
  • Mary read in between very obscure lines and assumed Rose was pregnant.
  • Edith got her first zinger in a long time, telling Mary, “As usual, you add 2 and 2 to get 53.” Indeed!
  • Mrs. Patmore gave into the dark side and decided to just buy a bottle of horse radish.


  • Violet tells Robert what I’d like to say to computer trolls who post their rudeness and idiocy.
  • Thomas is rebuffed at every turn. I actually feel worry for him.
  • Mr. Skinner tries to hid the fact that he is freaking out that Mary is the new agent.
  • Mary wants to take Marigold  to see the pigs. Edith worries that Mrs. Drewe will be there but not enough to tell Mary the truth about Marigold.
  • Edith must go to London to deal with her brutish editor.
  • Anna undresses  Mary. It still feels disconcerting that a grown woman cannot remove a simple dress from her body. However, it has brought them close enough for Anna to share with Mary about her pregnancy problems.
  • Later Anna cries as she polishes shoes. The Anna and Bates drama is poured on so thick it dampers my love of the show. The reasoning for not wanting adoption seemed dismissive. I’m getting irritated. Writers, give Anna some happiness. Stat! (Or so help me, Fellowes!)
  • Mary suggests to Anna that she see the same fertility doctor she went to. Anna protests that Mary shouldn’t go through so much trouble. They reminiscence about hiding dead Turks and Dutch thingamajigs. Finally Anna agrees to see Mary’s doctor and she is diagnosed with an incompetent cervix, a condition that is relatively easy to fix. Are sunshiny days in Anna’s future?? We can only hope!


  • Violet, Isobel and the gang continue to fight over the hospital situation. Isobel makes a comment that I had to google to understand. (Basically it was a reference to gentlemen of yesteryear who wore Parliament type wigs, getting into a fight on the green causing their wigs to fall off.)
  • Mary insists that Carson have his wedding at Downton. Mrs. Hughes wants her own wedding saying things like, “It may be where we work but it’s not who we are” and…


  • Carson tries to make his argument and Mrs. Hughes teases, “And heaven forfend we lowly folks should do anything to contradict the blessed Lady Mary.” This wedding is bringing out another side of Mrs. Hughes and it is surprising me a little. But I understand her reasoning – her wedding is the only day when she is allowed to have things as she wants and not as it is dictated to her.
  • Daisy is upset. I sort of lost interest.
  • The family goes to the pig show with Marigold. They ooh and ahh over the porkers and the alarms are going off in our collective heads as we yell, “Why is no one holding Marigold’s hand?!” Sure enough, she is missing. So is Mrs. Drewe.
  • Mr. Drewe knows immediately where Marigold is. He heads back to his home, to the chagrin of Lady Mary who is left without a ride home. He walks into the house to see his wife cradling a very still Marigold. I worry, “Is she dead? Will Mrs. Drewe go into a psychotic rage when Drewe takes her from her arms?” (This is why Brian doesn’t let me watch Dateline. 😉 ) No, Marigold is merely sleeping and Mr Drewe takes her from his wife without incident.
  • Mrs. Drewe is deeply hurting. Mr. Drewe has the patience of a saint. Marigold is returned and Mr. Drewe must leave, for the sake of his wife who is close to losing it. Incredibly sad all around.
  • We wait for episode 3.

Recap of Episode 3


Well if Episode 2 seemed relatively uneventful, this one made up for it. So many zingers! So many happy moments! A wedding! Branson! Anna smiles! I told Brian it seemed more like a season finale than a middle of the season episode. Here are a few thoughts.

Resigned to Nibbly Bits and Sorry Looking Dresses

In the last episode Mrs. Hughes was adamant to have her version of a dream wedding but she had since allowed Mr. Carson have his way. She shared her concerns with BFF Patmore:

Mrs. Patmore: “That doesn’t sound like a bride on the brink of wedded bliss.”

Mrs. Hughes: “It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the brink of anything. Except possibly the grave. I wanted a big wedding breakfast with all of us sat at groaning tables, having a jolly time.”

Mrs. Patmore: “Well, why can’t you have that?”

Mrs. Hughes: “Because it’s not how posh people do it. They stand about with nibbly bits getting stuck in their teeth, and that’s what we’ve got to do.”

Mrs. Patmore would have none of that! She confided in Cora about Mrs. Hughes feelings on the matter. Cora then asked Mrs. Hughes to speak to her upstairs. There she coaxed Mrs. Hughes into telling them what kind of wedding she had in mind to the horror of Carson. She admitted that she wanted a sit down feast followed by a hooley (party with traditional music and dancing.) It was version unsuitable for the great house and Carson agreed.

