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How I Use My Bullet Journal – Spring 2016 Update - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_logo_spring_updateIn December, I posted about my switch to a bullet journal and the stats to this little blog went through the roof thanks to that one post. There are a lot of you that are switching to a bujo (bullet journal’s nickname) or are just curious about how others set up theirs. I know I am! I love scrolling though IG and seeing all your pages! They inspire me. 🙂

I thought I would do an updated post since I started a new notebook for 2016. I was going to  use the same one since it wasn’t finished but I couldn’t resist a fresh start with a new year.

Before I dive into sharing my set up, please keep a few things in mind.

Stop Apologizing

It’s okay not to decorate. I don’t know how many times I have heard “I want to use a bullet journal but I am not creative” or “I use a bullet journal but it is very plain.” Stop apologizing for that! It’s fine! Plain can be beautiful. The original bullet journal is not decorated at all. I consider mine more of a bujo hybrid – taking the main aspects of a bullet journal and creatively making it my own. The main thing to consider – is it functional?? If you are stressing out over how to decorate it, then DON’T. Keep it simple!!

If It Depresses You, Look Away

Along that same line, if looking at all the artistic bullet journals on Pinterest is depressing you because you can’t draw a straight line, let alone a stick figure, then stop looking! It’s like a couple years back when I was browsing through some mom blogs and it was depressing because these moms looked like models, their saintly kids in hand stitched clothes (who didn’t know what dirt was) were gleefully helping mom in their garden so she could whip up an organic meal after homeschooling them all. Meanwhile I was sitting in front of the computer with sweats and a stained shirt, a garden of dead plants, crayon marks on the walls, pants that were hemmed with iron-on tape, pizza guy on speed dial and my kid just walked by and wiped his runny nose on my pant like I was a human tissue. I finally had to step away from those blogs and accept the fact that wasn’t me.

Eventually, I got my act a little more together and improved in many areas (even if I still can’t sew) and I’ve accepted that I have my weaknesses but I also have my talents too. I still  drool over some of the artwork and hand lettering I see on IG but I don’t despair. Instead, I get inspired. I do what I know, practice what I don’t and keep moving forward. So if looking at all the pretty depresses you, stop looking. - Word of 2016: Balanced // goals_jan_feb_2016BIt’s More than Pens and Washi

And on the opposite end, if drawing or decorating come easy to you, go for it! Just make sure you are using the journal and not just wasting all your time making it pretty. (She said to herself.) 😉

You’re Gonna Mess Up

Your bullet journal will never be “perfect.” It is like nails on a chalkboard to me, but I have to accept that I mess up. My journal has mistakes. Or I wish I arranged it a little differently. But I’ll live and it still works.

Brainstorm First

If you are starting a new journal (or even a new month), I recommend sitting down and brain storming about what you’d like to have in your planner. Will you have lists? Trackers? Goals? Logs? Then decide how you’d like to arrange the pages – lists first? Or at the end? Or just add them as you go long?  Get a general idea but don’t overthink it. Next just jump in and give it a try. You will learn what works great and what was a waste of time. The next month, adjust accordingly.

So in a nutshell:

Brainstorm first. Start simple. Learn as you go. Accept your abilities. Embrace imperfection.Have fun getting things done.

* * * * *

Okay, now for the tour.

I started a new book in January. I use a Leuchtturm 1917, which already has an index and numbered pages.

Opening Overview - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_index_marchIndex/ Table of Contents - How I Use My Bullet Journal (planner_bujo_2)Legend / Key - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_six_month_mar6 Month Overview - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_goals_2_march2 Month Interval

I break my yearly goals into smaller bi-monthly goals. So for March/April I decide what I wanted to work on and what projects I wanted to get done. That info is kept in this section. - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_proj_1_marchOne of my March projects.

Monthly Section

bujo_jan_febMonth cover pages for January and February. This is where I get to practice new designs. It’s not exactly what I had in my head but it’ll do. - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_title_marchI was actually pleased with this one. I feel like my doodling is slowly getting better.

Monthly Challenges – In this section I add the challenges I want to participate in. - bujo_doodles_janIn January I did the #ptldoodle challenge. I skipped it in February but am doing it again in March.

bujo_incowrimoIn February I did the #InCoWriMo Letter Writing Challenge - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_challenge_march2Some of the monthly challenges I’m doing in March – #planwithmechallenge, #rockyourhandwriting, #listersgottalist and #holylens. Sometimes I’ll skip days or I’ll do 4 days at once to catch up but it is still a fun activity.


