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TV Talk: Downton Abbey, Season 5, Finale Recap

I’m sorry this recap is so late but I have been swamped with family and school activities and have not had a moment to myself to unwind with my fingers flying across the keyboard…and then going back and correct all the typos. 😉

Well, what did you think? Did you enjoy the finale?? I did, very much. Although I do have to admit that the first hour of it I was a little miffed with all the cantankerous characters. I didn’t know who was going to send me to the confession box sooner – Lord Sinderby, Princess K or Mr. Stowell. Egads, what a trio! However, many of the dangling story lines were neatly tied up and numerous love connections made.

downton_season_5_9aeBefore I get into the story lines, I have to say that I was mesmerized by the gorgeous scenery! The one scene where Violet and Isobel were in the garden and the camera pans over all the wildflowers first left me breathless. So much beauty!! Love it! But back to the show…

downton_season_5_9bPhoto Credit: ITV

Lord Sinderby and Rachel invited the Crawleys to visit them at the Brancaster Castle. (The filming took place at the Alnwick Castle. If you are a Harry Potter fan you’ll recognize it as Hogarts from the first two HP movies.) Sinderby brought his own butler Stowell and, boy, is that guy a piece of work! (The actor also played the inspector in Bleak House, another fave show.) Stowell made Spratt look like a peace loving hippy. He is rude and condescending, particularly towards Thomas and Tom. Of course I love Tom and hated seeing him treated so badly but it upset me just as much to see Thomas brought low. I mean it’s one thing for Thomas to be brought down a peg from the fellows at Downton because it’s family. But when an outsider starts picking on one of our guys, well those are fighting words. No one messes with family.

In the end, Mary basically ordered Thomas to get even with Stowell so he concocted a scheme to get Stowell in trouble with Sinderby. However, it backfired and Thomas was humiliated in front of everyone when Sinderby called him a fool. Thomas turned his sights on getting back at Sinderby next. He cajoles Stowell, who has been drinking too much, to spill Sinderby’s secrets. Well, he find out a whopper. During one of the dinners, a woman named Diana Clark and her little boy arrived unexpectedly. Sinderby nearly had a heart attack when he saw them because he’s the baby daddy.

Rose saw how upset Sinderby was and she ingeniously pretended that the woman was her old friend coming for a visit. She pulled Mary and Robert into the charade and Robert’s response pretty much summed up the whole situation, “Oh, crikey!” Luckily the day was saved and Atticus and his mom were spared any embarrassment. A thoroughly humbled Lord Sinderby thanked them and make amends for his harsh and intolerant behavior. Stowell was also feeling remorseful at the thought of Sinderby finding out he was the one who spilled the secret. Rose promised to keep quiet if he started being kind to Tom. Everyone leaned their lesson. For now.

downton5_9dPhoto Credit:

The shooting party introduced a couple of new men into the Downton world. Mary was paired up with a friend of a friend Henry Talbot. (Every time I see him though I can only think of him as Wickam from Death at Pemberley.) He is good looking and clever, as he saw straight through the Sinderby/love child charade. Although he seemed into Mary he had just enough disinterest to attract her attention. However, I don’t think it was until he leaped into his “snappy chariot” and sped off that she felt her ice queen heart melt a bit. 😉 (Although I admit that the sight of the car speeding down the road was giving me Matthew flashbacks!)

downton5_9ePhoto Credit: ITV

Oh, Edith. How many times we have lamented her bad luck or poor choices but today we relish her happiness! Marigold has filled Edith’s life with joy and laughter. The fact that she has been accepted by her father and Tom, despite her circumstances has lifted her spirits tremendously. She also seemed to have a lovely time with the agent Mr. Pelham. He is not as dashing at Henry Talbot and Atticus admits that they all “feel a little sorry for him.” Frankly, he sounds like a guy version of Edith. 😉 It’ll be interesting to see if he shows up again next season.

 downton5_9fPhoto Credit – ITV

Meanwhile, Our Queen of Quips, Violet, was spewing out the one liners faster than I could write them in my notes! Plus, we finally got to meet the infamous Princess K. I’ll admit that during the last episode I started suspecting that something was amiss with Prince K because he kept insisting that he and Violet run away together. As desirable as Granny may be, I thought he may be a gold digger or something. However, now that I’ve met his wife I can see why he’s trying to ditch her. (I don’t condone it but I understand it.) She wasn’t exactly a Suzy Sunshine. No matter how Violet tried to help or whenever any positive remark that was made, she zapped it down with a negative remark. Finally she excused herself for the night and Prince K made one last ditch effort to lure Violet. (Maybe he would have had a chance had he cut his hair. Despite being a handsome man and being dressed up, he still managed to look somewhat greasy.)

