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Revolution of Love

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7 Quick Takes (3/9/12): Random but True Facts Edition

Hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary.

– 1 –

As I mentioned yesterday, it has been a busy week. On Wednesday, I eagerly went to the dentist for my teeth cleaning because it meant 20 uninterrupted minutes of sitting back in a chair and resting. The hygienist couldn’t stop laughing when I told her this was the closest I would get to a spa day.

– 2 –

For yesterday’s {pretty, happy, funny, real} I should have posted a photo of the pile of mail on the table. I haven’t looked at a single item all week and the pile is about to topple. Even worse, I have two packages I haven’t opened yet. One is my Pampered Chef order and the other is from Amazon and I believe it is Hailey’s new book. As soon and I finish this I’ll open them up and check it out. Yay!

3 –

When I get time to read over some blogs I always check my sister’s blog first. I’m in CA and she is in VA and I hate that we are so far apart. Reading about her daily life helps me feel closer to her and her family. This morning she had me laughing so hard I was crying, which I actually feel bad about since she was describing her uber fear of mice. I was not laughing at her so much but the mental picture was hilarious. (I’m praying you catch that little pest, EL!) Go read it for yourself.

– 4 –

There has been a meme going around many blogs about posting 10 true facts about yourself. I remember doing something like that on facebook a year or two back but we had to do 25 things about ourselves. So for Quick Take 5 – 7 I’ll repost that list for those who aren’t on my facebook page because I know you just don’t have enough useless information in your head right now.

– 5, 6 & 7 –


25 Useless but True Facts about Me

1. “Bobbi” is not a nickname but my actual name. I love my name and I’m happy I was named after my dad. (Thanks for not naming me Roberta, mom and dad.)
2. When I was in preschool my finger got caught in wheel spokes and as a result I have a crooked right pinky with a broken nail.
3. As a kid, I loved desk items and school supplies and always wanted to be a writer. (Office supply stores still make me giddy.)
4. As a kid, I loved playing school, bank, store and carnival with my brothers and sisters. (Now I avoid going to schools & banks and live in a carnival-like house of four kids. Unfortunately for my pocketbook, I never outgrow the love of shopping.)
5. I am the oldest of nine kids. (So having four kids is really only a medium sized family.)

blue_skatesjpgPhoto Source

6. I used to have a pair of cool blue tennis shoes-roller skates.
7. My mom often told me I was a drama queen. (Sooo exaggerated.)
8. In school I was always the peacemaker who tried to bring arguing friends together. (I believe in the Rodney King mantra, “Can’t we all just get along.”)
9. I have no affection for cats whatsoever. (I just heard a unison of gasps. Sorry.)
10. I once dated a guy who turned into a stalker-crazy boyfriend.

converse_Photo Source

11. I loved my converse and doc martin shoes. (I traded in my docs for flats but I still have some brown converse.)
12. For a time, I was a sucker for guys with bald heads, tattoos and eyebrow rings yet I fell in love with a guy as clean cut as they come.
13. When I am stressed out I play a game of spider solitaire and listen to New Order.
14. I am incredibly nosey and always have to know what’s going on.

15. When I was younger I thought it was pathetic when people in their 30’s & 40’s went to concerts of bands from their youth. I have officially become pathetic because if there was a reunion tour in my town of the cure, the smiths, new order, depeche mode or psychedelic furs, I’d be running out the door I’d consider going.
16. I can’t sew a stitch. When I was younger, I once hemmed my pants with duct tape. (And I vaguely remember “sewing” a dress for my doll with a stapler.)
17. I was seriously discerning a religious vocation two years before meeting my spouse.
18. My husband discerned he wasn’t called to the priesthood. The day he left the seminary he started a novena to find a wife. On the last day of the novena he “met” me online. (Funny that Brian’s prayers were answered immediately while I had to wait years.)ba_bv_wed_2W
19. I feel absolutely and completely blessed to be married to the best man I have ever known. He has a certain look that can still make my heart skip a beat. (Swoon.)
20. My greatest treasures are my four kids – Bella, Andrew, John-Paul & Matthew. (Sometimes I just need a break in order to appreciate that fact!)
21. I have made a lot of incredibly stupid mistakes in my life but God has used them all to teach me a lesson and make me stronger and more understanding of other people’s weaknesses.
22. I can easily be moved to tears – both happy and sad. Hankie_2

Phot0 source (Isn’t that pretty!)

23. When I laugh my eyes water and I always bring a handkerchief to the movies when I see a funny movie…or sad one. (A real handkerchief. It is very Downton Abbey of me.)
24. I hate being mad at someone and I am eager to make up.
25. The three things I am most grateful for are my life, my family, and God’s love & mercy.
That’s it for today. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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