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{pretty, happy, funny, real} – vol 52: The Dry, Frizzy Hair Edition

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I have been enjoying watching fellow bloggers link up with Fine Linen and Purple’s What I Wore Sunday. They have embraced their femininity (the skirt/dress wearing puts me to shame) without sacrificing their cuteness and individuality. Then yesterday I read Dwija’s post Why I Stopped Not Caring and Started Wearing Concealer. Both struck a chord with me because I have had many of the same thoughts. (Even though I still haven’t bought any much needed concealer or started wearing skirts…yet.) What I have done, however, is get a rein on my crazy hair.
The other day a friend was complimenting my hair. She didn’t believe me when I told her that before I discovered hair product, I had an unwanted fro. (I have the 8th grade photos to prove it but you’ll never see those here!) She wanted to know what I used, which made me think that there might be other fellow curly haired gals that want to know. So this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real} is the Dry, Frizzy Hair Edition.


About a year ago I was complaining to my sister that I hated my Christmas tree hair do. “Huh?” you say. You know, pointed on top and then it flairs out like a triangle. I felt like Gilda Radner and that character she played on SNL.


My sis BC told me I had to get a real haircut and stop just chopping off the bottom of my hair with dull scissors twice a year. With a heavy sigh, I searched for a hairdresser that knew how to handle curly hair. God answered my pleas and sent sweet Joyce into my life. She gave me a good cut with long layers and new hair products that took me from this….

(The bright flash highlights the dried mess. My hair is actually much darker.)





(Don’t you love photos that make you look 10 years younger than you look in real life? šŸ˜‰


Although I am more likely to wear my hair pulled up, I like that I can wear it down without being embarrassed!



Even with a good cut, I must wear product. Every curly head is different but these are the ones that make my hair the happiest.

Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave In Treatment

This stuff has been in our thick haired family for years. I use it for day to day leave-in conditioning.
On extra special days I’ll use a pricier leave-in treatment that replenishes my hair. It is a thicker oil so a little goes a long way and it smells nice.

Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Styling Treatment
Which ever treatment I use, I also have to use this…

TIGI Catwalk Curl Collection Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

This works well for me because it is not so stiff that I have rock sold hair but it is strong enough to give me hold for a day or two. I just make sure to NEVER brush out my hair (refer to the {real} photo). I only use my fingers.

(If you have super long hair and need to brush after a shower, get a wide toothed nylon bristle brush like this. Comb it once when you get out of the shower, put on product with your fingers and don’t comb again.

You can air dry but I find blow drying with a diffuser on medium heat gives me the best results if I plan to wear my hair down. When your hair starts getting frizzy, or if you’ve slept on it, you should be able to just wet your hand a little and gently run it through your hair or add just a touch more of your hair product.

Well, that is what worked for me. If you have other products that have worked well for you, please share them!

Have a great day!

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  • I am laughing at the SNL picture because I think I might be sporting that same do!! I really, really need a haircut and think you have talked me into finally getting one. Also, I am going to try the product you use. I use the catwalk stuff, but my hair still seems like it needs a little more help.
    Your first pretty picture makes you look like you are in your early 20’s.

  • bobbi says:

    That is too funny. I think we have the same hair. My hairdresser once tried to only use the catwalk and my hair was still too frizzy after it fully dried. I need to use both products plus if I want it to hold for more than a day I have to actually blow dry it.
    As for the photo, ohmygosh, I was laughing at how young I looked. It was accidental trick photography with my iphone. I thought to myself if only I had a bright light shining on my face to hide the dark circles and bags under my eyes and even out my skin tone and if people only looked at my from above eye level to hide my double chin then heck I could look 15 years younger all the time. LOL!

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