Violet turned him down but we did learn the story behind their love affair. Picture Violet as young woman, perhaps like Mary full of spirit and spite. She fell madly in love with Prince K and she abandoned her husband and two children to run away with him. The Princess found out their scheme and was in hot pursuit of them. She caught up to them and literally pulled Violet out of the carriage with her husband and threw her into the another carriage to take her back  home. Since then, Violet has (perhaps begrudgingly) credited the Princess with saving her marriage and her life as she knows it. Although, it seemed that Violet’s heart did hurt at having to turn the Prince away a second time in her life.

Speaking of heartbreak, Isobel was also unlucky in love. She tried one last ditch effort to get Lord Merton’s son Larry on board for the marriage. He wrote Isobel a letter that basically said he would when hell freezes over. Not willing to marry into a family that does not want her, Isobel decided to break it off with Lord Merton. I really did feel bad to him. I have grown very fond of him and would have liked to them happy together. In the end Violet pointed out that the Doc would be happy to find out they aren’t getting married. Hearing Granny’s gleeful giggle at the joke made me laugh out loud.

downton5_9gPhoto credit – ITV

I will spend as little time as possible on this storyline since it only causes me to get upset when I think about how this whole thing has dragged on tediously and taken turn and leaps that make absolutely no sense, even for a soap opera. In a nutshell, Anna is still in jail. Mary visited. Granny said a hilarious zinger about Mary visiting. “New evidence” cropped up against Anna. We learned that when she was young, her step-father molested her. In defense, she cut him with a knife. Therefore, it will be argued that it is in Anna’s nature to kill a man. Anna’s lawyer is useless. My brain exploded over all this. Bates decided to sacrifice himself. He confessed to the murder and fled to Ireland. Anna is released. Moseley decided to help prove Bates is innocent by finding the pub he visited. I scratched my head over this because even if he is proven innocent, wouldn’t Anna just go back to jail? Mr. Murray, the lawyer, summed it up best, “It is a very frustrating situation.”

However, my concern is alleviated by the fact that Baxter paired up with Moseley to help him on his mission. I danced a little jig. Moseley and Baxter are successful. They found the pub. Bates is proven innocent. Anna is allowed to stay home for now. The witness was confused once again. Maybe it wasn’t a burly man with or a petite woman but actually a zombie ghost. My eyes roll. Anna stood teary eyed during the Christmas festivities. Bates sneaks up on her and wishes her a Happy Christmas. They move into another room and kissed. The door mysteriously closed behind them. Most likely, the work of the zombie ghost. I try to be happy and swoon over their reunion. I can’t, not until this whole ordeal is behind them. Boo.

downton5_9hPhoto Credit – ITV

Well, whatever ill feelings that may have left in me, they were long forgotten when I think of the love birds Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes spend their free time looking at prospective properties for them to purchase together. When Carson make a decision about one Mrs. Hughes finally explained to him why she could not partner with him. She has a sister that is mentally unstable and since her mother died, Mrs. Hughes has been paying for her care. She has no money for retirement, and in honesty, she never can retire. I believe this news spurs the smitten Carson to finally act upon his feelings towards Mrs. Hughes. He confesses his love for Mrs. Hughes and asked her to marry him. Brian just shook his head as I was AWWWW-ing all over the place but it was so sweet. There may not have been a kiss shared but the look on Carson’s face was priceless. Now if we can just get Baxter and Moseley walking down the aisle, we’ll be set. 🙂

The final Christmas Eve scene was filled with sweetness and a touch of humor as Robert had more than just a nip of sherry. It was a wonderful way to end a great Season 5 of Downton.


Favorite Quotes (There were lots!)

Violet (Regarding Mary visiting Anna in jail): “Did she take a cake with a file in it?”
Robert: “I don’t know why you are making such a fuss, Mama. You’d visit Denker if she were locked up.”
Violet: “Only to check if the locks were sound.”

Violet: “Oh, you know me. Never complain. Never explain.”
Edith: “You don’t usually have much trouble complaining.”