Monthly Trackers

bujo_jan_trackerJanuary Goal Tracker

In January, I made a cute tracker will color codes. It was fun at first but it got too complicated to implement it each night.  In February I skipped it all together. But I missed being able to look back and see how I progressed. - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_goals_marchI brought it back in March but did a modified version without the color codes and all the drawn lines. It’s less pretty but pretty is useless if it doesn’t work. This way, in less than a minute, I can review and mark it off at night. Although, I think next month I’ll just put an X instead of coloring in the box. - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_fitbit_marchFitbit Tracker - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_blog_marchBlogging Tracker

I write upcoming posts in pencil and once it is posted, I write the post in pen. - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_gratitude_febGratitude Log for January - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_gratitude_marchGratitude Log for March

No matter how tough a day I am having, I write down two things I am especially thankful for that day. It helps me stay positive and grateful for my blessings. - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_spend_log_marSpending Log

Current Month Calendar and Dailies - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_month_marchI don’t like the vertical monthly list normally used in a bullet journal. My eyes and brain need to see a traditional monthly calendar to process quickly so I improvised. - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_week_marchMy New Weekly Layout

I tried a new layout I for the first time this week. It is a weekly spread. I wanted an overview to see what my weekly appointments looked like. I added my menu, prayer intentions, blog ideas to work on and a section for my weekly brain dump. If I find that I need more room for the brain dump, I’ll delete the blog section next time.

bujo_braindumpOn Sunday evenings I usually do a weekly brain dump. I jot down everything that has been floating around in my head. Once that is done I go over the list and assign specific days to do that item. Some tasks don’t need to be done on a specific day so I add an arrow and fit them in on days when I have a little more free time to tackle them.

Sample Dailies

bujo_memory_2WMy daily sheets are fairly simple but it works well for me. I have my tasks on top. Schedule to the right. Sometimes I’ll take a full page for a day. Sometimes I will fit two days.

bujo_page_3WWhen I’ve been sick, haven’t been able to journal or for the weekend, I’ll often just lump the days together and make note of anything important.

bujo_memory_2Since the weekends are mostly for family time I’ll sometimes record memories or funny things the kids say.

bujo_memory_1WjpgOr I’ll add the memory to the bottom of my daily page.

Future Planning - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_15The one thing I missed about a traditional planner was having calendars of the entire year to keep track of future events and appointments. To make up for this, I made simple calendars that I cut out and washi taped to the last pages of my BuJo. As the months pass I can remove the paper calendar easily with the washi and still use the blank page for writing.

If you’d like to print out a PDF copy of the calendar, I placed them in a file on Google Drive. Enjoy.

2016 Master Bujo

Another thing I set up differently this month is that I decided to keep a separate bujo for year long lists and logs. It is my 2016 Master Bujo. In it I keep master lists such as these. - How I Use My Bullet Journal (goals_nov_dec_1)2016 Yearly Goals - Bullet Journal Spring Update /bujo_book_idea_marBooks to Read - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_book_log_marLog of Books I Read - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_movie_list_marMovies to Watch - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_movie_log_marLog of Movies Watched (I will go back and rate the movies with stars.) - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_tv_marchTV Shows to Check-out - Bullet Journal Spring Update //bujo_words_1Words to Ponder (Favorite Quotes) - The Joy of Letter Writing - pen_pal_listPen Pal Info

bujo_master_blogA master blog list with all my posts of 2016.

I also have a section with important notes/ info that I will need later that I want in a central location. There are more lists coming (including medical stuff, car maintenance, local places to visit) but this is what I have so far. - Bullet Journal Spring Update /bujo_collage_spring_review

* * * * *

For more inspiration and ideas about bullet journaling, check out Tina’s Bullet Journal Pals page. She also does monthly list of bullet journal related links. Here is the Feb 2016 List.

I also started a separate IG account for bullet journaling, monthly challenges, snail mail, etc. Find me @bobbis_bujo.

Next week (or the week after, depending on life) I’ll do a follow up post about my favorite bullet journal accessories – pens, pen holders, washi, tabs for dividing sections, etc.

