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Revolution of Love

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Operation Clean & Organize: Vol 7 – Book Shelves & Desk Area


**Taming the procrastinating, ADD, mess cat within me.**


For the last two weeks I have been working diligently on organizing a section of my home that I use constantly. In one corner of our front room I have my desk with our computer and “work” area. On the wall to the left of my desk there are four large book shelves. (Can you guess that Brian looooves to read?) However, in the process of cleaning, every time there was something I needed to take to another room, I would stash it on the shelf and put it away “later.” Well, it was finally time to tackle the shelves and put away all the collected junk.


Two weeks ago I posted about organizing my desk. I am happy to report that each night I put away anything that does not belong there and it continues to look nice. (Trust me, that’s a miracle in itself.) But this still left the one book shelf next to my desk that housed all my things. It drove me nuts every time I sat down at my desk to work.

I was at Target the other day (I really should buy some stock in their company since I spend so much time there) and I found these cute fabric bins in a red floral pattern. I bought six of them in various sizes. (Note, they sold out quickly in our store but I did find them online if you don’t mind buying them in sets. They are also available in aqua blue, orange, lime green and black. Other patters were ovals and zigzag lines.)


Small red floral bin.



Medium red floral bin.



Large red floral lidded box

Target also had these magazine files for only $4.99, although our stores didn’t carry them in red. Thankfully, my mom searched her Target 400 miles away and bought me the last two since I couldn’t order them online.


Red magazine file


My sisters brought them to me when they came to visit this weekend and I finished organizing my shelf this morning. I love how much better it looks! It actually brings me joy to look at it. And it is crazy that when I was looking for something, instead of searching through piles I knew exactly which bin to look in to find it. I tell, you this organizing business is really starting to make sense. šŸ˜‰

I was thinking about labeling the top four bins but I’m not sure the best way to label a fabric bin. I’ll have to go back to my Pinterest organizing board for inspiration. I’ll let you know if I find something I like.
Until next week’s post, happy organizing!

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  • It looks amazing!! Seriously, organizing takes some time at first, but it makes life so much easier when you know where everything is and you don’t have to waste time searching for things. Good job!

  • misskate says:

    It all looks lovely, but then I am very partial to red. For labeling the fabric bins, could you use heavy card stock? Put the label on that, punch a hole in the top, put ribbon therough it and lace it through the top and the cut out handle? Or put the label just below the handle, and tack the ribbon on the inside of the box (folding the ribbon over the bottom of the cut out handle) and tacking it to the box on the inside? Just some ideas. I know what you will do will be lovely and work for you!

  • bobbi says:

    Elena – Thanks! I am starting to understand that the effort it so worth it!
    misskate – Thank you! I love your idea of tying it with a ribbon. Although I am curious, if I were to tack the ribbon inside the box what would I use to tack it?

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