Bates: “I’d cut my arm off if I thought it would do any good.”
Thomas: “Oh, I don’t think that would be sensible, Mr. Bates. We can’t have you wobbly at both ends.”

Violet: “Why do you always talk to me as if I were a salmon who laid my eggs in the gravel and then swam back to the sea.”
Mary: “You are very maternal, aren’t you, Granny. If it suits you.”

Violet: “Lord Sinderby, Branson, and Barrow. Now what I’d call a recipe for a peaceful week’s shooting.”
Isobel: “It makes you wonder what they’ll be shooting at by the end of it.”

Mrs. Patmore (to Daisy): “Oh, dear. We’re not having another crisis, are we?” (Amen! Get on with it, Daisy.)

Violet: “I’ve asked Lord Merton. He can talk to the Princess. They can discuss syringes and stitches and things.”
Isobel: “What fun you make it sound.”

Violet: “The presence of strangers is our only guarantee of good behavior.”

Prince K: “Nothing is more tedious than other people’s misfortunes.”

Lord Merton: “Well, if you are going to be miserable, you might as well do it in charming surroundings.”

Violet: “I will never again receive an immoral proposition from a man. Was I so wrong to savor it?”

Violet: “There is point, Spratt, when malice ceases to be amusing.”

Mr. Carson: “Do your ears have wireless aerials, Mr. Barrow?”

Cora: “Please be careful if you decide to drink on Christmas Eve. You’ll get plastered on a sniff of sherry.”
Robert: “Paradise.”

Robert (to Cora): “There is not now, nor ever will be, anything you have spoiled for me.”

Tom (to Robert): “I love the way you love her.”

Isobel: “And you never strayed again?”
Violet: “I’ve never risked everything again.”
Cora: “That’s not quite what I asked.
Violet: “That’s all the answer you’ll get. Remember, we were the Edwardians.”

Mrs. Hughes: “Who knows what the future may hold or how much longer we’ll even be here. Suppose yu want to move away and change your life entirely. You don’t want to be stuck with me.
Mr. Carson: “But that’s the point.
Mrs. H: “What is?”
Mr. C: “I do want to be stuck with you.”
Mrs. H: “I’m not convinced I can be hearing this right.”
Mr. C: “You are if you think I’m asking you to marry me. Well?”
Mrs. H: “Well, you could knock me down with a feather.”
Mr. C: “Are you not offended.”
Mrs. H: “Mr. Carson, I can assure you the very last think in the world that I am in this moment is offended.”
Mr. C: “You can take as long as you’d like. I won’t press you. Because one thing I do know: I’m not marrying anyone else.
Mrs. H: (handing him the glass of spirits): “Well then…”
Mr. C: “What exactly are we celebrating?
Mrs. H: “We’re celbrating the fact that I cna still get a proposal at my age.
Mr. C: “And that’s it?”
Mrs. H: “Of course I’ll marry you, you old booby. I thought you’d never ask.”

Okay, now tell me what you thought? Favorite scenes? Lines?  Do you think we’ll see more of Henry Talbot and Mr. Pelham? Will Daisy find love with Andy? (Did you see the way she giggled when he looked at her?) Will Mosley and Baxter get together? What are your predictions for next year? Do tell. 🙂

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7 Quick Takes (2/28/15): Tears, Conferences & Period Movies

I’ve got half an hour free so I’m linking up with Kelly for this week’s 7 Quick Takes.

~ 1 ~

Song of the Week – Heartbeat by Mat Kearney

We are big Mat Kearney fans in this house and were looking forward to his new album that came out this week. (When I say “we” I mean the kids and myself. Brian is more of a Clash guy.)  I don’t think I like Mat’s new album (it had more rap) as much as Young Love but I have only heard it a couple times so far. The song Heartbeat is a favorite play in the kitchen. The kids will dance around and laugh and giggle with me. That is until they accidentally hit the salad bowl and send the contents crashing to the flour. At that point, I kick them out. 😉


~ 2 ~

Tears for Opa

I was need of the upbeat song to perk me up. Earlier this week had been rough. I posted this on Instagram and people were asking me what was wrong.

revolution of love blog - qt_pink_flowerWDay 7 of #onlyonething & #holylens – It has been a rough day today and I’m PRAYING to the FATHER that I can still see beauty despite the heartache.

