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Revolution of Love

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Embrace the Ordinary (vol 1)

Today I am linking up with Gina for Embrace the Ordinary at Someday

Happy Monday! How has your day been so far? Hopefully well. Today has been a really good day, but yesterday, well, not so much. It had already been a really rough week with an overloaded schedule and a chemo sick husband and a three year old going through a late terrible two’s and a house that was a mess and in-laws that were coming over for dinner and I was just overtaxed to the point where I needed to go to the bathroom, shut the door, and shed a few tears to relieve the stress. It was just one of those days. Thankfully, the day was finally over and prayers were said and I was able to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. Today is much brighter, despite the grey skies.

I recently came across the blog of one of my fellow Blessed Is She writers. Gina from Someday posted Embrace the Ordinary Vol 1.  In it she says:

I’m drawn to an idea, which I want to share and I hope you’ll join me. With all the things I have going on in my day to day life, I crave time to rest and recognize the beauty, the wonder, the gift of each day.

My first thought was, “What about those days that suck?” She responds:

Those days [when I felt nothing went right] are just as much a gift as the days which go right from the start, the kids are happy, the sun is shining, you get the idea. I want to delight more in every day. I want to embrace each day for what it is, for better or worse.

I like that. It is easy to be all sunshine and rainbows when everything is going well but it is much harder to praise God and thank Him for the goodness in our lives when we are in the midst of battle.

So taking Gina’s cue, here are two ordinary moments that I am especially thankful for today.

Bella and I have been corresponding to each other in a Mama and Me journal that we put together. Yesterday, I found it on my desk.

Although she didn’t have anything major to talk about she wanted to send me a little note and draw me a picture to brighten my day. 🙂

It’s been grey and cloudy all day. It felt like there was a storm brewing but we only got a few drizzles. That did not stop the boys from grabbing rain boots, jackets and umbrellas to play in the “downpour.” It’s hard to believe that this little guy can drive me nuts and melt my heart at the same time. That face just says, “You can’t possibly stay mad at me, mom.” Sigh. He’s so right.

Thanks to Gina for the inspiration!

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  • I love this so much! I can’t imagine how hard some days must be, when you are facing a family member who has to have chemo. My prayers are with you!

    The moments you shared are priceless! My daughter and I used to have a journal like that, but it didn’t “stick”–I am inspired to try again.

    • bobbi says:

      Thanks, Gina! I am thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to stop a moment and remember the good in my life. It keeps things in perspective. As for the journal with my daughter, there have been stretches of time when we forgot about it but it is always nice to pick it back up and start again. 🙂

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