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Pinterest Party & Link-up (vol 7): Dinosaur Kits for Your Little Paleontologist

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This week I am sharing something I pinned to my “kids board” on Pinterest.

A couple weeks before school was over Andrew was learning about dinosaurs and fossils in science. He came home and implored Brian to go dig out in the backyard to look for fossils. Brian agreed and they filled their backpacks with hammers, shovels, canteens and such. They spent the afternoon digging and found some interesting rocks that Andrew believed had fossils in them.

A few days later I showed Andrew a photo my sister took of a dinosaur skeleton at the Museum of Natural Science in LA.

Photo Credit: My sis JC

Andrew sighed and wearily said, “No wonder I couldn’t find any bones in the backyard. These guys found them already.” I told him not to give up and Brian gave me a look that said, “Yeah, next weekend you can dig with him all afternoon.” 😉

I felt bad for my little paleontologist and while browsing a local toy shop for a birthday gift for him I found this Kidz Lab T Rex Dino Dig Excavation Kit. There were a number of dinosaurs available but I got Andrew the T-Rex.

The kit comes with a block of clay-like substance and inside were numerous dinosaur bones that had to be chipped and dug out using the instruments included.

The kit is for ages 8 and up but Andrew was able to do it with the help of Brian. (Or as Brian may describe it, he was digging away while Andrew kept asking, “Are you done yet??”) 😉 They worked a little on it each evening and after all the pieces were found (and much rejoicing) Andrew was able to piece together the bones to form the T-Rex skeleton.

We were all impressed and will be buying one of the other models to excavate. 🙂

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  • EML @ Barefoot and Sometimes Pregnant says:

    This is awesome! Edith is big into dinosaurs right now and wants a dinosaur themed party for her b-day. This gives me an idea…buying one of those wooden skeleton dinosaurs from a craft store and then burying it in a bucket of dirt so Edith can find the bones and put it together. Thanks for the idea!

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