Revolution of Love

Revolution of Love

Do small things with great love.

Online Daybook (6/2/14): Family Walks, Menus and Praying over a Dirty Toilet


Moments of Gratitude…

Today I am especially thankful for

  • Family walks
  • Wildflowers
  • The sound of the kids’ giggles.
  • Stolen kisses in the kitchen.
  • Words of encouragement.
  • Almost the end of school.
  • Summer plans.


Beauty in the Ordinary…

 I went for my morning walk and there were fishing boats everywhere.


If you like fresh sea food and gorgeous ocean views, come visit Monterey, CA. 🙂 (The askew shot of the horizon is bugging me but I love the colors.)

In the Kitchen…

M – Chili beans, cornbread and broccoli.

T – Chicken cacciatore with brown rice and roasted asparagus.

W – Tacos with Southwestern Black Bean Salad.

Th – Leftovers.

F – Chef Salad topped with BBQ chicken.

S – Homemade wheat pizza and Greek salad.

S – It’s Andrew’s birthday so he got to pick his favorite. He wanted tuna melts followed by chocolate cake. 🙂



  • For Brian’s chemo and continued recovery from cancer.
  • For all those who are fighting cancer and other illnesses.
  • For family and friends who are pregnant.
  • For those trying to get pregnant that God will bless them with new life.
  • For those suffering from abuse, mental illness and addiction.
  • For the souls in purgatory.
  • For those most in need of God’s mercy.
  • For some special intentions.


On the homefront……

On Tuesday Brian started Round 4 of chemo. He has been doing really well and his blood work came out okay so we are hoping and praying things continue to go well. It’s crazy how many people are dealing with cancer right now. I mean, I knew it was a problem but not until it hit us personally did I really see how many lives are touched by it. Lately I feel like there has been one person after another that has died from cancer and it makes it harder to be positive and not dwelling on the worse. Thankfully, these last couple of days I have heard from or read about people who have fought cancer and have remained cancer-free for some time.

Life is so full of uncertainty, whether you are battling cancer or just being an innocent bystander, that you can’t really dwell on the “what ifs.” You’ve just got to keep your eyes on God and enjoy the time you’ve been blessed with your loved ones. That is sometimes difficult when I am knee deep in normal family chaos but the right attitude (and  sense of humor) can make it not only bearable but enjoyable.



I’ve been trying to add more little acts of prayer to help combat my tendency to complain about the my mommy chores.

* * * * *

Previous Version – Scene 1: In the laundry room.

As I am sorting out clothes and I see that one of the littles used his sleeve as a napkin again and got chocolate stains on his light colored shirt. As I’m scrubbing the stain my mind says, “Ugh! Why did I ever buy this guy a light colored shirt. That was so stupid. And why can’t that kid ever use a napkin. How  many times have I told him not to wipe his mouth on his sleeve. And who gave him chocolate anyway? He’s only supposed to eat chocolate on the weekend. Ugh. It’s like talking to a wall around here…” (Anger rises until I snap at the next person who tries to talk to me.)

Updated version

As I’m scrubbing the stain, “Sigh. Chocolate stains. I give it to you, God. Scrubbing this stain is what you are asking of me at this moment in time but note to self – no more light colored shirts for the boys. How did he get chocolate anyway? Oh, yeah. That was when Opa babysat the kids so Brian and I could go out to lunch. Oh, that was so nice. I love spending time with Brian. How did I ever get so blessed to have such a man in my life….” (Brian comes into the laundry room and I give him a big kiss. He is more than pleased. ;-))

Previous Version – Scene 2: In the bathroom

One of my little men had trouble aiming into the toilet. As I am cleaning up the mess my mind says, “What is wrong with that kid? Why is it so hard for him to aim in the toilet? If he would stop fooling around and pay attention to what he is doing I wouldn’t be stuck here cleaning up this mess…”

Updated version

“He missed again. Well, at least he is finally potty trained. I remember how hard that was. He can be so stubborn at times. Brian says he gets that from me. haha. Lord, help my little guy and his stubborn ways. He has such a good and loving heart. Help me as a mom to bring out his best qualities…”

* * * * *

Yeah, okay so maybe I don’t always sound just like that and maybe I’m sometimes cussing under my breath but I have asked my guardian angel to nudge me when I am going to lose it and I do try to turn it into a prayer or not try to get so upset. And when I can’t get the words out I simply say a Hail Mary (or a decade) as I work. I’ve prayed many a Hail Marys as I’ve scrubbed a toilet. 😉


Around the house…

Well, from the sounds of it dirty toilets and chocolate stains. 😉



I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars and will see the movie later this week. I have mixed feelings about the book. I’ll try and wrangle those thoughts to paper and post a review.

My next book to finish is Jen’s Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It. Loving it so far.

I have skimmed over The Little Oratory: A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home but tonight I want to sit down and really focus on Chapter 1 so I can join along with Elizabeth and Leila as they discuss it on their podcast. Elizabeth is also hosting a link-up for you to share your own thoughts. Check it out here.


Listening to…

Relient K’s Collapsible Lung and Matthew and John-Paul laugh at the antics of Peppa Pig and George.



Austenland (It was just so-so but I am a fan of the actor that played the Darcy-like character.) Saving Mr. Banks (Brian had not seen it yet.) The Book Thief (I really love this movie.)