It was concerning my FIL. As you may remember, after his stroke he was making good progress physically and mentally. We thought it was a miracle that there seemed to be very little damage after they got the blood clot out. Well, that optimism has diminished. Over the past two weeks he has been declining mentally and by Saturday I told Brian that something was not right. He was more than a little confused, he was getting worse. The following day the doctor talked to Brian and my MIL and told them that he has been diagnosed with vascular dementia and he is displaying many of the negative symptoms that go with it. My MIL was crushed. We had such high hopes because he was doing so well.

On Tuesday, I went for my morning walk and I was thinking about how changed my FIL was. He was older but was active and mentally sharp. He’d try to explain about finances and investments to me and it would be over my head. He would pick up the kids from school and often take them to his house where they would hike in the woods and have fun. And now… there will be no more of that playful Opa outside with the kids.

I couldn’t stop the tears from falling as I mourned the dad I used to know and it took me by surprise. He’s not my biological “daddy” but he has taken a special place in my heart. I know he also has a special place in his heart for me. My MIL would often call me up and say, “Can you please talk to your father and tell he he should (fill-in-the-blank). He won’t listen to me but he’ll do whatever his ‘sweetie’ asks of him.”:-)

Thankfully, I had my sun glasses on so I could just let the tears flow and my fellow  walkers didn’t know the difference. I am feeling better now and learning to make the most of what we can do with Opa.


~ 3 ~

Catholic Conference 4Moms

Powered by

Have you heard about the online Catholic Conference 4Moms that is taking place next week? There are numerous presenters (including two of my faves Auntie Leila and Rachel Balducci) and various topics. This is how it works:

Every day during the conference, Friday, March 6- Monday,March 9, you will have access to 5-6 talks, just as if you were at a live conference. This link will come via email. What’s different is that you can choose which talks you want to watch or listen to and when you you want to do it. Early morning? Wonderful. Nap time? Great. Before bed? Super. Car line? Fine, as long as you don’t try to watch while driving!

After the conference is over, it will all be available for purchase for one low price of $39.99 This will include online access to all the videos, as well as a download of every video presentation. And besides all of this, there will also be bonus downloads, PDFs, discussion questions, ebooks, and other goodies.

The hope is that with this package you not only can enjoy the conference again at your own convenience, but you can also share the conference with other moms, perhaps in a support group setting or just over tea. Each presentation in the conference package will include discussion questions.

I like the fact that you can attend at your convenience and don’t need to be plugged in at a specific time. I’ll be signing up. You can get more info and register here.


~ 4 ~

Downton Finale!

Are you ready for the Downton Abbey finale tomorrow night?? I bought the DVD for Season 5 so I’ll be cheating and watching the finale for our at-home date night tonight. My final Downton Recap for the season will be posted on Monday!


~ 5 ~

Grand Hotel

qt_grand_hotelSpeaking of addictive period dramas, have you heard about Grand Hotel? When I have a lot of cooking to do, I like to set up my laptop in the kitchen and watch something while I am chopping veggies and making soups etc. I just finished watching North and South again. (I may or may not have watched the last episode twice just to see Mr. Thorton plead once more…

qt_thornton“Look back at me.”

Anyway…. on the list of Netflix‘s suggested shows they had Grand Hotel so I started watching. It’s weird at first because it has the feel of Downton Abbey and you expect to hear British accents but it takes place in Spain and is in Spanish. However, it does have English subtitles.  The synopsis on says:

1905. Julio, a young man, arrives at the Grand Hotel, an idyllic place in the middle of the countryside, to investigate the disappearance of his sister. He gets a job as a waiter and comes across the sexy wealthy daughter of the owner. He falls in love with her and starts a dangerous affair while she becomes the only person who will help him to discover the truth about his sister’s disappearance. Find out all the secrets and mysteries hidden in the wonderful Grand Hotel.

I got hooked on one episode but wondered if it was worth going through the next three seasons. But then I saw that Micaela and Jen were both raving about it so it’s a go. I’ll let you know how it progresses as I watch more episodes.  😉

~ 6 ~


On Monday, Blessed Is She had Monday Introductions on Instagram. For any new reader here, I’m reposting my entry so you can get to know me too. 🙂

 revolution of love blog - ba_mvx_2-2015_400My name is Bobbi and I’m a Blessed Is She writer/Instagram contributor. I live in CA along the coast in Monterey Bay. I’ve been married to my husband Brian for 15 years and we have 4 kids – Bella 13, Andrew 7, John-Paul 5, Matthew 3 (pictured) & 2 babies in heaven. Our house is overrun by Legos and light sabers but I secretly love it. I also love being out in God’s creation, going to the movies, Disneyland, the sound of laughter, Jane Austen, planners and stationary, road trips, mi familia, period movies, BBC mysteries, tacos, dark chocolate and witnessing kindness. (Is that random enough? ) I blog  at Revolution of Love about motherhood, living a life of faith and the other topics I mentioned here. To answer the question of the week – my favorite prayers are The Divine Praises, The Lord’s Prayer, and the Memorare.