How about you? Do you use a bullet journal? What is your favorite layout or list? Or your best piece of bullet journaling advice? Do share. 🙂 - Making A Reading Bullet Journal - reading_journal_1







UPDATE – Since I’ve been reading so much lately, I started a separate Reading Journal.

To read other planner posts, visit here.

Blessings to you!

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How I Use My Bullet Journal - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_logo

In my post with tips on choosing the right planner, I mentioned that I switched to a bullet journal. Here’s the story of why.

At the beginning of October I did a my big yearly post about my Erin Condren planner. I loved it! However, I was also taking Mystie Winckler’s course  Work the Plan and in it she talked a lot about the bullet journal. The journal/ planner was created by Ryder Carroll as…

“A customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.”

Imagine it as a catch all for numerous post it, lists, notes and ideas floating around in your world.

It sounded intriguing so I watched Ryder’s video and visited his website

It was super impressive but I wasn’t convinced to switch. It sounded slightly complicated and it was so black and white… and plain. You know me, I need color and a little pizzazz in my planner or I lose interest.

It was back to my Erin Condren and Mystie’s course. I loved making goals and smaller workable tasks towards those goals but I realized the course was set up a heck of a lot like Ryder’s bullet journal. I started to see how the bullet journal could really work in my life right now. I also loved the idea of having everything in one place because it was bugging me that I had so many different notebooks, journals and pages of random notes that were all over. The appeal of having everything in one convenient spot was winning me over.

I started searching Pinterest for Bullet Journal inspiration and I realized that the BuJo (nickname for the bullet journal) doesn’t have to strictly follow the system that worked for Ryder. You can adapt it and make it your own. This was best exemplified by blogger Kara of Looking though her beautiful artistic pages, I realized that the BuJo could be a great source of life organization AND an expression of creativity. Frankly, she sold me. I decided to give the bullet journal a two month trial. From Nov 1 – Dec 31 I would use the bullet journal. If I liked it, it would be my 2016 system. If I didn’t like it, I would pull my EC planner back out.

Setting Up My Bullet Journal

A bullet journal can easily be done in an inexpensive notebook, although the most popular notebooks are either a Moleskin or Leuchtturm 1917.  Kara has a great comparison post about the Moleskine vs Leuchtturm. Although I have no idea how to pronounce it, The Leuchtturm was my choice for these reasons:

  • Hard colorful cover
  • Choice of lined, graphed or dotted pages
  • Acid-free paper that was slightly thicker than the Moleskin
  • Numbered pages (love that!)
  • 3 pages for an Index/ Table of Contents
  • An elastic closure
  • A book marker (some say 2 book markers but mine only has 1)

I love my Leuchtturm. - How I Use My Bullet Journal(planner_bujo_2)First I set up my legend or key. This is how I would label my daily tasks and notes. - How I Use My Bullet Journal (goals_nov_dec_1)Next I wrote out my yearly goals. - How I Use My Bullet Journal //planner_bujo_4My 6 month overview has upcoming dates. - How I Use My Bullet Journal (planner_bujo_3)Next is my two-month Interval page. This is where I break down my yearly goals into small bite size tasks I want to work on over the next two months.

During my Interval, I have 2-3 Projects I want to accomplish. Since it is the holiday season, my projects were things that would help me prepare for our annual Thanksgiving trip to visit family and Disneyland and to prepare for Advent and Christmas.


Monthly View

In the bullet journal the monthly view is supposed to look something like this: - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_11But I really don’t like the layout. My mind needs to see a traditional calendar in order to quickly process what is on the page. So I “cheated” and drew my own calendar. However, that is the beauty of the BuJo. It’s not really cheating because you can adapt it to suit your needs. - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_5November view.

Some one asked me what the “12.2.3” represents each weekday. It is simply the school pickup times for my kids. Between the four of them, they are on three different schedules. (I spend a lot of time driving back and forth.) 😉 - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_6December view.

Daily Pages/ Nightly Review

Some people like to do their planner review in the morning before the day starts. Since I’m not a morning person, all my energy in the morning is focused on simply getting myself out of bed, ready and my four kids fed and off to school by 7:40 AM. Yeah, a morning planner review if not happening. For me, an evening review after all the kids are tucked in bed and kissed good night, the dishes are done and the next day’s lunches are made…this is my me time to unwind.

