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Revolution of Love

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31 Days of Gratitude (Day 26 & 27): Meal Planning & Family Time

The 31 Days of Writing Challenge continues. It’s Day 26 – 27 of my 31 Days of Gratitude.

I’m crawling to the finish line of this 31 day challenge. This post is a twofer. šŸ˜‰

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Yesterday I was really slacking in the cooking department. (Sandwiches for dinner anyone?) BUT I am feeling domestic today so I am making up for it. I’ve got a chicken in the slow cooker for dinner and granola in the oven for tomorrow’s breakfast. While those are cooking I’d thought I’d post my menu for the week and Link-up with Nell at Whole Parenting for Week Eats.


Slow Cooker Rotisserie-Style Chicken, Wild Rice & Green Beans.


Breakfast Dinner


Slow cooker Lentil and Kale Soup & Salad


Leftovers (If there aren’t any leftovers, we’ll have a chef salad or grilled cheese.)


Chili Beans and Corn Bread

(After trick or treating a nice bowl of chili sounds cozy.)


Homemade Pizza and Greek Salad


Enchilada lasagna (I still need to post that recipe), pinto beans, veggies, salsa and guac.

I’ll be hosting dinner for my in-laws and, if all goes well, my parents too! They’ll hopefully be driving up from So Cal to spend a few days with us. This is my go-to company-is-coming meal.

Knowing that I will be getting a hug from my parents and spending time with them in just a few days, well, that makes me very, very grateful!

Thanks to Nell for hosting the link up!

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