~ 7 ~

Your Turn

Okay, now it’s your turn! Tell me a little about yourself! AND/OR what’s your favorite prayer(s)?

Have a great weekend!

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TV Talk: Downton Abbey, Season 4: Episode 8 (Ep 9 in the UK)

This is Day 1 of my participation in Jen’s 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge. Sorry it came so late. I have been gone most of the day and then had a mom-daughter night out with Bella so I’m barely posting now. But I have two hours until midnight so technically, I’m good. 😉

Source: PBS

This is it! Our last Downton discussion of Season 4. It has been quite a season too. I was approaching the finale with a little trepidation after last year’s depressing ending and then the heavy topics covered in Season 4. I wasn’t sure what to expect. However,  it was a fun two hours with a number of comedic moments.

I actually watched this episode earlier in the week. Brian bought me the Season 4 Blu-ray for Valentines and we had a date night watching it together. I didn’t have my laptop with me or take any notes and simply enjoyed the story as it unfolded. (Not to mention that the detail on the Blu-ray was amazing. It made everything more grand!) Yesterday my mom arrived to spend a few days with us so last night we watched the episode together and I was able to take my notes and record my favorite quotes etc. 🙂 So here we go…

Edith – It took a few minutes to realize that we were fast forwarding the time line by 8 months. Edith already had her baby girl and left her in the care of The Shroders in Switzerland. With the return of Gregson less likely, Edith found it even harder to be away from her child. Of course, I desperately wanted her to go back and get her baby and raise it as her own but I have to view this in the mindset of the time and understand why she felt she could not let anyone know the baby was hers. I am glad that she worked it out so the Drewe Family could raise her child close to her. At first I was suspicious of Mr. Drewe, wondering if he could be trusted but in the end his kindness won me over. I am assuming he figured out it was actually Edith’s child and he wanted to repay the family’s kindness by helping Edith and the baby. Now whether or not I am right or whether or not Gregson returns from the dead is to be seen.

Rose – Rose was the central figure as everything revolved around her royal presentation. It was humorous to see how quickly she recovered from her broken engagement with Jack but I must admit that it was fun to see her in her element in the jazz night clubs. The whole Prince of Wales and get-the-letter-from-Sampson plot line was both a little weird and a little hilarious. It was interesting to see the Crawleys interact with historical characters that will later make (notorious) news. I would have also loved that Bates saved the day if we didn’t have that darn Greene plot still hanging over our heads…

Anna and Bates – It was lovely to see Anna back to her old self with a smile on her face. I am glad she was able to heal from the whole ghastly ordeal. On the other hand, what were the writers trying to do with Bates. He went from sweet, noble, romantic hubby of Anna to lying, forging, stealing murderer. Granted, he saved the day at the end but it was sort of a weird way they played up his darker side. I just hope this whole Green/Bates plot is put to rest and never spoken of again.

Tom – Poor Tom. He is getting the Edith stoke of luck these days and can’t find his bearings. I was a little unsure about Miss Bunting at first but she has steadily gotten on my nerves. Why is she always just popping up? Why is she so pushy? Why didn’t she realize how uncomfortable Tom was at the house? I don’t see her as evil, like that nasty Edna, but she is not what Tom needs – a lovely girl that loves Tom for who he is (past and present) and doesn’t make him feel bad for being a part of the Crawley Family now. I am not saying she can’t change her tune in the future but the writers will have to do some tweaking to her character to please this fan. (The only thing more annoying was Thomas doing his usual lurking in the hallways. I don’t think he will rest until he brings Thomas down.)