Lady Mary was dumbfounded and argued that Carson should be married in the house. Mrs. Hughes was adamant that their wedding should be about the love of Charles and Elsie not about the great house and glorious people who have lived in it. Cora, with her American sensibilities agreed and settled the matter. Mrs. Hughes would have her wedding in the school house, no matter how much Mary protested.


downton_season_6_ep3D“Middle-Aged” Edith

Edith has been breaking barriers by living alone in her London flat, firing her “petulant and overweight tyrant” of an editor and doing a last minute edit of her  magazine with the help of Bertie Pelham. (In last year’s DA Christmas special he was the agent at Brancaster Castle while Lord Sinderby was staying there.) I enjoyed watching Edith smile and take charge and relished the idea that Bertie admired her and was willing to get coffee, sandwiches or move papers about just to be near her. Could it be that our Downton Eeyore is on the brink of finding purpose and maybe even love?? Jolly good!!


downton_season_6_ep3gImpudent Denker and Killjoy Spratt

Spratt’s nephew Wally Stern escaped prison and contacted Spratt for help. When the Sergeant Willis came around to question Spratt about it, he denied knowing anything and Denker backed him up even though she knew he was lying.  Denker is the last person you want holding blackmailing material. This is not going to sit well with Spratt. So my prediction is that they either land out killing each other (or falling in love.) 😉


downton_season_6_ep3EThomas aka “The Republican”

I don’t quite understand what they are doing with Thomas. In previous episodes he was a scoundrel with nine lives who always managed to talk his way out of a situation. He was a character we loved to hate but slowly we got a deeper look into Barrow and saw his vulnerability and even a softer side to him. My heart softened towards him, especially as Baxter tried to take him under wing. (I really love that girl.)

However, these days everyone shows nothing but disinterest or even annoyance with everything he says or does. It was obvious that there was not much work for him to do since he was always hanging about or looking through the want ads but I can’t help but feel worry for him. Even his job prospects (this episode he was being interviewed by what appeared to be Lady Havisham’s long lost brother) have been further opportunities for his character to be belittled. Who would have thought back in season one or two that I would care so much about what happened to Thomas!


downton_season_6_ep3HMary & Anna

Except for the foreign concept of having a lady’s maid, I love to watch the almost sisterly relationship between Mary and Anna. Anna shared with Mary that she may be pregnant and Mary exclaimed to a blushing Anna, “Lord knows the problem isn’t Bates!” They planned to wait until Anna is three months along then make an excuse to take a trip to London. (Although, with Bates being so amorous toward his wife, you’d think he’d notice her changing body before the three months were up.)


downton_season_6_ep3FThings Get Nasty

The discussion of the hospital becomes heated when Violet, Isobel, Cora and the gentlemen gathered to discuss the hospital. Violet was upset that Cora was siding with Isobel. Isobel grew more smug and belittled Dr Clarkson in front of everyone. It was not the best we have seen of Isobel. Cora was troubled by the heated exchange and excused herself to return home only to get into another mess.


downton_season_6_ep3IThe Dress

Mrs. Hughes was having second thoughts about wearing her plain brown day dress to her wedding. Mrs. Patmore tried to surprise her by ordering a new dress in a catalog. Unfortunately the dress was just as ugly as the first. Anna reminded her that Lady Mary said she could borrow a brooch to which Mrs. Patmore responded, “A brooch? She’ll need a diamond parure to make this look any good.”

Mary suggested that they take one of Cora’s embroidered evening coats to wear over it. Unfortunately, Mary never told Cora. She had the chance, mind you. All she had to do was call out to Cora as she left the room but it was too much of a bother. Maybe she was too busy making faces at Edith for being excited about the magazine copy.

Either way, when Cora walked into her bedroom and saw Mrs. Hughes trying on her clothes, she reprimanded them. You could feel Mrs. Hughes’ shame as she apologized and hurried out of the room. Mary went to Cora and scolded her when it was Mary, let’s not forget, who could’t get her bum off the couch and warn Cora of her plan. Naturally, good hearted Cora felt bad, apologized to Mrs. Hughes, and gave her the coat.


downton_season_6_ep_3AThe Nuptials

The big day finally arrived. Mrs. Hughes was treated royally as she was brought coffee in bed and Anna and Baxter came to dress the bride.

Carson grudgingly put on his boutonniere and gave the others to his last minute ushers.

We moved to Carson and Hughes exchanging their wedding vows as everyone looked on with smiles and tears in their eyes. After the ceremony they walked outside to cheers. They kissed and the music swelled. The went inside the school room and your eyes were immediately drawn to the cheerful atmosphere and food laden tables without a nibbly bit in sight.

Mary apologized to Carson and the new Mrs. Carson quipped that Mr. Carson would forgive her if she attacked him with a brick.

Anna and Bates playfully flirted with each other and the hope of them finding happiness felt within our grasp.

