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TV Talk: Downton Abbey, Season 6: Episode 6 Recap


Sunday’s episode 6 was a slow boil with some funny moments. Here’s my recap. ๐Ÿ™‚


All photos courtesy of PBS Masterpiece.

downton_season_6_ep6AThis week the inhabitants of Downton had to endure a hospital charity event which allowed commoners to pay an admission to see how “the other half live.” The upstairs (and some of the downstairs) were incredulous that such a thing would exist. Mr. Carson was not a supporter of the idea worrying aloud, “What’s to stop them from pocketing the spoons” and “slipping the odd first edition in their back pocket.” And if people thought that the Crawleys were having a better time than they were, then they would not want them to have a better time. And “the next thing you know there’s a guillotine in Trafalgar Square.”

Elsewhere, Isobel was trying to explain the whole scenario to a baffled Violet, Isobel reasoned:

Isobel: “People have always tipped the butler to look around a house. Even Elizabeth Bennet wanted to see what Pemberley was like inside.”

Violet: “A decision which caused her a great deal of embarrassment, if I remember the novel correctly.”

(Kudos for making Austen lovers’ hearts flutter. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

As if the thought of having strangers poking around their home wasn’t bad enough, Cora, Mary and Edith found out they had to be the tour guides to which they responded with Crikey!” “Heavens, I feel like the Belgians waiting for an invasion.” “Or the monkeys in the zoo.”

They were right to be worried because they knew only the basicย  history of the house and were unable to answer many of the questions regarding the artwork and architecture. When asked who the people in a certain painting were Edith answered, “They were all rather marvelous and sort of living that life.”

Mary wasn’t doing much better with her painting saying, “No, that’s him. Or his son. Or it might be his father.” Violet walked into the room and Mary exclaimed, “Ah, Granny thank God you’re here. What else could you tell them about the library?” Violet replied, “The library was assembled by the fourth Earl. He loved books.” Mary prompted her, “What else did he collect?” Granny replied, “Horses and women,” to the snickering audience.

downton_season_6_ep6eHowever, the guests needed worry that they weren’t getting their money’s worth since it soon got very soapy with Violet bursting into the room where Cora was. Granny found outย  about not only the hospital take over but that she was being ousted as the president and Cora was to take her place. (As Cora earlier put it, “Golly. They’ve sacked the captain.”) Violet was upset that the night previous she was at Downton boasting about her position as president and how she would win the hospital debate. Cora and Robert let her boast even though they secretly knew she was being removed. Finally, Violet left with the remark, “Just tell Cora I do not wish to see her face until I’m used to having a traitor in the family!”

downton_season_6_ep6gWhen all was said and done, Tom gathered with the family and told them how much money they made that day. They were astounded first at the large amount of money made and second, at Tom’s suggestion that they do this on a regular basis as a source of income for the family. They went back and forth about how Downton would not last forever while Mary balked at the idea and proclaimed that she and George were made of sterner stuff than the lot of them.


downton_season_6_ep6cThis week Mr. Carson continued to unintentionally belittle his new brides’ cooking and housekeeping.ย  May I ask what is going on with Mrs. Carson? Last week’s episode with his comments about Mrs. Hughes’ cooking and her need to practice with her patty pans were amusing. However, the joke is getting old. I know Mr. Carson is an old fashioned fussbudget but could he really be so insensitive to Mrs. Hughes’ feelings? And how long will it be until she finally blows her English top? I just don’t want to see our formerly endearing Mr. Carson become an over bearing caricature.

And while we are speaking about things we don’t like, I have one word – Daisy. Honestly, just when I want to give the girl a second chance, she starts with more of her twaddle. Mr. Mason gave Daisy a letter to giv eto Mrs. Patmore. She tried to put him off but he insisted he give it to her. So did she? No! She had the audacity to take Mrs. Patmore’s letter, read it and then throw it in the garbage. I was ready to smack her with a red hot poker! Thankfully, Mrs. Patmore found the letter and warmly read it. She then proceeded to complain and ridicule any attempt either of them made to start a a warmer friendship. Could Daisy seriously be so unfeeling towards her beloved father-in-law and her kitchen mother?? Is she really so selfish that she could not wish the happiness of both if they truly cared for one another. No, I do not like this story line one bit.

downton_season_6_ep6dEvelyn Napier was eager to have Mary in London. There was a large dinner party that included Tom, Henry and a few others. When dinner was over Henry invited Mary and Tom for a walk. Tom agreed until Mary gave him a look that was like a visual kick under the table. Tom altered his response and said he’d love to but he had a lot of reading to do. Mary gave Evelyn a goodbye kiss on the cheek calling him a darling and then walked off coupled with Henry. Evelyn did not look pleased.