On the blog…

I am putting together a list of weekly Link-Ups from various Catholic bloggers. I love link-ups, although I have been wanting to do a little more “meat and potato” posts than just link-ups. That is why I posted Despite What You May Think… You Are a Good Mom a couple days ago. I was reading through the comments and these three especially touched me and got me thinking about the topic even more…

One thing that encourages me is that I remember that even though I feel so far below those “perfect” moms, *I* am the mother that God chose for my children. Considering He doesn’t make mistakes, there must be good reason for them coming to me even though I don’t sew curtains or make wonderful meals or run marathons and couldn’t keep a blog going to save my life. I guess He knew that whatever strengths I have, those are the ones my kids need. It seems like God had the same thing in mind when he gave your kids to you, and your sister’s kids to her… (Sharon)


I think we all struggle with these feelings, but I also feel that whenever you undertake anything you care about you worry that you might not be giving it everything you can. And your children keep growing and changing so that you can’t really stay on top of things. So I try to remind myself that I have these feelings because I care so deeply and not because I am inadequate. But I am far from a perfect mother, of course! (Rita)


I think sometimes when we haven’t faced a particular challenge as a parent (or just in life) it’s hard to imagine what it’s really like. There are so many things that I just couldn’t have imagined and that I would have said was parenting before having a child on the spectrum and I think that having a kid with ASD has opened my eyes to how many different ways can be right, depending on the kid and family… (Cam)


I love the online interaction and in turn I will comment more on other blogs I read to let them know I appreciate their words. 🙂

Also on the blog, being the month of June, which brings us many June brides,  I am working on a couple marriage related posts. I’m hoping the next Pinterest Party will be marriage related so get your posts raedy to link! It can be money saving tips, wedding decor or posts about living a God centered marriage. More details coming!


In the blogosphere…

5 Ways to Cut Down on Whining by Whole Parenting Family

What Slowing Down Will Teach You

Ten Books of Poems for Kids by Everyday Snapshots

Summer Shakespeare Chat: Much Ado About Nothing by Clan Donaldson

What if our Lord sang that? (Vol. 1) by My Life as a Fireman’s Wife



See my latest pins here –

Here are my two favorite of this week…

The Ronald Reagan Guide to Essential Oils//Call Her Happy

From the Garden: Fresh Mint Homemade Ice Cream Recipe // Carrots for Michaelmas


Plans for the Week…

School is winding down so we have a number of school activities on the schedule. Thursday is mama’s movie night. (I put the kids to bed and tuck in Brian with a good book or the remote and then head out for one of my favorite pastimes – watching a movie on the big screen.) This week it is The Fault in Our Stars. This weekend is also Andrew’s birthday and we wants an ocean theme party and a trip to the Aquarium. Fun. 🙂



A couple more photos from our family walk.


Linking-Up with…

Jenny at The Littlest Way

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  • sdowd39 says:

    Hi! What a glorious view for your morning walk…and this week’s menu sounds delicious…and I am inspired with your deliberate attempts to redirect your thinking to more positive thoughts. Way to go!

    • bobbi says:

      Thanks, Sheila! I appreciate you stopping by. I also clicked on your link. I loved the story o how you finally got your perfect house. 🙂

  • Hello there, visiting from the currently link-up. Family walks in the summer time is probably one of my top favorite things of all. Little child giggles may definitely compete with that though, oh there is nothing better than listening to your little ones happiness! My heart broke about your family dealing with cancer, I am so sorry. I could not imagine walking that road. My heart goes out to you and I am saying a little prayer for you right now.

    • bobbi says:

      Hi Alessandra. Thanks for stopping by. I never imagined walking this road either! But God has strengthened us and gotten us this far. On the plus side it has been a reminder that we can’t take life for granted and we have spent more time together enjoying each others company (and enjoying those giggles. 😉 )

  • callherhappy says:

    Pin of the week? How did I get so lucky?? You’re awesome to me:)


    Happy Birthday to Andrew!


    Praying for all of your intentions this week – especially Brian xxoo

  • Erica Saint says:

    Praying for Brian.

  • mary says:

    I learn so much everytime I come over to your little space here! Your thoughts and words always inspire me to continue on the road to holiness, turning my thoughts towards Jesus at every chance. I was especially inspired by your “revised scenario” section. Wow! What a difference that could make in my life. Trying that out this week. Blessings to you and your husband on this new round of chemo!

    • bobbi says:

      Aw. Thanks, Mary. I am you are inspired. To be honest with you, I share these things to hold myself accountable. I say all these pretty words but once I get off the computer it all goes out the window unless I try really hard to practice what I preach. LOL. Plus I know my mom will read it and ask how I am doing with that attitude of mine. (She knows me too well!) 😉 Thanks for the blessings and the prayers. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • You are so sweet to include a link to me! I really loved this whole post and your husband’s chemo is on our family prayer list!!

  • Rita says:

    Praying for Brian! Loved this read, especially the part where you showed how your perspective could be different. And chocolate on his shirt, missing the potty…are we raising the same child on opposite coasts of the U.S.? 😉 Loved the photos of Monterey!

    • bobbi says:

      Hi Rita. So we have twin sons, eh? I guess God had the same idea when he decided the best way to sanctify us in daily life. Hopefully we’ll both be able to keep that positive perspective. LOL. 😉 Thanks again for the prayers and glad you liked the photos!

  • My first visit to your blog. and it is so rich. I love your photography, your openness and honesty (authentic womanhood camaraderie never gets old). Brian (and your whole family) will be remembered in a special way during my Holy Hour tomorrow!!!

    • bobbi says:

      Aw, thanks so much Allison. I’ve seen you pop up on FB lately and I’ve been wanting to visit your blog. After I post this comment I am going to do just that. So glad you stopped by. 🙂

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