Mr. Moseley talked to the school master and admitted that he may have missed his vocation but Daisy did not have to.

downton_season_6_ep3BCGrab One More Kleenex

Carson gave a beautiful speech to his new wife saying:

“I will not be prolix, but it must be right that I mark that I am the happiest and luckiest of men. That a woman of such grace and charm would entrust her life’s happiness to my unworthy charge passeth all understanding.”

Here, here! Everyone toasted the happy couple including our long lost and beloved Tom. I was completely surprised to see him walk through the door, thinking he would not return until the Christmas special. He explained that he needed to go all the way to Boston to learn that Downton was his true home and they were his family.

The closing scene was of the adorable and impeccably dressed little cousins hugging one another. Sigh.


Random Thoughts

  • Why do I so little patience with Daisy and her outbursts and assumptions?
  • I assumed in the last episode that Mr. Mason would take over Yew Tree Farm once the Drewes leave but it looks like that may not be the case, at least for the moment.
  • It was sweet seeing Mrs. Hughes and Carson blush as they discussed how they would avoid each other that evening so as not to see one another before the wedding.
  • What’s the “little bit of indigestion” Robert had? Seemed too random not to mean something.
  • Is it too late for Moseley to find his calling as a teacher?
  • When are Moseley and Baxter going to get cozy with each other? I really liked them as a couple.



Best Quotes

Violet: “I know several couples who are perfectly happy. Haven’t spoken in years.”


Violet: “I have a feeling Cora and I will be saying ‘hello’ rather less than ‘en garde!’ in the next few weeks.”


Violet (Speaking about Spratt): “I know nothing of Spratt’s friends. He has a great many relations who seem to get married and buried with numbing regularity. Usually on very inconvenient days.”


Isobel: “Does cousin Violet know I am here this evening?

Cora: “Not unless you told her.”

Isobel: “I don’t want her to think I am plotting against her.”

Robert: “Aren’t you?”

Isobel: “Yes, but I don’t want her to know.”


Violet: “Well, in my experience, second thoughts are vastly overrated.”


Violet: “A peer in favor of reform is like a turkey in favor or Christmas.”


What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene or line?

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TV Talk: Downton Abbey Recap: Season 6, Episode 1

I was debating whether or not to bother doing another season of Downton recaps but once I saw the show I couldn’t help but share a few things (at least so my mom and I can chat about it.) 😉

As usual, I am not doing a word for word recount of what happened because first, I am short on time and second there are many, many others recappers out there that handle the job much better than I could. Instead, here are my thoughts about last night’s episodes and my favorite quotes. The usual SPOILER ALERT for anyone that has not watched Season 6, Episode 1 yet.

logo_downton_season_6W_Okay, let me start off by saying that I love Downton, truly I do. And I loved watching last night’s episode but there was a bit of “been there done that” in the episode. It makes me a little glad that the season will be ending since you can only stretch these story lines out for so long and I want them to go out on a high note.

downton_season_6_ep_2A  Photo Credit:

Mary and the Blackmailer

This is not the first time a blackmailer has reared his or her ugly head in general, with Mary in particular. We get our first glimpse at our culprit the first few minutes of the episode. Immediately, our Downton sensors started blaring that this person was no good and the smirk she wore as Lady Mary fell off her horse confirmed it. Later, we found out that Miss Rita Bevan was one of the chambermaids  at the hotel where Mary was illicitly staying with Tony Gillingham. (You know, the episode, where we lost all respect for him as a strong and worthy gentleman.)

Miss Bevan had proof of Mary’s tryst and threatened to expose her if she did not pay 1000 pounds. Now, Mary is not my favorite character (except when she was with Matthew, who brought the best out of her) but I was pleased that she stood up for herself against this nasty piece of work, particularly after she lied and barged her way into Lady Mary’s bedroom. In the end, Miss Beven brought her blackmail to Robert and he cleverly counter blackmailed by giving her a mere 50 pounds in exchange for a signed confession of her crime. If she should publish her story or even show her face there again, Robert would prosecute her.

I suppose this was just the writer’s round about way of getting Robert to see Mary as a capable woman who could manage the estate, although I am not exactly sure how this situation revealed that, but it was heartwarming to see the momentary tearing up of Mary at the news that her father believed in her. I guess it made it all worth it. Plus, the matter was handled quickly and the story didn’t drag on.

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Speaking of stories that drag on way past their expiration date, we finally reached a conclusion to the Anna, Bates, murder of Mr. Green saga. The whole reasoning seemed rather forced and convoluted but in the end an unknown woman confessed to arguing with Green and pushing him to his death. Was she a stranger? Was she another of his victims (my suspicion)? We may never know but whatever the case, that ongoing drama is finally over!! Yay!

