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She Who Believed: The Blessed Is She 2018 Lent Journal

It’s January 12 and I am still taking down the last of the Christmas decor. However, I’m also looking at the calendar in disbelief. Is Lent really only a month away?? It’s not possible! But the package I just received in the mail says IT IS possible because my Blessed Is She Lent Journal has arrived. Yay!

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Okay, so part of me dreads Lent ( and part of me loves the chance to stop, reflect and draw closer to God. Having the Blessed Is She journal to guide me along the way makes it all that much better. The journal was written by Laura Fanucci of Mothering (who also wrote the Advent 2017 journal) so you know it will be good.

Each day we will follow the same format – Read, Reflect, Respond and Pray. I especially love that the book explores the stories of women in the Bible (Old and New Testament) to learn what they teach us about prayer.

Laura explains it this way:

The journal also looks at four common types of prayerโ€”adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and petitionโ€”and how real women wrestled with God about their struggles, their joys, and the deepest longings of their heart. My hope is that this Lent can be a season of entering into renewed relationship with God. Learning from the wisdom of those who have walked this way before us.

Another beautiful aspect of the journal is that Laura integrated “pause” days that would allow us to catch up (because, you know… life!) or to spend more time reflecting a favorite passage.

Lastly, although this book is called a journal, do not think that you are obligated to write or draw in it. It is a beautiful devotional on it’s own without ever having to life a pen. Plus, it is simply lovely to look at, thanks to the incredible talent of ย Erica Tighe of Be A Heart Design.

Photo credit: Blessed Is She

If you have a Blessed Is She Membership then the Lent journal will be auto-shipped to you. Otherwise, the journal is available in the BIS shop to purchase. There is also a gorgeous Lent Bundle that includes the following:

The Journal

Photo credit: Blessed Is She

The 8×10 She Who Believed Print and

Photo credit: Blessed Is She

Mary’s Way of the Cross Cards

So, will be joining me on this She Who Believed Lenten journey? I hope so!

I’ll be posting my thoughts throughout Lent and you can follow along in the Blessed Is She community using the hashtags #BISLent and #BISsiterhood. Let’s do this together and encourage one another. ๐Ÿ™‚

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It’s Here! The 2017 Blessed Is She Advent Journal

The other day I was updating my music playlists and I accidentally tapped O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by Sixpence None the Richer. The boys ran into the room exclaiming, “We love this song!” They sang along and asked when we could start listing to Christmas music. Well, we are eager beavers in our house and start holiday prepping the day after Halloween. It may be way too early for some but it’s not to early to start thinking about getting your spiritual gear for Advent 2017!

Last year I used the Blessed Is She Advent journal and it was such a blessing to me. I am not exactly one to relish quieting myself down and I struggle to tame my mile-a-minute thoughts but the Advent journal really helped me to stop and focus on what matters the most during Advent – preparing our hearts for the coming of Christ.

This year’s Advent Journal was written by the lovely author and blogger Laura Fanucci and it was designed by the talented Erica Tighe of Be A Heart Design. I was thumbing through the journal and on the very first day it said:

Remember: what God desires is to be with you. To be in deepest relationship with you. To love you. Let yourself be in this moment with God. This is the heart of Advent: preparing your heart to receive Christ again. Remember that you can always return to the power and simplicity of this place – this eternal present moment of being with God in prayer.”

The word that jumped out at me was “Simplicity” because that was my word of 2017. It is as if God is bringing me full circle and reminding me of what He wanted me to focus on at the beginning of 2017. The simplicity of just being with Him. To realize that God desires to be with me and that taking the time to be with Him will change my life. I am so looking forward to using my Advent journal to help me spend that quiet re-connecting time with God.

With that in mind, I am excited to announce that the new 2017 Blessed Is She Advent journal is now available for purchase. It may seem too early to worry about it but I do encourage you to get it sooner rather than later because it always sells out. (And there are always people messaging me and emailing me to see if I know where they can get a stashed copy!)

Along with the journal, you will find the “There Is Wonder” print.

And this adorableAnything Can Happen” mug!

Or you can just do what I did and purchase the sale priced Advent Bundle that includes the journal, print and the mug. (Inset heart eyes smiley face!)

When you purchase your journal, feel free to share photos of you holding or using the journal. Use the hashtag #BISadvent so we can encourage one another on this journey of Advent!