RevolutionofLove,com - How I Set Up My BUllet Jourmal //(planner_16_o)I grab my cute little square tote (that I found at the Target dollar section for $3) and my LapDesk (similar to this one) and sit on the couch to start my evening ritual. - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_7For the last couple of months I’ve been trying to spend about 5-10 minutes in prayer and make an examination of conscience. I think about the things I want to improve and thank God for the blessings of the day, often adding 3 things I’m grateful for each night in my bullet journal.  (During Advent I have a separate prayer journal for my nightly exams and prayers of thanks. After Advent it will go back into my BuJo.) Ending the day with gratitude really helps me keep things in proper perspective.

Usually by now it is 9 PM and Brian joins me on the couch. He usually reads a little while I work on my planner then we relax to watch a favorite show.

I look over my bullet journal and review my day. I mark off what I have done and decide if the unfinished tasks should be moved to another day or deleted. I add any other notes of the day (such as online purchases). I also check the notes app on my iPhone for any notes I jotted down while on the run and transfer them to my planner.

On Mondays I have the week’s meals listed. If I don’t assign a day, I at least write six meals that I can make that week. - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_8I don’t usually have Tasks lists on the weekends since it is mostly family time. Instead I add notes about what we did or memories I want to remember.

Many evenings I also enjoy participating in the daily challenge. Saturday’s prompt was – What were your favorite Christmas gifts? I used to keep these lists in a traveler’s notebook but now they are kept here.

On Sunday evenings I do a weekly brain dump. I jot down everything that has been floating around in my head. Once that is done I go over the list and assign specific days to do that item. Some tasks don’t need to be done on a specific day so I add an arrow and fit them in on days when I have a little more free time to tackle them. - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_12Once I review my current day, I make the label for the upcoming day. I write the day’s schedule, household tasks if I’m going to be home that day and any blog tasks I need to work on. I also write any tasks from that week’s brain dump assigned to that day and any other things I need to do or remember. - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_9One of the great things about the bullet journal is it’s flexibility. Last week I was sick on Wednesday and Thursday and did not do an evening review. So Friday morning (after the kids were in school) I added the dates and noted that I was sick and anything else significant I wanted to remember, including a quote from my morning devotion. Some days take a full page and some days only 1/2. It doesn’t matter and I love that.

Other Random Pages

The bullet journal is the perfect spot to keep lists – books I wan to read, movies I want to see, recipes to try, blogs/websites to visit, local places I’d like to see during a staycation, etc. I also keep notes on podcasts or periscopes that are especially helpful. - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_10The BuJo also works well for keeping track of blog posts and keeping a list of blogging ideas. - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_13In December I decided to make a goal chart for my daily goals. I thought a nightly visual would help me to keep my goals in mind instead of getting lost in the shuffle of the day.

The things you can add to your bullet journal are endless!

Future Calendar - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_14The one thing I missed about my Erin Condren is having calendars of the entire year. I liked having visuals in a traditional calendar format of upcoming events. This was especially helpful at school meetings when we needed to quickly review over upcoming events. - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_15To make up for this, I made simple calendars that I cut out and washi taped to the last pages of my BuJo. As the months pass I can remove the paper calendar easily with the washi and still use the blank page for writing.

If you’d like to print out a PDF copy of the calendar, I placed them in a file on Google Drive. Enjoy. 🙂

Favorite Pens

Revolution of - How I Use My Bullet Journal (planner_16_r)Everyone has their favorite pens. The Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens are a favorite of mine but when I am using my bullet journal I really need the ability to erase.  I used to only use pencil in my planners until I found Pilot Frixion pens! At first I bought the smaller Pilot Frixion Colors Erasable Marker – 12 Color set because they were less expensive and I wasn’t sure if I would like them or not. I kept envisioning those erasable ball point pens that were popular when I was in grade school – the were smudgy and made a mess. However, these Frixion pens did not smudge at all. The only way they erases is with the special eraser at the top of the pen or you could purchase an extra eraser separately.

I loved the pens but I didn’t check the size and they wrote a little thick. (See sample 1.) I went back to Amazon and purchased the Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Ink Pens, 0.7mm, Assorted Colors, 24/Pack. Although it was more expensive I knew it would be worth it because they were exactly what I was looking for. (See sample 2.)