But alas, don’t think for a minute that Julian Fellowes will allow our beloved couple to now experience a moment of happiness. Oh, noooo. I’m beginning to suspect he shared my youthful love of The Smiths because melancholy seems to be the theme these last few season. Anna is still in constant emotional pain and tears, this time because she has suffered yet another miscarriage and faces possible infertility. Seriously? They cannot even give the poor girl a moment of peace? The only silver lining was when Anna said things like “I’ve let you down” we got to hear saintly Mr. Bates utter words such as, “There are no words less true than those. You could never let me down…”

Well, maybe now that the extreme stress of possibly being sent to jail has been removed and the advancement of science will improve her chances of conceiving. Either that or they come across the sweetest orphan child that longs for a loving mother and father. I’d be happy with either scenario. Please, please, please let me get what I want this time…to see Anna smile and be happy before she is gone forever.

Okay, that is enough about the nit-picking. Now onto the bits of the episode that were priceless.

 downton_season_6_ep_5A Photo Credit:

Denker vs Pratt

Why is there always people in life who are like the Dowager’s maid Denker. People with delusions of grandeur that delight in psychologically torturing others. When the Dowager confided in Denker that Downton may have to let some of the staff go, she asked Denker to keep it to herself. Well, that is like asking a child not to touch the chocolate cake sitting before them. The temptation was too great. She was soon at Downtown harassing the servants about the situation. Next on her list was her archenemy Pratt, aka, Mr -I-always-look-like-I’m-smelling-a-rotten-egg. She was all too eager to let him know that he would soon be out of a job. However, Pratt got the last laugh when the Dowager “accidentally” says to Denker, “You are a wonder, Denker. I shall miss you.” She went on to let Denker believe that she would be the one fired if it came down to it. That shut Denker up immediately. Long live Grandmama’s iron fist.

downton_season_6_ep_4APhoto Credit:

Let’s (Not) Talk about Sex

We left last season with Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes engaged to be married. Fast forward a few months and Mrs. Hughes has had the opportunity to think about what her marriage would entail – namely, intimacy with her husband. It was rather humorous watching Mrs. Hughes and gal pal Mrs. Patmore tiptoe around the subject of sex without actually saying the word. But that wasn’t half as amusing as watching poor Mrs. Patmore try to bring up the subject with Mr. Carson… Mr. Carson. She is one of my favorite characters and I felt for her as she painfully (and hilariously) tried to ask Mr. Carson if he anticipated Mrs. Hughes to perform her “wifely duties” after they were married. Finally, he got the gist of the conversation and became equally embarrassed over the situation. But in true Carson manner, he eventually rose above the occasion with his dignity intact and sensitively said, “In my eyes she is beautiful. You say she asks if I want a full marriage. And the answer is, yes, I do. I want a real marriage. A true marriage with everything that that involves. And I hope I do not ask the indelicate when I send you back to relay this message….I love her Mrs. Patmore. I am happy and ticked and bursting with pride that she would agree to be my wife, and I want us to live as closely as two people can for the time that remains to us on earth.” Wow, Mr. Carson just made women across American swoon.

When Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson finally came together to discuss the situation, Mr. Carson assumed that Mrs. Hughes want to call off the engagement. She was honest with him about her fear of disappointing him but he reassured her and gave her one of the most heart felt kisses we’ve witnessed at Downton. So incredibly sweet.

Random Thoughts

  • There is a storyline about the running of the local hospital. I’m sure it will grew in importance but at the moment I just enjoy watching Isobel and the Dowager spar with one another as they sit at opposite ends of the argument.
  • Cora is not going to sit quietly as Isobel and Violet duke it out over the hospital. I believe she will have her say in the fight eventually.
  • I loved Mary’s last minute hairstyle after she had to unexpectedly wash it. It still makes me laugh how the maid would dress you and do your hair. Although if I could afford such a maid, I’d surely have someone magically tame the mop on my head. 😉
  • Branson is in Boston and little Sibby is attending school where, it is noted with slight disdain, she is most likely speaking with an American accent. (Well, I must admit that a British accent does sound far superior to an American one. 😉
  • Rose and her hubby are having fun in New York.
  • Robert and Carson continue to lament the end of the good old days. Does it seem that Robert is drinking much more these days?
  • Daisy went toe to toe with the new owners of the Mallerton estate but frankly, all I could do was insist to Brian that the actor that played Sir John Darnley was Mr. Wickham from the 1995 Pride and Prejudice. What did people do before they had google at their finger tips to solve such quandaries?? 🙂
  • Thomas has been softened, not playing any evil tricks this episode. He appears quite the opposite, playfully giving George a piggy back ride. It was rather sweet. Let’s see if that changes.
  • I love the scene of Cora and Robert in the kitchen eating cold chicken out of the fridge as the servants drank the very good Veuve Cliquot from the very cool part of the cellar. It was a definite “sign of the times.” Also, wasn’t it a little odd that Robert apologized to Carson for being in a kitchen that was in his home?
  • Edith is still a little Eeyore-ish and  uncertain about her future, but at least she has her beautiful (if unacknowledged) daughter with her and she is looking lovely in her outfits!