Many blessings,

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31 Days of Gratitude (Day 18): Blessed Is She Workshops

It’s Day 18 of f the #write31days challenge and my 31 Days of Gratitude 2016 and I was supposed to post this in the morning but I had no time since I left early for a school field trip (more on that tomorrow) and after school we had appointments and errands and I got home with barely enough time to get dinner on the table. So it’s a late post today. - 31_days_2016_bis

What I was thankful for, however, was the Blessed Is She workshop I attended at home (with bare feet and my cozy clothes). It was given by Shannon of We, A Great Parade and I was so excited to hear it because I met her at the BIS team retreat and she is absolutely lovely (and I fell in love with her baby boy who I was eager to hold ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Shannon spoke about “Finding Your Identity as Beloved” with the book of Hosea. The workshop was insightful and but there were also worksheets she could use to go deeper and I’m almost a little afraid to because I suspect there is more God wants to reveal to my heart. I’ll let you know how it goes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I may be biased since I am a part of BIS but I have nothing to do with the workshops (besides attending them) but I think they are genius. It allows me to set time aside to watch and learn and pray without having to leave my home. And if I miss a workshop, I can go back and replay it as many times as I want. I am just so grateful for this opportunity and so thankful for the women who share their heart and their knowledge with us.

I know for some people the price is an issue ($15 a workshop) but you can get at least 12 workshops (more since most months have more than one workshop) plus the Advent journal and the Lenten journal for a year subscription of $99. I think that would be a great thing to add to your Christmas gift if you have a generous relative that wants to buy you something or a hubby that will donate your gift money to your BIS fund. Just saying… ๐Ÿ˜‰

So for the workshops, for the speakers, for a hubby that understands I am feeding the kids early and also chooses to wait to eat until I am done so we can have dinner together, I am truly thankful. ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh, and by the way, the next workshop is scheduled for October 28! I hope to see you there. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sisters Speak in the #BISsisterhood at Blessed Is


Each week Blessed Is She features one of the team members for Sister Speak. This week it was my turn to answer questions such as who is my favorite saint, what virtue am I working on, what is my biggest struggle, what keeps me Catholic, what is my favorite motto and what prayer is on my heart. Here is a snippet:

Do you have a special Saint that you feel a strong connection to? How so?

When I was younger I had a love and devotion of St. Anne. She was my patron saint and I shared her name. (My middle name.) I prayed to her often, especially when I was looking for a holy spouse and later when I was dealing with fertility problems. However, another saint has made her way into my heart these last few years — St. Martha. The busyness of motherhood and my natural tendencies helps me to identify with Martha who was busy and worried about many things. I find myself turning to her often for guidance.

Which virtue do you find yourself working on the most throughout your day?

Patience and acceptance of God’s will. Throughout the day there are numerous times when things don’t go the way I want them to go — someone spills juice all over the table, the washing machine breaks down, a driver cuts me off on the road or a project deadline is moved up. There is always something. My first instinct is the flare up and get mad or frustrated. I am trying to learn how to calm down, be patient and accept that little crosses are a part of life. More importantly, God uses these crosses to help me grow in virtue and they can be prayer opportunities to “offer it up” for the special intentions of loved ones and the world at large.


I am honored to be a part of this ministry! To find out more, visit Blessed Is

Also, please keep the Blessed Is She team in your prayers. We are meeting in Wisconsin this weekend for a retreat/conference/get-together. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I will be attending. Yay! The last time I went on a plane by myself was literally 10 years and three babies ago.

Please pray for all our safe travels and (for those of us who are married) please pray for the sanity of our hubbies and for unbelievable calm in the kiddos we leave behind.

I’ll be posting about the trip on Instagram and you can follow the team using the hashtagย #bisteamretreat. I’ll share more about it when I get back. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Join the Project Blessed Prayer Pledge


Happy New Year!! I was hoping to make a post yesterday but the day was devoted to family time but I hope you had a wonderful day.

I just wanted to pop in to make sure you know about the Blessed Is She Project Blessed Prayer Pledge. We want to start off the year right and what better way than to be united as a sisterhood praying for the next 31 days to our heavenly Father. There is no set prayer style so you can do whatever works best for you. There is no set age group or marital status – so whether you are single, a mom of young ones, a mom of teens or a grandma, we want you to join us!

The main thing is to pledge to set a side a little time each day to recollect and turn your heart to God and to pray for the other women signed up. Thar’s it.

Don’t worry if you’re late joining. I literally just signed the pledge now because I forgot to do it earlier. (See what happens when my planner also takes a holiday! It’s time to get back to business.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

To sign up, make a pledge to join us here.

To jump right into today’s prayer prompt, click here.

I look forward to spending this time of prayer with you. xoxo

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