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31 Days of Gratitude (Day 25): Asking God for the Grace to be Patient and Kind

It’s Day 25 of the #write31days challenge and my 31 Days of Gratitude 2016 and I have a 10 minute breather before I have to leave the house again. It’s a full day with school meetings, helping my MIL with doctor appointments and errands, school pick ups, speech therapy and dentist appointments. I remember in the earlier years of motherhood I longed to get out of the house. These days I long to be able to just stay home and catch up on laundry. Funny how that works. - 31_days_2016_sunrise

Anyway, this morning as I was feeding the kids breakfast and packing lunches I looked out the window and saw the sun rising and making gorgeous colors in the sky. We ran out on the deck to snap a photo and although my phone didn’t do it justice, I couldn’t help but stop a moment and just breath in God’s power.

Hours passed and I could feel my nerves starting to fray. I know it is my own fault because I made the mistake of praying to God, “Help me to be more patient. Help me to not be so selfish and self-centered.” God said okay and He and gave me plenty of opportunities to bite my tongue and die to myself and think of others first. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “Yeah okay, God, you can ease up a bit now. You shouldn’t have too many lesson in one day, ya know.” But deep down I am thankful because as much as I may hate it, I know it is good spiritual exercise for me. I know that it allows me the opportunity to love God and to offer up prayers for people who have been on my heart lately.

I can’t help but think of that sky this morning. As I was busy getting through my everyday tasks there was God’s glory displayed in the morning sky. I just needed to stop and take it in. In the same way God’s power and grace are right there in front of me. I just need to stop and humble myself before Him and admit that I need all the help I can get. He is ready and willing to get me through anything. I am witnessing that today. God has been pouring down his grace and helping me to be more patient and more kind when I needed to be. For that, I am truly grateful.Ā  (Now I pray I make it though the second half of the day! ) šŸ˜‰

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  • Those are wonderful thoughts that you managed to squeeze into 10 minutes! Yup, it’s funny isn’t it — when the kids were young, we looked for reasons to leave the house for a bit of fresh air, and now, we look forward to the days when we don’t have to leave the house at all. Thank you for the reminder that we should just “stop and take it in” — the morning sky and God’s providence.

  • Laura says:

    I love this! It’s definitely so hard to keep your eyes on Jesus and remember his blessings throughout the tough days…

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