downton_season_6_ep_1APhoto Credit:

Fave Quotes

  • Mrs.  Hughes: I am not sure I can let him (Carson) see me as I am now.”
  • Mrs. Patmore: “Perhaps you can keep the lights off.”
  • Pratt: “I just hope you will be kind enough to give me sufficient warning.”
  • The Dowager: (Dumbfounded.) “I’m sorry, what?”
  • Pratt: “So I may find myself alternative employment before I am cast out.”
  • The Dowager: “Oh, Spratt You’ve clearly had a bad dream and are confusing it with reality.”
  • Pratt: “Your ladyship’s humor is always a tonic but it is a matter of some importance to me.”
  • The Dowager: “If you were talking in Urdu I couldn’t understand you less.”


  • Mrs. Patmore: “Well, you’ve got a nerve. Mr. Carson won’t like that.”
  • Daisy: “Well, even Mr. Carson can’t always have his own way.”
  • Mrs. Patmore: “Ooohooh!


  • Lady Mary (to Robert): “I’m impressed. My darling Papa transformed into Machiavelli at a touch . Will wonders never cease?”


  • Violet (to Isobel): “Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?”


  • Mrs. Hughes: (Speaking of Ms Patmore’s conversation with Mr. Carson) “He avoided vulgarity then?”
  • Mrs. Patmore: “Vulgarity? Mr. Carson wouldn’t be vulgar if you put him on a seaside postcard.”

Fun Links to Enjoy

  • Real World Downton Abbey by – This is pure eye candy for Downton lovers. From the oldest to the youngest actors – they all look gorgeous! I am a happily married woman but if I was single (and 20 years younger) I’d have my bedroom walls plastered with photos from this post. 😉
  • Downton Abbey With American Accents is Absolutely Hysterical by (Mary doing uptalk is hilarious.)

Okay, your turn! Thoughts? Favorite scenes? Favorite quotes? Do share!

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TV Talk: Downton Abbey, Season 5, Finale Recap

I’m sorry this recap is so late but I have been swamped with family and school activities and have not had a moment to myself to unwind with my fingers flying across the keyboard…and then going back and correct all the typos. 😉

Well, what did you think? Did you enjoy the finale?? I did, very much. Although I do have to admit that the first hour of it I was a little miffed with all the cantankerous characters. I didn’t know who was going to send me to the confession box sooner – Lord Sinderby, Princess K or Mr. Stowell. Egads, what a trio! However, many of the dangling story lines were neatly tied up and numerous love connections made.

downton_season_5_9aeBefore I get into the story lines, I have to say that I was mesmerized by the gorgeous scenery! The one scene where Violet and Isobel were in the garden and the camera pans over all the wildflowers first left me breathless. So much beauty!! Love it! But back to the show…

downton_season_5_9bPhoto Credit: ITV

Lord Sinderby and Rachel invited the Crawleys to visit them at the Brancaster Castle. (The filming took place at the Alnwick Castle. If you are a Harry Potter fan you’ll recognize it as Hogarts from the first two HP movies.) Sinderby brought his own butler Stowell and, boy, is that guy a piece of work! (The actor also played the inspector in Bleak House, another fave show.) Stowell made Spratt look like a peace loving hippy. He is rude and condescending, particularly towards Thomas and Tom. Of course I love Tom and hated seeing him treated so badly but it upset me just as much to see Thomas brought low. I mean it’s one thing for Thomas to be brought down a peg from the fellows at Downton because it’s family. But when an outsider starts picking on one of our guys, well those are fighting words. No one messes with family.

In the end, Mary basically ordered Thomas to get even with Stowell so he concocted a scheme to get Stowell in trouble with Sinderby. However, it backfired and Thomas was humiliated in front of everyone when Sinderby called him a fool. Thomas turned his sights on getting back at Sinderby next. He cajoles Stowell, who has been drinking too much, to spill Sinderby’s secrets. Well, he find out a whopper. During one of the dinners, a woman named Diana Clark and her little boy arrived unexpectedly. Sinderby nearly had a heart attack when he saw them because he’s the baby daddy.

