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Pete the Cat Paper Plate Halloween Treat Holder

This year, along with being a room mom, I volunteer as a library parent. Once or twice a month I lead a library class for a younger grade. Usually, I read two books, do an art activity and then the kids choose a book to read.

This month I did a Halloween theme with Pete the Cat. We read the following:

Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins

This book is a short and simple read but it is one of the kids’ favorites and the class read along with me since they had it practically memorized!

Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete

The second read was the new Pete the Cat book – Trick or Pete, which is a fun lift-the-flaps book.

For our art activity, we made Pete the Cat Halloween Treat Holders with paper plates. I searched Pinterest for ideas and there was a regular cat version that required you to paint the plates with black paint. Since we had limited time and I didn’t want a huge mess, I decided to make a construction paper version instead.

First, I got two white paper plates and cut out pieces the same size/shape as Pete’s face. I stapled the two paper plates, leaving an opening for the treats.

Next I put together Pete’s face. I made a simple pattern for the face, eyes, nose and traced them onto construction paper. (You can download the pattern from Google Drive here.)

I used black construction paper for the head, and eye part #2. I used yellow for eye part #1 and cut six thin 3 inch strips for the whiskers. I used white for the nose and eye part #3. Then I glued the pieces together angling the eyes to give it the droopy-eyed Pete look. For the whiskers, I glued 3 on each side of the face first then glued the nose on top. I curled the ends of the whiskers up a bit.

To make things easier at school, I pre-cut all the piece and placed them in a snack-sized bag. Each child got a bag and their already cut and stapled plates. (Granted, this prep work took me awhile to finish but by adding a favorite drink and movie to watch and it wasn’t so bad.) šŸ˜‰

The students had a lot of fun putting them together and everyone’s cat looked a little different but so cute! When they finished and were picking a book to check out, I placed in their treat holder a bag of Halloween shaped pretzels and a lollipop.

It was a fun activity that I hope to do again next year! šŸ™‚

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