The two walked and talked and Mary confessed that her apprehension of Henry’s racing cars was partly due to Matthew’s accident. He understood her feelings saying, “The car is your enemy but it is my friend. All that I ask is that you give it a second chance.” They got caught in a rain storm and sought cover under a bridge. There Henry gave Mary a much needed kiss after which she replied:

Mary: “Heavens, Mr. Talbot. Is this part of your plan to convince me?” (to watch the race.)

Henry: “Look, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Plenty of drivers’ wives never go near the race track.”

Mary: “Wives?”

Henry: (Laughing) “I only meant that if we do get involved, it doesn’t have to be part of the plan. It’s not compulsory.”

Mary: “But you’d like me there to watch.”

Henry: “Yes, but only so I can to be near you.”

Mary worried aloud that this was all going too fast. Henry told Mary that he knew that he was not what she was after and that his prospects were modest at best, whereas she was a great catch. However, he admitted that she was also the woman he happened to be falling in love with. After seeing the look on her face, he declared that it all must sound feeble to her. She assured him that it was not. And that as an argument, it was rather compelling. Their conversation ended shortly after, and Henry returned her home for the night.

Tom was waiting for her and gave her a few more teases that she should go for Henry and she in turn made a few comments about Edith and Marigold, digging to see if Tom would reveal any secrets. Neither budged.


downton_season_6_ep6fLastly, we come to Thomas. Mary questioned Robert about his gloominess and Robert confessed that he would soon be relieved of his job, but hopefully not until he found another. She reminded him of how caring Thomas was with the children, which made me half wonder if he could possibly be England’s first manny.

Meanwhile, Thomas had been giving Andy his reading lessons but both Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Carson mistakenly took the secret dealings to be something unsavory. Carson spoke to Thomas about it and Thomas assured him that nothing took place of which he would disapprove. Carson was not assured and Thomas was offended that his word was still not good enough for him after so many years. Carson replied, “I only wish it were.” That hit Thomas deeply and in the closing scene we see him crying alone.

I have a sick feeling that next week’s episode may have Thomas taking desperate measures. Could be possibly be so low that he attempts suicide? I truly hope not.




Random Thoughts

  • Baxter’s received a letter from Mr. Coyle. Will she be able to face him and put an end to that chapter so she may heal and move on?
  • I hope Bertie’s “God bless you, Marigold” is a foreshadowing of him embracing her with open arms once he knows the truth about her.
  • Kudos to Robert for not taking the spirits Carson sneaked into his room. He put his health first.
  • I am excited to see Mr. Moseley get a chance to pursue what he loves to do – work in education.
  • We met the fiance of Lord Merton’s nasty son Larry. She assured Isobel that she is not against her and wanted to be friends. She seems nice enough but my Downton sensors are twitching. Do you think she is genuine or up to no good?
  • What do you think of Mary and Henry? I really like Henry as a handsome suitor but I am not convinced that he actually suits her. Thoughts?


Other Favorite Quotes

Robert: “Ah, I know well enough that when Mary has spoken, my opinion has little bearing on the matter.”

Mary: “You really don’t mind, do you?”

Robert: “No, but I think it is crackers.”


Mary (Speaking about inviting Bertie to Downton): “Is he worth it?”

Edith: ” As opposed to your car mechanic?”


Violet: (Speaking of Cora) “Oh, yes. She’s competent. Leading a revolution without turning a hair.”


Mary: “Edith, you can manage for a day without us?”

Edith: “I can manage without you for as long as you want.”


Mr. Carson (to Thomas): “You are the under butler, a post that is fragrant with the memories of a lost world. No one is sorrier to say it than I am but you are not a creature of today.”


Mrs. Hughes: “I’m an experienced housemaid and a housekeeper for how many years and he doesn’t think I can make a bed!”

Mrs. Patmore: “Well, you always knew he was old to be trained as a husband.”


Mary: (When asked if she was free for an event.) “Well I don’t keep my diary in my head. Ask me nearer the time.”


Mary: (Speaking about Henry.) “I could see him for a walk in the park. No I suppose I want to get over it. To get over myself. He asked me if I’d give cars another chance. Perhaps I should.”

Tom: “Who is this flexible and reasonable person? I don’t recognize my own dear sister Mary. Could this be love?

Mary: “Oh, shut up.”


Miss Cruikshank: “Forgive me but I think there has been a misunderstanding. Larry isn’t Mrs. Crawley’s enemy.”

Violet: “No? He gives a marvelous impression of it.”

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Only three episodes left! See you next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

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