Rose saw how upset Sinderby was and she ingeniously pretended that the woman was her old friend coming for a visit. She pulled Mary and Robert into the charade and Robert’s response pretty much summed up the whole situation, “Oh, crikey!” Luckily the day was saved and Atticus and his mom were spared any embarrassment. A thoroughly humbled Lord Sinderby thanked them and make amends for his harsh and intolerant behavior. Stowell was also feeling remorseful at the thought of Sinderby finding out he was the one who spilled the secret. Rose promised to keep quiet if he started being kind to Tom. Everyone leaned their lesson. For now.

downton5_9dPhoto Credit:

The shooting party introduced a couple of new men into the Downton world. Mary was paired up with a friend of a friend Henry Talbot. (Every time I see him though I can only think of him as Wickam from Death at Pemberley.) He is good looking and clever, as he saw straight through the Sinderby/love child charade. Although he seemed into Mary he had just enough disinterest to attract her attention. However, I don’t think it was until he leaped into his “snappy chariot” and sped off that she felt her ice queen heart melt a bit. 😉 (Although I admit that the sight of the car speeding down the road was giving me Matthew flashbacks!)

downton5_9ePhoto Credit: ITV

Oh, Edith. How many times we have lamented her bad luck or poor choices but today we relish her happiness! Marigold has filled Edith’s life with joy and laughter. The fact that she has been accepted by her father and Tom, despite her circumstances has lifted her spirits tremendously. She also seemed to have a lovely time with the agent Mr. Pelham. He is not as dashing at Henry Talbot and Atticus admits that they all “feel a little sorry for him.” Frankly, he sounds like a guy version of Edith. 😉 It’ll be interesting to see if he shows up again next season.

 downton5_9fPhoto Credit – ITV

Meanwhile, Our Queen of Quips, Violet, was spewing out the one liners faster than I could write them in my notes! Plus, we finally got to meet the infamous Princess K. I’ll admit that during the last episode I started suspecting that something was amiss with Prince K because he kept insisting that he and Violet run away together. As desirable as Granny may be, I thought he may be a gold digger or something. However, now that I’ve met his wife I can see why he’s trying to ditch her. (I don’t condone it but I understand it.) She wasn’t exactly a Suzy Sunshine. No matter how Violet tried to help or whenever any positive remark that was made, she zapped it down with a negative remark. Finally she excused herself for the night and Prince K made one last ditch effort to lure Violet. (Maybe he would have had a chance had he cut his hair. Despite being a handsome man and being dressed up, he still managed to look somewhat greasy.)

Violet turned him down but we did learn the story behind their love affair. Picture Violet as young woman, perhaps like Mary full of spirit and spite. She fell madly in love with Prince K and she abandoned her husband and two children to run away with him. The Princess found out their scheme and was in hot pursuit of them. She caught up to them and literally pulled Violet out of the carriage with her husband and threw her into the another carriage to take her back  home. Since then, Violet has (perhaps begrudgingly) credited the Princess with saving her marriage and her life as she knows it. Although, it seemed that Violet’s heart did hurt at having to turn the Prince away a second time in her life.

Speaking of heartbreak, Isobel was also unlucky in love. She tried one last ditch effort to get Lord Merton’s son Larry on board for the marriage. He wrote Isobel a letter that basically said he would when hell freezes over. Not willing to marry into a family that does not want her, Isobel decided to break it off with Lord Merton. I really did feel bad to him. I have grown very fond of him and would have liked to them happy together. In the end Violet pointed out that the Doc would be happy to find out they aren’t getting married. Hearing Granny’s gleeful giggle at the joke made me laugh out loud.

downton5_9gPhoto credit – ITV

I will spend as little time as possible on this storyline since it only causes me to get upset when I think about how this whole thing has dragged on tediously and taken turn and leaps that make absolutely no sense, even for a soap opera. In a nutshell, Anna is still in jail. Mary visited. Granny said a hilarious zinger about Mary visiting. “New evidence” cropped up against Anna. We learned that when she was young, her step-father molested her. In defense, she cut him with a knife. Therefore, it will be argued that it is in Anna’s nature to kill a man. Anna’s lawyer is useless. My brain exploded over all this. Bates decided to sacrifice himself. He confessed to the murder and fled to Ireland. Anna is released. Moseley decided to help prove Bates is innocent by finding the pub he visited. I scratched my head over this because even if he is proven innocent, wouldn’t Anna just go back to jail? Mr. Murray, the lawyer, summed it up best, “It is a very frustrating situation.”

However, my concern is alleviated by the fact that Baxter paired up with Moseley to help him on his mission. I danced a little jig. Moseley and Baxter are successful. They found the pub. Bates is proven innocent. Anna is allowed to stay home for now. The witness was confused once again. Maybe it wasn’t a burly man with or a petite woman but actually a zombie ghost. My eyes roll. Anna stood teary eyed during the Christmas festivities. Bates sneaks up on her and wishes her a Happy Christmas. They move into another room and kissed. The door mysteriously closed behind them. Most likely, the work of the zombie ghost. I try to be happy and swoon over their reunion. I can’t, not until this whole ordeal is behind them. Boo.

downton5_9hPhoto Credit – ITV

Well, whatever ill feelings that may have left in me, they were long forgotten when I think of the love birds Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes spend their free time looking at prospective properties for them to purchase together. When Carson make a decision about one Mrs. Hughes finally explained to him why she could not partner with him. She has a sister that is mentally unstable and since her mother died, Mrs. Hughes has been paying for her care. She has no money for retirement, and in honesty, she never can retire. I believe this news spurs the smitten Carson to finally act upon his feelings towards Mrs. Hughes. He confesses his love for Mrs. Hughes and asked her to marry him. Brian just shook his head as I was AWWWW-ing all over the place but it was so sweet. There may not have been a kiss shared but the look on Carson’s face was priceless. Now if we can just get Baxter and Moseley walking down the aisle, we’ll be set. 🙂

The final Christmas Eve scene was filled with sweetness and a touch of humor as Robert had more than just a nip of sherry. It was a wonderful way to end a great Season 5 of Downton.