Mary – I had fun watching Blake and Lord G constrain themselves and not go to blows over Mary. But I have to give Lord G big points for wanting a fair fight and telling Mary about Blake’s prospects. (I never saw that one coming!) Blake seems to be the Mr. Darcy to Lord G’s Mr. Bingley. Some may complain that they are dangling this story and Mary should choose but I am glad she did not. It seems only fitting that Matthew be given a whole season of remembrance before we are ready to fully embrace a new love in Mary’s life. And my stance is still the same. I dearly love Lord G but I am still Team Blake when it concerns the best match for Mary.

Miss Allsop and Harold – I enjoyed watching their interactions and it was refreshing to see them take off their masks and just be open and honest with each other. In doing so, they seem to bring out the best in each other.  It is interesting that in this episode two “underdogs” (Harold and Molesley) met women who brought out their better side and gave them confidence they did not have. In return, Harold and Molesley gave Madeleine and Baxter strength to stand up to an overbearing man that was controlling them. It was very touching. Which brings us to…

Molesley and Baxter – The character that I have most grown to love this season is Mr. Molesley. He went from a complaining and whiny little Eeyore to a unexpected knight in shining armor to the troubled Baxter. I do hope she is able to get out of the clutches of Thomas and find a happy home at Downton with Moseley. Sigh.

Slade, the American Valet –  It was hilarious to see the difference between the reserved English and the forward Americans. It was definitely a clash of cultures. One of my favorite scenes was when Slade wanted to speak to Carson “man to man.” The look on Carson’s face was priceless. It was also wonderful to see someone fall for Daisy and for her to get the romantic recognition that alluded her all season. It is interesting that Ivy is out of the picture now. Perhaps this will make it easier for Daisy to find a man next season.

Random Thoughts

  • Watching Martha  in action actually made me like Cora more because she had such an overbearing mother yet was able to turn out as such a kind lady, with the capability to have a strong head, at least when she is not falling prey to people like Thomas.
  • My favorite couple of the show? Violet and Isobel. BFF.

Fave Quotes:

  • Slade: Are you excited? — Daisy: I’m never excited.
  • Tom: Losing Sybil was hard. Compared to that, everything is easy.
  • Carson to Slade: You’re a footman not a traveling salesman.
  • Mrs. Patmore: All women need someone to show a bit of interest in them, preferably in a manner that in not entirely proper.
  • Violet: “Can’t you even offer help without sounding like a trumpeter on the peak of the moral high ground?”
—Isobel: “And must you always sound like the sister of Marie Antoinette? — Violet: “The queen of Naples was a stalwart figure. I take it as a compliment.” — Isobel: “You take everything as a compliment.” — Violet: “I advise you to do the same. It saves many an awkward moment!”
  • Mrs. Hughes: “You can always hold my hand, if you need to feel steady.” — Mr. Carson: “I don’t know how, but you make it sound a bit risqué.”

What were your favorite moments? Any predictions for Season 5? Please dish. 🙂

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TV Talk: Downton Abbey, Season 4: Episode 7 (Ep 8 in the UK)


I can’t believe this was the last regular episode until the Christmas special next week. I can’t wait for that! In the meantime, let’s discuss. 🙂

Edith – At the beginning of the episode when Edith first started looking dreamy-eyed at Mr. Drewe, I thought she was smitten. (At least this farmer is not married… or wait, is he? Does he have a wife and family?) However, she was actually thinking that she could leave her baby with him. (So maybe he does have a wife to care for the baby.) Either way, Rosamond had other plans in Switzerland…plans in which Granny saw right through. I was a little surprised that Violet took the news so well but then again, after the Mr. Pamuk incident I suppose not much would faze her. Sigh. The whole thing is just a mess. I’m guessing that Edith will give up her baby and then her babydaddy will return and proclaim that for legal reasons he needs an heir to his estate pronto. Alas, he does have an heir but he can’t be found because he is off climbing the Alps sharing very little conversation.

Anna and Bates – Fortunately, Anna finally tells Mary about Greene. Unfortunately, it is too late to stop Green from coming to Downton where he shares a meal that has as much appeal as nails on a chalkboard. I was waiting for Bates to stab him with his butter knife but instead Bates was chillingly calm. He was also very calculating (and a little cruel) as he questions Anna about Greene, knowing perfectly well that Green was the attacker. Although everything points to Bates taking a murderous trip to York, I am am not sold that he actually did it. (Although I did call the car accident last week, even though I think my version of the story was better. 😉 ) Frankly, I am disappointed in the whole thing. It seems like deja vu. It’s too much like when we saw Vera mysteriously dead in her house, right down to the same prime suspect. Been there, done that, Fellowes! I do hope the Christmas special next week flashes back and shows us how Greene died and that Bates really wasn’t involved.

