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31 Days of Gratitude (Day 31): Pumpkin Patch & Halloween Fun

It’s the final day – Day 31 of the Write 31 Days Challenge and my 31 Days of Gratitude 2016.

* * * * * - 31_days_2016_fruita_4

I can’t believe I made it to the end of the challenge. It was easier having a few free days like Throwback Thursday posts and Sunday quotes but at least I posted everyday. It was a good exercise and hopefully there was something in it that you enjoyed.

October is also a big month for family fun and field trips with the kids. There are always such sweet and fun memories. I think my favorite part of these trips are when my boys grab my hand or give me a hug or rest their head on me on the bus. Those little moments when they get some alone time with mom mean a lot to them. It means even more to me because I know how quickly these moments pass. They are all growing so quickly, it just makes me want to savor each moment and thank God for this present time. For that I am truly grateful!

Below is a collection of photos taken this month. - 31_days_2016_fruita_5

John-Paul and I visited Casa de Fruita in Hollister, CA with his class. - 31_days_2016_fruita_jp_3

Shucking corn. - 31_days_2016_fruita_2

Riding the train. - 31_days_2016_fruita_1

You’ll often find a peacock (or five!) roaming the grounds. - 31_days_2016_fruita_jp_ba_1

John-Paul and I had a great day!

arrow - 31_days_2016_farm_5

Matthew and I visited The Farm in Salinas. - odb_goat_10_23_16

We made some friends. - 31_days_2016_farm_4

I LOVE the sunflowers!


Olivia the cow.


Mama went shopping. - 31_days_2016_farm_6Matthew found the perfect pumpkin. - 31_days_2016_farm_7

The camera was a little too close for Matthew but he’s still my cutie!

arrow - 31_days_2016_halloween

And finally, here is the boys dressed in their Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, my sweet Bella had a stomach bug and spent the day in bed. (She is better now though.)

I hope you had a wonderful October!! Now that Halloween is over I am completely ready to turn on the Christmas music and start decorating for the holidays. šŸ˜‰

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For more 31 Days of Gratitude, visit the homepage here. - 31_days_2016_logo2

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