Favorite Quotes (There were lots!)

Violet (Regarding Mary visiting Anna in jail): “Did she take a cake with a file in it?”
Robert: “I don’t know why you are making such a fuss, Mama. You’d visit Denker if she were locked up.”
Violet: “Only to check if the locks were sound.”

Violet: “Oh, you know me. Never complain. Never explain.”
Edith: “You don’t usually have much trouble complaining.”

Bates: “I’d cut my arm off if I thought it would do any good.”
Thomas: “Oh, I don’t think that would be sensible, Mr. Bates. We can’t have you wobbly at both ends.”

Violet: “Why do you always talk to me as if I were a salmon who laid my eggs in the gravel and then swam back to the sea.”
Mary: “You are very maternal, aren’t you, Granny. If it suits you.”

Violet: “Lord Sinderby, Branson, and Barrow. Now what I’d call a recipe for a peaceful week’s shooting.”
Isobel: “It makes you wonder what they’ll be shooting at by the end of it.”

Mrs. Patmore (to Daisy): “Oh, dear. We’re not having another crisis, are we?” (Amen! Get on with it, Daisy.)

Violet: “I’ve asked Lord Merton. He can talk to the Princess. They can discuss syringes and stitches and things.”
Isobel: “What fun you make it sound.”

Violet: “The presence of strangers is our only guarantee of good behavior.”

Prince K: “Nothing is more tedious than other people’s misfortunes.”

Lord Merton: “Well, if you are going to be miserable, you might as well do it in charming surroundings.”

Violet: “I will never again receive an immoral proposition from a man. Was I so wrong to savor it?”

Violet: “There is point, Spratt, when malice ceases to be amusing.”

Mr. Carson: “Do your ears have wireless aerials, Mr. Barrow?”

Cora: “Please be careful if you decide to drink on Christmas Eve. You’ll get plastered on a sniff of sherry.”
Robert: “Paradise.”

Robert (to Cora): “There is not now, nor ever will be, anything you have spoiled for me.”

Tom (to Robert): “I love the way you love her.”

Isobel: “And you never strayed again?”
Violet: “I’ve never risked everything again.”
Cora: “That’s not quite what I asked.
Violet: “That’s all the answer you’ll get. Remember, we were the Edwardians.”

Mrs. Hughes: “Who knows what the future may hold or how much longer we’ll even be here. Suppose yu want to move away and change your life entirely. You don’t want to be stuck with me.
Mr. Carson: “But that’s the point.
Mrs. H: “What is?”
Mr. C: “I do want to be stuck with you.”
Mrs. H: “I’m not convinced I can be hearing this right.”
Mr. C: “You are if you think I’m asking you to marry me. Well?”
Mrs. H: “Well, you could knock me down with a feather.”
Mr. C: “Are you not offended.”
Mrs. H: “Mr. Carson, I can assure you the very last think in the world that I am in this moment is offended.”
Mr. C: “You can take as long as you’d like. I won’t press you. Because one thing I do know: I’m not marrying anyone else.
Mrs. H: (handing him the glass of spirits): “Well then…”
Mr. C: “What exactly are we celebrating?
Mrs. H: “We’re celbrating the fact that I cna still get a proposal at my age.
Mr. C: “And that’s it?”
Mrs. H: “Of course I’ll marry you, you old booby. I thought you’d never ask.”

Okay, now tell me what you thought? Favorite scenes? Lines?  Do you think we’ll see more of Henry Talbot and Mr. Pelham? Will Daisy find love with Andy? (Did you see the way she giggled when he looked at her?) Will Mosley and Baxter get together? What are your predictions for next year? Do tell. 🙂

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TV Talk: Downton Abbey, Season 5: Episode 7 Recap

downton5_7aPhoto Credit: Nick Briggs/Carnival Films 2014 for MASTERPIECE

I had mixed feelings about this episode. It had some sweet moments and there were parts that left me dissatisfied. Sometimes the pace of the show bothers me. On the one hand they drag on story lines until they are dead in the water. At other times, they rush through one scene to the next before we can digest it or they skip over an entire scene (Edith being told about Gregson or Cora being told about Marigold) and instead just show the aftermath. It’s weird. Anyway, here we go.