For on the go writing, I use the Pilot Frixion Ball Knock 4-Color Gel Ink Multi-Pen and hook onto the elastic band of m bullet journal.

UPDATE (12/22/15): I want to add a note about the Frixion Pens. One of the sweet ladies from the FB group Bullet Journal Junkies just warned me that the ink can disappear in extreme heat. (The heat caused by the friction of the eraser is what removes the ink.) Supposedly it can be brought back if placed in the freezer. Sooo while I still love my pens and it doesn’t get very hot where I live, I may or may not switch back to the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens. Sigh. #firstworldproblems

UPDATE: (1/10/16): I didn’t want to fill my instagram feed with bullet journal posts so I started a second IG account just for that. You can find me @bobbis_bujo.

* * *

Well, I think that is plenty to share for now. Hopefully it gave you an overview and maybe a little inspiration. 🙂 - How I Use My Bullet Journal // planner_bujo_pin

Do you use a bullet journal? What kind of things do you keep in it? Any tips for a newbie? 🙂

UPDATE – My new bullet journal post is here: How I Use My Bullet Journal – Spring 2016 Update - Bullet Journal Spring Update /bujo_collage_spring_reviewTo read other planner posts, visit here.

Blessings to you!

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Operation Clean and Organize: Organizing My Bathroom Shelves and Walls

Revolution of Love - Operation Clean & Organize(logo_oco_main_1)It has been a long time since I’ve done a Operation Clean and Organize post! As family and long time readers know, I am always on a quest to tame my mess. In 2012 I was working on a number of home improvement projects but in 2013 I got a little side tracked when Brian got cancer and our focus turned to survival and family time. Now things have eased up with Brian being healthy and the kids being a little older so I can go back to focusing on getting our house in order.

I have to admit that something is happening within in me. It used to be that I could turn a blind eye to the piles of junk and the crap shoved on shelves. I sort of zoned it out. But now, it’s bugging me. I mean, driving me nuts bugging me. I’m sick of the disorder and the interior chaos it is causing me. And I just want to purge and organize. I don’t know what it means. Maybe I am finally growing up. Maybe I am having some kind of spiritual epiphany. Maybe it’s a sign of an upcoming apocalypse and the end of the world as we know it. (Cue REM.)  Whatever, I just know I’ve got to seize the moment while it is still strong. 😉

Shortly before I cam became pregnant with Matthew, we were able to remodel our home to convert our garage into a third bedroom. It included a bathroom that I love. Unlike our other bathroom, it is fresh, bright and clean. Well, except for this narrow shelving section next to the tub. I use it to hold to towels, toiletries, hair accessories etc.

Revolution of Love - Organizing bathroom shelves - oco_bathroom_beforeHowever, over time it had become a catch-all of random junk. (Don’t ask me why there are tinker toys in there.)

I have been following Mystie Winkler over at Simplified Organization (more about that in a bit) and one of her mottoes is for everything to have a home. So I went through the piles of junk and got rid of trash, gave away what I no longer used and found a spot for what I did use. The results? Drum roll please…

Revolution of Love - Organizing the bathroom (oco_bathroom)The photos are not great because the lighting was bad but you get the idea. Order!

 Revolution of Love - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom2I used bins and containers I found at Target to hold my stuff. One has products, another hair accessories, blow dryer, etc.

Revolution of Love - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom3Confession time. Along with having hoarding tendencies I am also a sucker for a sale and clearance items. I may or may not have actually bought a cute baby item before I was even married because I knew one day I would use it for my own baby. (To my credit, years later I did use it for my child.) This wall organizer is one of those sale items that have been sitting in my closet forever.

Revolution of Love  - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom5I finally hung it and used it for my necklaces and bracelets. I added a couple of S-hooks to the very top to add a few more items.

revolution of love blog - ba_4_15In the 80’s, it was the style to wear hairbands with huge hair. I’ve sorta tamed the wild hair (no more hair sprayed mile-high bangs!) but I still love me a hair scarf whether it is out of style or not. I can’t follow trends. Mama ain’t got no time for that!