This episode was appropriate for Valentine’s weekend because romance was everywhere you turned!

My new favorite romance is Baxter and Molesley – Now this is a downstairs romance that I can get excited about! I love the little conversations and encouragement that Baxter and Molesley have been giving one another. It is so sweet. Although, my favorite scene was definitely when Baxter talked Molesley into trying to ring the bell. The look on his face had me laughing out loud. Then Baxter was rewarded when Molesley defended her from Thomas. Bravo! More please!

Another surprise romance – There’s another possible romance between Isobel and Lord Merton, Mary’s godfather. It was sweet to see them together and hilarious to see Violet’s facial expressions during it all.

Mary and Her Men – I’ve already said what I thought about Lord G and Blake here and here. My thoughts haven’t changed. It was humorous to watch them spar with one another as they fought for Mary’s affections. Lord G scored points for finally breaking it off with his fiance. And Blake scored points when he offered to hold Little George. There is nothing quite as attractive as a man who feels comfortable caring for a baby (even if he couldn’t actually get him to stop crying.) 😉

Tom and Sarah – I am not sure how I feel about Tom pairing up with Sarah yet. (Although Brian declared, “I don’t like her. She’s a pest.”) I wouldn’t go that far. I just think she needs time to get used to the fact that the family is not as shallow as she perceives them to be. (As Blake found out with Mary.) I did love when Tom defended Cora to Sarah. It was nice to see him follow the rule that you can complain about your own family but God help the person that complains about them in front of you!

Rose and Jack – Rose’s infatuation with Jack made a lot more sense when you add in the fact that she wanted to shock her mother with their engagement. I believe she cared for Jack and was intrigued by him but was not truly in love with him. Jack, on the other hand, was a gentleman to break things off for Rose’s sake.

Daisy  and Alfred – Daisy has been such an annoying brat lately that I am glad she was able to spend time with her father-in-law. He is the perfect guardian for her, knowing what to say and how to reprimand her with kindness. She definitely redeemed herself when she made up with Alfred and yet, stood up for herself and not settling for being second choice. Hopefully the best of Daisy will be shining through now.


Random Thoughts

  • Would the old Tom have told Mary about Rose and Jack’s relationship or would he have encouraged it?


Favorite Quotes

  • Isobel: It’s only me. — Violet: I always feel that greeting betrays such a lack of self worth.
  • Mrs. Patmore – Blimey. He puts a lot in a letter does Alfred.
  • Molesley (to Baxter): It’s just coffee. You won’t have to surrender any of your independence.
  • Violet: No life appears rewarding if you think about it too much.
  • Violet: Rosamind has no interest in French. If she wishes to be understood by a foreigner, she shouts.
  • Branson: I don’t believe in types, I believe in people.
  • Violet: Switzerland has everything to offer, except perhaps conversation. And one can learn to live without that.
  • Isobel: I’m a feeble substitute for the entire Crawley family. — Violet: Mm. Yes, but you’re better than nothing.
  • Violet: He’s the most unconvincing fiance I’ve ever come across.
  • Violet (to Edith): “My dear, all life is a series of problems which we must try and solve. First one, then the next, and the next, until at last, we die.” (At least there is ice cream to soften the blow.) 🙂


My Favorite Line of the Night

Lady Mary (to Tony): I find that both irritating and beguiling in equal measure. (I often think that is what Brian thinks about me in general.) 😉

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TV Talk: Downton Abbey, Season 4: Episode 6 (Ep 7 in the UK)


Source: ITV

Some of the darker themes of the season are explored, along with the best lighthearted scene of the series.

Anna – It was heartbreaking to see Anna cry at the thought of Mr. Bates leaving with Robert and not being by her side and giving her strength. Thank God Mrs. Hughes told Mary and she intervened. I hope now that Mary knows what happened, it won’t be long until she finds out that it was Green that attacked Anna. Although Anna’s fear about Bates finding out came true. Did you see the look on his face at the end? You could physically see the light bulb click in his head. I just hope that they do not have Bates killing Green and we go through the whole “Bates in jail” storyline again. And they also better not do a “he’s found dead in his house” but we don’t know who is the culprit.