The Fizzling Love Story

Mary’s storyline was definitely in the dissatisfied column. Gillingham was still holding onto Mary even though Mary, Mabel and Blake all wished he’d get over it.  At this point in time, I’m over this whole storyline. Mary has been unbearable with her witchy attitude (if my mom wasn’t reading this I’d have typed a different word.) Frankly, I want neither Blake nor Gilligham to go with her. I’ve become disenchanted with Gillingham after he talked Mary into his little hook-up holiday and Blake has lost some of the charm he had last season. Finally after all this back and forth between suitors, the way everything was resolved was by Blake purposely kissing Mary in front of Gillingham. The whole scene seemed rushed and anti-climatic. Yawn. I was not impressed. The only awesome scene with Mary was when Granny told her, “A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.” Best line of the season.

If Downton Where a Zombie Apocalypse

There were a number of tender moments between Anna and Bates discussing their future and sharing loving looks, which is almost a guarantee that something bad is about to happen to them. (If you are also a Walking Dead fan, you know it’s similar to the character that gets a lot of sympathetic screen time. He or she is usually the next one on the zombie menu.) Anyway, I do hope Anna and Bates find the truth about why Dexter had to talk to the police. I don’t want them to feel like she was purposely trying to cause problems for them.

Mama’s Taking Charge

I am a little disappointed that we did not get to see the scene when Cora found out about Marigold, instead we just saw the aftermath. However, I am so pleased how Cora took charge of the situation. Once she found out that Granny and Rosamond kept the truth from her she was determined to find Edith and Marigold. Since Rose confided in Attcus about Edith, he suggested that they contact Gregson’s office in London. (Did no one else seriously think of that?) They went to the office and found Edith working there. They persuaded her to partake in a rather fantastic scheme to adopt Marigold from the Drewes.

They headed back to Downton and planned for Mr. Drewe to meet them at the train station. Unfortunately Mary and Anna are also at the station. They got off the train and Drewe went to the next station alone with Marigold. (For one brief moment I feared Marigold leaving alone with Drewe.) But it all worked out except for the fact that Anna saw Mr. Drewe with Marigold. She later tells Mrs. Hughes about it, which is a little of character for Anna who knows how to keep a secret. I am supposing it is because they found the photo of the baby under Edith’s pillow on the night of the fire. Maybe she is putting two and two together.

Edith does confront the family with the prospect of her raising Marigold at Downton. No one could understand why and I am sure Robert would have refused had he not been so upset over Isis’ illness. However, he let Cora decide, which settled it. On a side note, I am not a pet person so maybe I don’t have enough animal compassion but it bugged me that Robert showed more love and tenderness to Isis than his own children.

And You Thought Bunting Was Bad

Isobel and Lord Merton seemed genuinely happy with their decision to marry, that is until Isobel meet Lord Merton’s sons. The eldest, Larry, made Miss Bunting look like Miss Manners. In an earlier season, when Sybil was still alive, he insulted Tom and caused a scene. He picked up where he left off tonight by calling Marigold an uncomfortable piece of baggage, calling deceased Matthew a fairly odd cousin, and saying that Isobel was a lower class woman of neither birth nor fortune that she would be an inevitable failure. After a few more jabs about chauffeurs and Jews, Lord Merton threw him out. My heart broke her Isobel who was left speechless by his cruelty. Whether or not Isobel will goes through with the marriage, is unknown.

On a happier note, Rose and Atticus become engaged.


Random Thoughts

  • I love the sweet exchanges that Tom and Robert have been sharing. They differ in their thinking but they have mutual respect for one another.
  • It was touching to see Granny open up about Isobel. Her reluctance to her marrying Lord Merton was not due to her change in rank but because she would miss her as a companion.
  • Sybbie is such a cutie. Will Tom actually leave for America? I love you, Tom, but just make a decision already! Every time you come on screen I hear the Clash song in my head, “Should I stay or should I go now?” Just stay.
  • Spratt is priceless.
  • Didn’t the Daisy, Mosley, Baxter, Dixon storyline seem a little odd? I’m being such a Debbie Downer with this episode. I need some sleep.


Favorite Quotes

Violet: “He’s a man. Men have no rights.”

Bates to Anna: “Whenever I see a problem, you see only possibilities.” (That’s something I could say to Brian.) 😉

Violet to Mary: “A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.”

Spratt: “I’d say she [Denker] takes after the dachshund, m’lady.
Mary: “In what way.”
Spratt: “She’s quite untrainable.”

Violet: “Typical Spratt. He’s as touchy as a beauty losing her looks.”

Baxter: “I like when good things come from bad.”

Okay, now tell me your thoughts about the show! Favorite scene? Favorite quote? Predictions? Do tell. 🙂

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