Revolution of Love  - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom4Now I keep my scarves here. This handy little holder was given to me as a gift from one of my coworkers. (Do I admit that it was from a job that I left 14 years ago, which mean this holder has been sitting in a closet for 14 years…no, I won’t admit it. That’s just plain creepy.)

Revolution of Love  - Organizing the bathroom - oco_bathroom6I am a sucker for colorful paper beads bracelets. These have been made by women in Africa trying to better their lives and their family’s life. Some of these I have bought at Costco during their fair trade product fairs and others I purchased from Outreach Uganda. (Wife to hubby: “It’s really more of an act of charity that I buy these bracelets. We are helping feed African children!” Hubby: Insert eye roll.)

Revolution of Love - Organizing the bathroom -oco_bathroom7They sit on my bathroom sink along with these cute yet inexpensive little bird jewelry holders.

© revolution of love blog - phfr_89a3I found them at The Farm, an organic farm in nearby Salinas, CA.

© revolution of love blog - phfr_89d1They have amazing produce and…

© revolution of love blog - phfr_89d2A collection of country life goods. I don’t go there often but when I do, I always find a little treasure. If you are ever in that area, stop by and take a look. 🙂

revolution of love - Organizing Bathroom Shelves & Walls - oco_bathroom_logo

So that is one of the projects I competed over the summer. When everything is orderly and tidy,  it brings me such peace. It’s far form perfect but it is a big improvement. No more scrambling around and yelling, “Where is my !@#$ hair dryer! I’m late! UGH!” Now I know exactly were my hair dryer is and I MAKE SURE to return it to it’s proper place when I am done. I’m constantly reminding myself to just put it away, right away! Leaving things laying around is a hard habit to break and I know I need more than just a few Before and After moments to keep my house in order. I need an attitude readjustment!  This is where Mystie comes in with some guidance. I was reading her blog and she wrote:

I’ve always been a slob by nature, and I’ve been actively combating that tendency for 7 years now.

Sometimes I even think there’s hope. I want to share what I’ve learned along the way, moving from thinking that housecleaning was a waste of time to trying to keep the house decently in order. Though I’ve always been a slob, I’ve also always been a planner and a list-maker. My problem wasn’t not knowing what to do. My problem was not caring.

I have learned to care. It is better to care. It does matter. It is good work.

I could make a plan, but I then I would rebel against it. “You can’t tell me what to do!” my inner two-year-old would scoff at my written list, “Who made you the boss?”

Add five kids to the mix, and the problem becomes not only my own lack of desire to follow a good plan, but also the fact that life doesn’t actually happen according to my plan when I do want it.

These are my struggles, and I know I’m not alone. So I write to share what I’ve learned, hoping to help others not only know there is a way out of the frustration, but also that they are not alone.

I provide not just another housekeeping plan to try, but a paradigm shift. I want you to see

— that your work matters.

— that your attitude matters.

— that you can tame your inner fussy two-year-old.

— that there is a way out of chaos and frustration, even though it isn’t easy or once-and-done.

I want to show you how to turn your frustration into momentum, your chaos into growth, and your plans into actions.

A slob by nature? She loves planners and lists but didn’t care about cleaning. That is so me! Do you see why I love this girl?? Go read the rest of her story here.

So in upcoming posts, I will share with you about her course I’m taking and how my progress is going. It is not about spending money and buying lots of matching bins and label makers (although I would have liked that too) 😉 but it is about keeping it simple, tidy (even with messy family life) and changing the attitude so you learn to love what must be done. Genius.

Okay, my time is up and kiddos need to be fed so I’ll stop here.

Have you been working on organizing lately? If not, what it the one area you’d love to tackle? Do tell. 🙂

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A Look at My 2015 (Erin Condren) Planner

Note: For the update version of this post, click A Look at My 2015-2016 (Erin Condren) Planner & Favorite Planning Tools

* * *

Revolution of Love Blog - A look at my 2015 Erin Condren plannerlogo_planner_2015

I planned to do a post about my new planner in January but life happened. So, I better get it posted before February is over. 😉

Anyone that follows this blog knows that I love making lists and using planners. Not because I am organized but because I am scattered and have the attention span of a two year old sometimes. If I don’t write it down, I won’t remember it five minutes later. Literally. If I am not within reach of my planner then I’ll write  a note on my phone (which is usually in my pocket) and at the end of the day the notes get written down before they are also forgotten.