Come on, Fellowes! Let’s see some righteous justice done to Green without any of our beloved characters getting their hands dirty. Here is my suggestion – Mary finds out it is Green. She tells Lord Gillingham. Lord G sacks Green. Green goes on a rampage and does not see a car approaching. The car plows into Green and thoroughly crushes him. Granny happens to be in the car, looks out the window and makes a witty comment about her clean tires now being mucked up. Then shoot to Moseley complaining that they’ll probably ask him to clean up the mess. Yes. Yes. I think that would do nicely. 😉

Edith – The other dark story was Edith and her attempt to have an abortion. Thankfully, she changed her mind at the last minute and did not go through with it. Sigh. Rape. Unwanted pregnancy. Abortion. That’s a lot of heavy topics for just a few episodes. On the one hand, I don’t like it because if I wanted reality I’d look around me or watch the evening news. Viewing DA is supposed to be my brief escape from reality. On the other hand, seeing universal heartache and joy that transcends time is a little reassuring. We see that these issues have all been dealt with before and just as others have triumphed over tragedy, so can we.

Mary  & Napier – I feel sorry for Napier. He keeps pinning for Mary and she keeps falling for his friends. He is the Edith of male suitors. I still think he and Edith would be a nice match. And if they wed then Merry Moseley could be the best man.

Mary & Lord Gillingham – Okay, Lord G, I do love you and think you are swoony but you need to know when to call it quits. You are engaged and need to focus on falling in love with your fiance and stop chasing Mary. If you want to fight the other chaps for Mary’s affection, then you’d better break off your engament and fight honorably. (Oh, and fire your valet. There is a car bumper with his name on it.)

Mary & Blake – I said from the beginning that I love Gillingham but he is too “good” for Mary. She needs someone that fires her up. Blake is closer to being that man. When Blake continually talked about being Mary being aloof and privileged, you knew that there was going to be a scene when Blake would see Mary’s inner strength and tenacity. I just never figured and that all the foreshadowing talk of pigs would be key. However, I absolutely loved the pig scene and hearing Mary’s rare laugh. Who knew that some muck and scrambled egg would melt the heart of Blake.This is going to be interesting.

The Countess & Mrs. Crawley – The other great love story (the sisterly version) of Downnton Abbey is between Violet and Isobel. Their exchanges before, during and after Granny’s illness were priceless. It was nice to see how much Isobel loves and respects Violet, despite their differences. It was just as nice to see Violet play cards (“oh, goody”) to show Isobel her gratitude.

Robert & Cora – I thought their exchange was cute.

Cora – “Oh darling. I do think your going to rescue my hopeless brother is an act of real love, and I cherish you for it.” Robert – “That’ll keep me warm as I cross the raging seas.” Cora – “Good. Now kiss me.”

I’m looking forward to meeting Cora’s brother, played by Paul Giamatti.


Random Thoughts

  • I didn’t make any comments on Rose’s story line. Why is the whole Rose and Jack thing not grabbing my attention?? You’d think it would.
  • With all the men flocking to Mary, it is about time that Tom gets the chance to stop thinking about running away to America and instead find his own love interest. Enter the woman at the political rally. I am certain this is not the last we’ve seen of her.
  • Jimmy is becoming the new Thomas with his behavior and snide remarks about Ivy.
  • Moseley may be an unknowing key ingredient is uncovering the tie between Baxter and Thomas as he overhears their conversation. And could he be feeling a little something  for Baxter??


Fave Quotes

  • Mary: I’ve been married, I know everything.
  • Mrs. Hughes to Carson: I am sorry you’re suspicious of me, but I daresay we both have the personality to overcome it.
  • Violet: Try not to let those Yankees drive you mad.
  • Isobel: Would you like me to come with you.? — Violet : That is the very last thing I would want.
  • Carson: You’re quite a plotter when you want to be aren’t you. — Mrs Hughes: It’s a skill all women must learn.
  • Mrs Patmore: I do grudge him the tears and the heartbreak that will flavour my puddings for weeks to come.
  • Violet to the Doc: I want another nurse. This one talks too much. She’s like a drunken vicar!
  • Violet: Dr Clarkson when you go can you please take that mad woman with you.
  • Dr. Clarkson: You’ll be rewarded in heaven. — Violet: The sooner the better.


Best Line of the Night

  • Mrs. Hughes to Green: If you value your life you’ll stop playing the joker and stick to the shadows.

(Start revving that car engine, Granny.)

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