© Revolution of Love Blog - planner_weeklyLast year I was using a Martha Steward Discbound planner and I loved everything about it except that it was too big to carry around with me everywhere. Because I spend a lot of time out of the house, I needed something that was more portable. I heard a lot of people rave about the Erin Condren planner but I was doubtful and they were pricey. However, I had a coupon and decided to give it a try.revolution of love blog - planner_2015_p

The delivery of it became an “event” because it came in such a pretty box with special treats.


Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_eI looked through their selection and chose an Erin Condren Life Planner with the Favorite Things cover. (I bought my planner in later 2014 so the new 2015 versions may look a little different.)

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_f

I love that you could choose the words that filled your cover. I also like that the covers are interchangeable so if I am tired of the cover or want to change it according to seasons, I can lift the cover off and pop in a new one. (I have another version of this cover in darker fall colors but I am back in spring mode now.)

planner_2015_aI do not like planners with plain black and white pages. I like bright colors that make me want to actually use the planner. However, I do not like my planner to be so filled with decor that I don’t have room to write.

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_kI use washi tape to make small squares on my monthly calendar. Blue are doctor appointments and speech therapy. Green is school related. Red is an event I need to attend or drive the kids to. Orange is a family birthday. Pink polka dots is a night out for me. I write the definite items in ink and possible dates and notes in pencil.

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_bThe weekly page is where people can really go to town to decorate and fill the boxes with all sorts of decor. Me? I seriously just need a space for my To Do lists.

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_cThe calendar is divided into three sections – Morning, Day and Night. I covered the Morning label with washi tape and use it as my schedule for places I need to be that day. In the Day section I write down the things I need to try and get done that day. The Night section I use to add To Do things that I eventually want to do but it’s not urgent. I make little boxes next to each item and fill them in as I complete them. In the last bottom section I keep track of my dinner menu and posts that I will publish on the blog that day. The right side column is for goals and notes.

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_dThere are some days when I want a whole page to keep track of what I am working on. When I had my discbound planner I made daily goal sheet printable pages. They were too big for this planner so I shrunk it down and cut it to size. On the goal sheet I keep track of my prayer/inspiration of the day and my act of love to put it into practice, my “must do’s”, household goals, who I need to contact and if I am really ambitious, I’ll also track my food and exercise. I don’t use this on the days I am hardly home but I love it for the days when I have longer stretches at home. You can buy Erin Condren coil tabs to add sheets like this to your planner but I just used a bit of washi tape and stuck it to the plastic book mark.

If you’d like to print out a copy for yourself, you can find the full size Daily Goal Sheet in this post here. The roughly 6.5 x 8.5 sized Daily Goal Sheet (as pictured) can be printed from here. (I added the blue lines to know where to cut the paper.)

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_gOther featured of the planner – Along with pretty inspirational quote pages, there are lined pages for notes and blank pages for drawing or scribbles.

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_hA Look Ahead calendar.

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_iStickers – both pre-labeled and blank. (To be honest with you, I forgot about these until I was doing this post. I’ll have to put them to use next month.)

planner_2015_jThere is a pocket for papers and zipped pouch. I keep the free labels they sent with my order in there. (Not pictured is a pull out perpetual calendar to keep the dates of birthdays and dates to remember.)

Revolution of Love Blog - planner_2015_lAs an extra, I purchased a pen loop and a separate tablet that sticks to the back of the planner. I use these for notes at room mom meetings and such.

Revolution of Love Blog -planner_2015_m

For Christmas the kids got me a EC planner pouch. I love it since I am always throwing the planner in my purse or a tote bag or a diaper bag. Technically, we are out of diapers but I still need a big bag for changes of undies, snacks and random Legos and Star Wars figures. The pouch keeps the pages from getting smashed or smeared with jelly hands.

Along with my planner I am still using my traveling office. 🙂

I’ve been using the Erin Condren planner since August and so far it has worked really well for me. You can take a look at the planners that are offered and see if one suits you. The most important thing is to find a planner that you like and that you will use. Whether it is an EC planner or a 99 cent notebook from Target. Find something that inspires you, matches your current needs and is in your budget. Then have fun planning (and doing!) 😉

NOTE: These items were purchase by me and I received no compensation. However, if you order anything from this link –, I will get a small compensation and you will get $10 off your first order! Yay!  🙂

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Pinterest Party & Link-up (vol. 28): Daily Planner Goal Sheet (Free Printable)

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Lately for the Pinterest Parties I’ve been doing recipes but today I am doing something a little different. It’s the kids’ first day of school and we have been busy preparing uniforms, picking out new lunch boxes and buying school supplies. The air is filled with anticipation and the aroma of “bouquets of sharpened pencils.” (Name that classic rom-com!) Ever since I was a kid, this time of year has always been my favorite. Even as an adult, I still get giddy as I walk through Staples and chose a new notebook or planner and matching accessories. Yeah, I know. Nerd. But I can’t help it.

The new school year is also when I review over my current planner and try something new. This is especially important to me since I have been working so hard to accomplish my August 2014 Goals. I love my 2014 planner and it has served me well. However, the one draw back is that it is too big and bulky to carry around in my purse. That was fine when I spent most of my days home but now that the kids are all in school and I will be busy with upcoming school fundraisers and helping Andrew’s class as a room mom, I need to carry my planner with me. So while I am still in the process of changing over to something new (more of that in another post) the one constant I have been using with my weekly planner is a separate daily sheet of the day’s goals. I searched all over for one that was perfect for me and couldn’t quite find it so I finally just created one myself using Word. It is simple but it has the info I want and it is colorful enough to keep my attention. 😉

Ideally, I get up early enough to say morning prayer before the munchkins are up. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes quietly on the couch and sometimes it’s two minutes as I’m late jumping in the shower. Either way, I read over and think about the day’s prayer/reflection. Then I chose a concrete act I can do to put into practice my spiritual resolution of the day.

The time and effort you put into this will vary, depending on your season of life. There were many days when my resolution daily resolution was to try and take a 3 minute shower before Brian got home. You know what your life looks like right now. Challenge yourself but be realistic. God knows where your heart is and the crosses you are bearing right now. For a mom with a newborn her goal may be to stay in bed a few minutes longer and catch some ZZZ’s to make up for a sleepless night. My goal would be the opposite right now. Get my butt out of bed and stop lingering on my pillow. 😉

Next I review over my weekly planner and fill in the places I need to be and people I need to contact. Then I see what items I simply MUST do that day – ie. Pay the electricity before they shut off the lights or fill out that permission slip before my kid is banned from the field trip. This also includes household things I need to get done – ie. Get a load of whites done because no one has any underwear left or clean out the fish tank because the water is so mucky I can’t see Anakin Fishwalker in the tank.  If I finish all my “must do’s” then I can tackle some of the “should do’s” next. (Although I have yet to actually have that happen.) 😉

I also included on my sheet my a food/exercise/water/vitamin journal, even though I am terrible at keeping track, a prayer section to remind me to make sure I slow down and reconnect with God (instead of browsing Facebook) and my notes section.

There you have it. I know there are many people who hate TO DO lists but I am too scatterbrained not to write it all down. Plus I have a tendency to be a little ADD and doing five things at once but never completing anything. This helps me to stay focused and finish the task at hand before starting something new. My goal sheet may change as I continue to work through the introductory pages of Lara Casy’s Powersheets (another future post!) but for now, it works well.

If you’d like to download a copy of my goal sheet, please feel free to do so! I have two PDFs for you.

This is Goal Sheet 1 with the bird and blue writing. Download it from Google Drive here.

This is Goal Sheet 2, which is the rainbow chevron version. Download it from Google Drive here.

Well, that is my creative share for this week! What have you been up to? Add your link or if you don’t blog, share in the comment box! 🙂

POSTSCRIPT – Of course on the day that I post all about how I am following my daily plan, I happen to sleep through my alarm (darn cold medicine!), I skip my morning prayer (other than a few desperate invocations), I barely get the kids to school before the gate is locked, my breakfast is logged in as “a cold chicken nugget and half eaten piece of toast left on the table,” I have a load of errands that keeps me out of the house until the afternoon and when I finally do get around to looking at my goal sheet I see a munchkin drew all over it before he spilled his juice on it. God likes to keep it real, people. So when you feel like nothing is going according to plan, don’t sweat it. That’s life. Work with what you can and work around what you can’t. 😉

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